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    AC until 23 Feb

    If anyone wants to grab a drink or hunt in the evening. Let me know.

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    In Makati until Feb 17th

    If interested in a drink or wingman message me. Mostly been doing tinder and PL but want to hit Burgos a few times. It is only 3 blocks away LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Free2  [View Original Post]
    I will be in Manila and around Jan. 13-29 (also Canada).
    I'm also in MNL today, the 12th to the 17th. Mostly drinking and bar hopping vs takeouts as it's the end of my trip, not the beginning.

    Check your PMs.

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    I will be in Manila and around Jan. 13-29 (also Canada).

    Quote Originally Posted by Sexmachine1  [View Original Post]
    If anyone wants to meet during these dates for drinks or bar hop, PM me.

    Paulo (Canada).

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    Angeles city 8-18 January

    If anyone wants to meet during these dates for drinks or bar hop, PM me.

    Paulo (Canada).

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    Jan 10-14

    I'm making a quick stop by AC on my SEA tour. Wouldn't mind going on the hunt with like minded folks. If anyone is going to be around then let's get together. Out of everywhere I'm stopping Philippines is my least researched place but it seems like the easiest place with everything pushed into one section. Let's take these rice farmers daughters by storm shall we?

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    Arriving Wednesday Dec 19th

    I'm arriving in Manila Wednesday, Dec 19th. Then a few days each in:


    AC and / or Subic over Christmas.


    Dumaguette (over the New Year).



    Let me know if anyone wants a wingman or to catch up over a few coldies.

    Cheers, G.

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    Makati 5-7 and Cebu 8-12 January

    Going to Makati and Cebu. PM me if you want to hang out and have some beers.

    Cheers boys.

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    Dec 24 to Jan 11.

    I will be visiting Makati for a week and then Angeles for New Years Eve. I might come back to Makati or go to Cebu after. Hit me up if you want to go bar hopping or meet up for a beer.

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    AC Trip 17-23 Nov

    I will be in AC from 17 - 23 Nov. This is my sixth trip to AC and know the ropes.

    If anyone wants to go bar hopping and wants a wingman, please PM me.

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    Makati Nov 20 to 28. AC 28th to Dec18

    Makati November 20 to 28. Then A. See. To about the 18th. Anyone looking for or want to be a wingman hit me up.

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    The Cups is coming- bring out the busties!

    Feel free to join me for San Migs and swap stories. PM for contact info.

    Nov 24 Makati.

    Nov 27 Kuta, Bali.

    Nov 28 Sanur, Bali.

    Nov 29 -Dec 1 Jakarta.

    Dec 3 Malate.

    Dec 4 Batangas.

    Dec 5 - 10 Bang Bang Sabang.

    Dec 11 -12 Malate.

    Dec 13 -14 Angeles.

    Dec 15 -16 Subic.

    Dec 17 Angeles.

    Dec 18 - 20 Cebu / Mactan.

    Cheers, mates.

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    Naked Gunz out of Africa back into Asia.

    Am in Manila now thru till I get bored and move on to AC this week. Swap stories and a few lies!

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    Visiting Makati from 27-31 July.

    I will be visiting Makati for 4 days as part of my Asian tour before leaving to south Korea and Japan, will be staying at Fairmont Makati. Ant ember of msg want to join for drinks or club hoping is more than welcome.


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    Visiting Makati. August 2nd to 6th.

    Visiting Makati from August 2nd to 6th. Happy to grab drinks, hit the clubs together if anyone is around. Have visited Angeles City many many times before, but this would be my first time in manila.

    Visiting from California.


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