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    Will be there from June 29 to July 2 and July 11-14. Planning on doing 2 visits to GT and FP.

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    July. -summer in the region

    I will be hitting Vienna and Bavaria in mid July. Curious if anyone posts in the travel forum anymore.

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    Hey all,

    New here and headed to Vienna on the 28th of December till mid January. I'm a newish monger and would love to meet up if anyone else will be there as I could use some guidance. Thanks! PM or message back.



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    I am going to the official opening of Paradise Graz today.

    If there is anybody who is new to the place and would be glad to talk to someone who is a little bit acquainted with the surroundings don't hesitate to contact me via PM.

    Yours truly.

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    I'm traveling to Vienna first week of July. I'm interested in finding a partner for a gangbang or DP session with a lady. If interested at all, please PM me and we can chat.



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    Vienna. March 30.

    I'm going to the Middle East for business but managed to get a flight through Vienna on my home to the States. I'll be in Vienna the afternoon of March 30, then depart the next morning. I'm thinking I'm going to try Babylon, (I've been to Maxim once before). It does seem pricey but I only do this sort of thing once or twice a year so I have some money saved up so why not splurge right? I also don't really like the negotiating part so I think Babylon will be good.

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    18-25th March. Will have a rental car, and mainly probably be in the Villach area. But won't rule out GT one or two days either.

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    GT Vienna on February 19th.

    I will be in Vienna on February 19th. Definitely Goldentime (around 19:00), maybe a short visit to Traumland or Frivoli.

    Please PM me if you're about to reach any of the listed locations or you have any advice on Goldentime.

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    Vienna 17-18 November


    Most likely visiting Goldentime but open to other suggestions. I am going solo so if some colleague goes there would be nicer in company.


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    Visit to Vienna

    Hi guys,

    I am not new to this forum although, RTFF for over an year or so.

    I will be visiting Vienna from 29th to 3rd of may and then move to Prague for 3 more nights.

    Hope to catch up with some fun.


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    Vienna 26th - 28th April


    I will be in Vienna from 26th to 28th April. Feel free to PM me if you want to hang out in Goldentime. I have plans to go there to garden opening party on April 27th.

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    Vienna 18th-19th May


    I'm an Irish guy visiting Vienna for a few days. If anyone is around and want go galavanting around some of Vienna's establishments, drop a PM.

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    Vienna on 26th & 27th June

    Hi all,

    I am from India. I will be Vienna on 26th - 27th June. Anybody for a joint mongering.

    PM me so we can accordingly make plans.


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    Vienna on May 18-19

    Hi, I will be in Vienna from May 18-19. PM me if you will be attending on those dates. I will have a car to drive around Vienna.

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    Gt vienna

    Wed 28/5- fri 30/5- sat 31/5 then on to frankfurt on the Monday.

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