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    Angeles from 18 to 21st

    Hi guys,

    I will be in town from 18th to 21st. If anybody is interested in a drink or a wing man for some bar hopping let me know.

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    Quick Stop Over

    Will be stopping over in manila for a day or so before traveling onto Singapore this week.

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    Manila June 23 - 25

    If anyone wants to meet during these dates for drinks or bar hop, PM me. In town for 5 weeks, but only 3 days free.

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    In Manila & AC from 20 May


    Coming back to Philippines after many years. Had good time from many places from 2012 - 2014 but currently no clue on what is going on. Purposefully deleted all my contacts in 2015 so everything need to start from scratch.

    PM me if anyone else around there same time so we can have some fun together.

    Thanks / G.

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    In Chinatown.

    Until May 8.

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    Arrived 2 MAY2019

    Arrived last night on 2 MAY19, who wants to hang out, I am on a solo mission this time so a wingman would be cool. I be here only a couple of days. PM to be able to sync......

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    May Cebu and AC

    I will be visiting Cebu in the second week of May. Spend some time time traveling around and hit AC and maybe Subic end of May. This will be my 3rd visit to the Philippines and hopefully marks the end of my lurking in this forum.

    Hit me up if you want to go bar hopping or meet up for a beer.

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    April 18-24 AC

    27 why / o asian american.

    Hmu if you're around my age & are chill.

    Staying at ABC. Drinking, smoking, girls, pool. Thats about it haha.

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    Angeles 4-14 April

    If anyone wants to meet during these dates for drinks or bar hop, PM me.

    Paulo (Canada).

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    IN AC and Subic from 8th of April.

    Hi guys,

    I will be mixing scuba and mongering for a week. If anybody is interested in a drink or a wing man let me know.

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    In Cebu from Mid April

    I will be in Cebu from mid April for a month and would love to meet you if you are there then.

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    AC until March 22.

    PM me with your number or FB profile if you want to chill, share experiences! AC can be boring without company.

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    AC until 23 Feb

    If anyone wants to grab a drink or hunt in the evening. Let me know.

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    In Makati until Feb 17th

    If interested in a drink or wingman message me. Mostly been doing tinder and PL but want to hit Burgos a few times. It is only 3 blocks away LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Free2  [View Original Post]
    I will be in Manila and around Jan. 13-29 (also Canada).
    I'm also in MNL today, the 12th to the 17th. Mostly drinking and bar hopping vs takeouts as it's the end of my trip, not the beginning.

    Check your PMs.

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