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    I'll be in AC June 17-24. PM me if you want to grab a drink and swap stories. Not my first time, so I don't mind giving newbies a quick tour.

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    I will be in AC from June 21-29. First time hitting AC.

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    Will be in Manila June 10-22. Let me know if you want to hit up some girlie bars, club hunting, eating. Etc.

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    Visiting Manila. May 10th through May 13th.

    I will be visiting Manila in a week and a half.

    And would love to meet a pretty lady and.

    Buy her a beer or wine and get to know her.

    Better. Will be staying near BGC. Contact.



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    May 9 to May 22.

    First Cebu, then Davao, then Cebu again and finally Manila.

    Who want to meet for a beer?

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    First round is on me.

    Angeles City 08 May-14 May. Love to here some sea stories from a fellow sailor.

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    April 20 to May 8 (Manila, Bohol, AC).

    Will be in Manila from April 20 to 23, then three days in Bohol and back to Manila. Open and flexible schedule thereafter. Glad to meet fellow mongers and hunt together, exchange experiences and who knows feed my cuckold appetite as well.

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    Cebu, then Manila

    Quote Originally Posted by BigKahuna  [View Original Post]
    I'm in Cebu from March 23 to April 10.
    Kahuna. I will be in Cebu for 3 nights, March 25,26, and 27. Staying near Fuente osmena. You?

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    I'm in Cebu from March 23 to April 10.

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    I think it is time to go back for another trip.

    Will be in and around Manila the first couple of weeks in April.

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    Angeles March 29

    I'll be in Angeles March 29 for a week.

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    Makati 14 - 19 March

    If anyone fancies beers in Makati or BGC drop me a pm. Always good to have a wingman before the hunt commences.

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    In Makaiti on Friday Night (March 2).

    Hi guys,

    I will be in Makati tomorrow and looking for some company to hang around and enjoy the night before heading out. Please message me if anyone is interested in joining me to explore. I'm from India with limited knowledge on the Makati bar scene, but it would be fun to look out.


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    Island Hopping

    I'm bouncing around for the month of March:

    March 1 to Davao.

    March 8 to Cebu and maybe side trips to Dumaguette or Alona.

    March 18 to Subic.

    March 25 to Manila.

    March 29 out.

    Feel free to search my posts for my interests and PM if you would like to catch up over a beer.


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    Manila Feb24-Mar24.

    Manila Feb24-Mar24.

    Will prob travel around in-between, but PM me if you want to hit up some bars or something.

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