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    Cartagena Colombia

    Going to Cartagena August 28 to Setpember 6. First time. (My prior trips to Colombia were to Medellin.) Always good to share a beer with someone crazy enough to play this most dangerous game!

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    End of August trip

    First trip to MDE on 8/27-9/5.

    Send me a PM if you'd like to grab a beer somewhere!

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    MDE for 2 weeks

    Heya! Arriving tomorrow, staying Aug 6 thru 22, fluent spanish speaker, know my way around MDE a bit. Drop a PM!

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    Bogota Aug 5 - Aug 12

    PM me if you are in town and want to hit SF.

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    I'll be in Medellin from Sept. 6 to 11. PM me if you want to meetup.

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    Bogota / Medellin

    I am coming back for about 7 weeks starting 8/20 until maybe 10/14. Will be in Bogota for probably the first 4 weeks, but then I am thinking of checking out Medellin for the first time and then coming back to Bogota for the last part of the trip. Spanish is still crap, but this is my 5th time back and I have some decent experience. Looking for wingmen, dinner / whatever. Always fun to meet people and share experiences and stories.

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    In Bogota

    I'm in Bogota through the weekend while my girl is away. Pm me if you want to hang.

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    Medellin Aug 1-7

    Hi All,

    Frequent traveler to Medellin and have come to know it quite well over the past 10 years. Back after a nearly 1 year hiatus as I've been hitting up other towns in Colombia.

    PM me if you'd like to grab a beer or hit some casas. Early 40's. Conversational Spanish.

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    3rd trip at The Mansion. Aug 9-23.

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    Medellin July 30 - Aug 4

    Coming back after a 3 year hiatus. Solo / No Spanish / Desi. Most hit FB / SA and maybe couple of MP. Thinking of doing a coffee plantation trip. Anyone want to get a beer let me know.

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    Bogota July 15th-Aug 15th

    PM me if you want to meet / wingman.

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    First visit

    Arriving 20 Jul and staying till 2 Aug- Starting with 4 nights at Hotel Dorado. If anyone want to meet I'm interested.

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    Here in Medellin til 7th. Let's go!

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    Ac hotel zona t

    I'm staying in Bogota from July 23 to July 28 and am currently booked at the ac hotel in zona t. Has anyone stayed and know the girl policy there. I try to stay at Marriott brands due to status.

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    I will be in Medellin from 7/24 to 7/29 First time in Colombia.

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