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    Jan 9 - 16

    Staying LOS Pinos first three nights. I called tried call Yoraina two times but never got anyone who spoke English (Pablo was not around & never returned my email). I got an English speaking employee at LOS Pinos on my first try. They also informed no issues w bringing back girls. Just pay the difference from single to double on the nights a do and only if they spend the whole night.

    Going to Corn Island mid week. Hoping to find a girl to bring.

    I will be back in Managua 1/15 - 1/16. Not sure where I will stay.

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    Jan 16-19,2016

    I am going to be in Nicaragua for Jan 16-19, haven't decided which town yet but most likely Managua. I have been to a lot of places, Philippines, DR, CR, Colombia, Thailand, Cuba, would be glad to share stories! Completely new to Nicaragua. Spanish is good enough to get by.

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    Managua, Granada and SJDS in December


    I will be arriving in Managua on December 5, and will be there, Granada, Ometepe, and SJDS until about the 19th. If anyone is around to wing-man for a night, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Managua visit

    Quote Originally Posted by Logo11  [View Original Post]
    Will be in Nica Oct 27-Dec 6 anyone around that time feel free to let me know we can get couple drinks and coulpe chicas I already have a coulpe lined up.
    I will be arriving in Managua the night of December 5, until about the 8th.

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    First time in Managua Dec 3rd, anyone looking to hang out?

    Hello every one.

    I will be in Managua for a day and a half on Dec. 3rd. Could use an experienced buddy to hang out and show me around.

    Will be staying at Crowne Plaza. PM me to coordinate if interested.

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    Managua 10/5 - 10/9

    I will be visiting Managua in a couple weeks 10/5 - 10/9 if anyone is in town would like to connect for a drink.

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    Will be in Nica Oct 27-Dec 6 anyone around that time feel free to let me know we can get couple drinks and coulpe chicas I already have a coulpe lined up.

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    Feb 22-26

    I will be in Managua 2/22-2/26. Message if you want to meet for a drink.

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    Jan 29th through Feb 1st.

    I'll be boarding a plane to Managua in a few hours, first time in Nicaragua. I've been to Central and South America, but not here yet.

    If anyone wants to group up or hang out for some drinks let me know. My Spanish abilities are a bit above average.

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    Managua Jan 20-29,2015

    Ill be in town on those dates, looking to have some fun and find some action!


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    I will be in Managua from the 8th of September till the 22.

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    I get into Managua on the evening of the 15th, probably just sticking around for 2 or 3 nights but if anyone wants to grab a beer; let me know.

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    Will be in Managua Aug. 14-sep10 and within that time travel within the country.

    Where is the acttion at?

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    2 months travel

    Curious to try some fine older women. Will be in Mga after the 14th of July.

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    Grenada & Managua

    I'll be in Granada and managua from July 11 for a couple weeks, longer if I like it. Hit me up if your around.

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