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    Cologne 9/10-16/10


    I'm new at this forum and hoping to find friends with the same taste.

    Going to Cologne the 9/10 for a week and want to explore some FKK clubs, several years sins I was in the area but a big fan of Bernds in the past.

    Anyone who can give me an advice where to go? I will travel by car so everything about 150 km from Cologne.

    Big thanks in advance!


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    I will go to Berlin from 20 to 22 October, I will visit Artemis although I already know it, but I also want to visit and participate in a gangbang. I will tell you about my adventures.

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    Berlin 9/23

    Will be in Berlin 9/23 through 9/30. Would welcome any locals who want to grab a beer, I'm buying.

    Have not been to Berlin since 2019, looking forward to coming back.

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    A driving tour of famous RLDs of Europe

    A couple bros are planning a driving tour in Mid September.

    We will meet in Frankfurt, spend 2 days then drive to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Switzerland, back to FF to spend 2 more nights. The cities are 100 to 150 miles or 3 to 4 hours drive apart. We would have breakfast, check out of the hotel and drive to the next city, arriving in time for lunch, rest up, play with hot girls, dinner, play some more then check in hotels. The nights may be better spent in strip clubs, bars, entertainment, red light districts. We will do the research and hot the spots with the best food, the best entertainment and the best fun. This tour will take 16 days, including one day each to fly in and out of FF.

    I will likely extend 1 week to fly a round robin tour to Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, spend 2 nights at each city, then back to Frankfurt to fly home. Airfare should cost only $200-250.

    We will hit the best FKKs and the hottest RLDs on the road and party with the hottest girls in Europe.

    A decent midsized cars rents for about $50-60 a day. Gas cost about $6 a gallon. It would be a cheap tour. Ground transport costs will be divided out equally. I only need 1 bro to alternate driving and navigating, but if lots of guys want to go we can always rent a van. I am really looking forward to having lots of fun on this tour.

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    Visiting Berlin in June

    I am visiting Berlin for 10 days. Please suggest the best area to stay in to get the best exp of Berlin for hobby.

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    Couple coming to Germany in July

    We will be in Heidelberg, Cologne, Aachen, Kaiserslautern and Rudescheim for a day or two in each city. We like to play in theaters and there FKK sounds interesting if there is play allowed. Basically let us one where the gun is to be found. We're ready to play. Even into the brothel spa ideas as long as they allow couples. Please help and hopefully we can meet and play with you too.

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    I am coming to Berlin in weekend.

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    Berlin: 30 Sep

    Berlin: upcoming visit.

    Dear all.

    I am in Berlin for a short business trip in a few weeks.

    I will be staying at the city centre.

    If anyone has any leads of semi pros and happy to share their digits I would be ever grateful.

    I will be hitting on the usual spots like Artemis, insomnia etc.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Heading to Berlin October 2021

    Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be visiting Berlin in late October and early November. The plan is to do the tourism thing in the city and monger when I have the chance.

    Thanks to all of you who have kept the Berlin forum alive with fresh reports. I've already begun to RTFF and will post a question or two if I need clarification.

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    Looking to have good times in Franfurt and then Cologne, Bonn area.

    I am currently in Frankfurt on 7/24 and will be here for approximately a week before I head up to the Cologne, Bonn area.

    Hit me up and let's have some fun around town!

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    Will be in Frankfurt next week for work- noob to FKKs but really interested in giving one a try- regular mongering vet though.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I'll be in Frankfurt on Wednesday July 15. Near HBF, Elbestrasse. Would meet for beer or walking the BG.

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    I'm visiting Frankfurt July 18-21 and if anyone wants to hang out let me know. I'm a noob so if you got experience would appreciate help, if your also a noob guess we can figure it out together.

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    Duisburg from 2nd till 5th of July.

    Hi there,

    I am travelling to Duisburg just on time for the reopening of the Vulkanstrasse, and meeting again a few regular SPs. If any one is interested in joining me feel free to send a message. Easy going person.

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    I am planning to visit Duisburg's Vulkanstrasse on 16th of October to meet my favourite SPs who are now back.

    Any fellow mongers interested in meeting there?

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