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    Bogotá June 17th to 22nd.

    I'll be in Bogotá next week June 17th to 22nd if anyone wants to hang out. I'm 42 and speak some Spanish as I recently took a class. Already been to Bogotá several times but keep finding new places on this board that I want to check out. Will stay in Ibis hotel the first night, but probably will go higher end in the north towards the end of the trip.

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    Sept 2018.

    Looking to spend 3 nights in Colombia in Sept. Weekend during one of those Jewish Hokidays. Been to Cartegeba a few times but always w Spanish speaking friend. Last visit was about 3 years ago. Just got back from Phuket and Philippines. If you need info, Lmk. I'm 43 Asian and almost zero Spanish language skills. LMK if we can explore together. Open to any destinations there.


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    Medellin In August 2018.

    Heading to MDE August 16 through 24. My 3rd trip to MDE, but 1st trip not staying at the Mansion. Spanish skills not the best. Trying to learn, but hoping to meet up with some US ex-pats, residents or veterans maybe someplace around Parque Lleras for some help and advice. Posting this early as if you are like me, am not on here every day. PM me if you care to meet for a beer and chat or similar.


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    Currently in Bogota for the next few days. I'm African American in my late 30's and speak fluent Spanish, if anyone wants to join me at Santa Fe for a beer one of these days PM me.

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    June 1

    Be down this Friday for some fun, be safe boys.

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    First time to Medellin, and on a election weekend.

    Yooo. 38 M Puerto Rican totally fluent in england and Spanish. Arriving to hotel in Lleras park tomorrow night midnight and looking immediately to go out since. I just found out it's no alcohol Saturday after 6 pm and all Sunday. If you know of any recommendations for these days please help! I was thinking of buying a lot of alcohol and keeping it in the hotel room?

    PM me.

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    Hi guys I'm there!

    Well hello everyone.

    I have landed in Medellin and if anyone is around drop me a PM and we can meet up if you like.


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    In Medellin on Sunday 27

    Quote Originally Posted by BeniBlanco  [View Original Post]
    Hey fellas, 40 yo male leaving in Miami. Spanish is my mother tongue. I will be in Medallin on the 29th.
    I'm 41 Spanish is my native tongue, would you like to hang out?

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    Visiting this week anyone want to grab a drink?

    Hi guys,

    Just saying I will be hitting Medallin this Thursday staying till next week, if anyone wants to meet up for a drink and chat message me.

    Don't speak Spanish but always up for fun!


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    Visiting Cartagena. May 29 to June 6.

    Looking for wingman, to explore the city and have lots of fun.

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    Hey fellas, 40 yo male leaving in Miami. Spanish is my mother tongue. I will be in Medallin on the 29th.

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    Visiting Medellin August 2nd-7th.

    Staying in Laureles and looking for a wingman to explore Centro and the spots that give the best bang for your buck. First time in Medellin. Learning Spanish daily now. 30 years old. Multi-racial. Young and laid back.

    Let me know if anyone will be there. Thanks.

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    May 25 -27 in Medellin, looking for wingman.

    Second time in Colombia, first time in Medellin. 55 yrs old Asian, OK Spanish skills. Looking to explore centro and salsa clubs. PM me.

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    Any one in Medellin June 8th.

    Any one in Medellin June 8th and hopefully 11th Bogota?

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    Anyone in Bogota May 23 - 29 ?

    Looking for a wing. PM me.

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