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    Beijing in November.

    Hello fellow mongers,

    I will be in Beijing from Nov 18-21. Anyone want to join forces and check out some clubs / bars? It'll be my second time so it's still a new city to me. Also, if anyone has any good providers to share, I'll gladly accept contacts via PM.

    Stay safe.

  2. #856

    Monger PIC?

    Hi fellas,

    Long time viewer. New contributor. I had a diff login before but I forgot the user ID and with the site changing to. NL everything kinda just got lost in the mix. Anyway, I'll be visiting Beijing in Nov this year. I think 18-21. I'll be free between 18-20. If anyone wants to join me in my monger hunt, I'm down. I've read a lot about Maggie's but haven't been.

    This will only be my second time in Beijing and I got locked out of old WeChat. However, I do have some new contacts on my current WeChat that I do not mind sharing (I think they're agencies or at least booking agents). But I'the like to explore the city and take our chances in trying to catch some wild mongermon.

    Who's going to ash catch'them with me?

  3. #855

    July. August 2019 Trip.

    I will be in Beijing from July 18th - 24th and Shanghai from July 24th. August 2nd.

    I hope to have a lot of fun there for my first trip to those cities.

  4. #854

    First time in Shenzhen.

    Hi all,

    I will be first time in Shenzhen June 14-15. Can speak some Mandarin, and read some.

    Any advice or tips appreciated.

  5. #853

    Beijing & Shanghai First Timer.

    Hi all,

    I will be visiting Beijing & Shanghai for an 5 day holiday.

    Any advice and recommendations regarding those who enjoy overnight stays is much appreciated.


  6. #852

    2 nights in SHA

    May. 8-10/19.

  7. #851

    One night in Guangzhou.

    Hey there,

    Going to Guangzhou during the spring festival week and looking for good FS massage place or serious escort agency.



  8. #850

    Canton Fair. April

    Planning on going there on April 17th through April 25th, with 2 days in Macau.

    Anyone else going?

  9. #849

    Holidays in October.

    I will visit China for my holidays by mid October, alone, didn't decide the entire journey yet, but I will hit shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Macau for sure, in shanghai and Suzhou I will visit only ktvs and maybe pickup bars, in Nanjing everything (saunas, MPs, KTVs, dancehall, etc.), as for Hong Kong and Macau, it's my first time there, I will just follow the forum guidelines for those two cities.

    Anyone interested in joining me?

  10. #848

    Going to Beijing

    I might try Maggies for takeout. Anyone intetested in joining me? It will be my first time there.

  11. #847

    Visiting Hangzhou.


    I will be visiting Hangzhou next week and will be staying in Binjiang. My last visit to China was in 2016 to Shanghai. During that trip I visited one of the sauna and got FS. Pretty good selection of girls. The contact there could chat in English which helped me.

    I started looking for sauna this time but I understand that there has been some recent cleanup and saunas have gone underground.

    I wanted to know if the case is still same in Hangzhou. Also could you please refer me to a good sauna that would have some English contact as I don't speak Chinese?

    I have never explored an outcall option in China. I looked up some websites and I see rates posted RMB 1000/ HR, 1500/2 he and 3000/ overnight. Are these prices reasonable? Another website says 3000/1 HR but they promise hottest ladies.

    What are the rates typically these days?

    Thanks in advance!


  12. #846

    Beijing overnights.

    Late reply, but if if still interested, I know of a couple great overnight stay companions. PM me for details.

    Quote Originally Posted by NewbieMong  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I will be visiting Beijing for an extended layover. Any advice and recommendations regarding those who enjoy overnight stays is much appreciated.


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    Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Road.


    I stay in Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Road area.

    Have anyone so address or contact info?


  14. #844

    Beijing First Timer.

    Hi all,

    I will be visiting Beijing for an extended layover. Any advice and recommendations regarding those who enjoy overnight stays is much appreciated.


  15. #843

    Visiting Guangzhou in 4 days.

    I will be visiting the Canton Fair by 18th April and will be in Guangzhou for 10 days.

    I have made my exercise of RTFF and identified few locations.

    However any direct references via PM shall be much appreciated.

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