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    Berlin: 30 Sep

    Berlin: upcoming visit.

    Dear all.

    I am in Berlin for a short business trip in a few weeks.

    I will be staying at the city centre.

    If anyone has any leads of semi pros and happy to share their digits I would be ever grateful.

    I will be hitting on the usual spots like Artemis, insomnia etc.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Heading to Berlin October 2021

    Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be visiting Berlin in late October and early November. The plan is to do the tourism thing in the city and monger when I have the chance.

    Thanks to all of you who have kept the Berlin forum alive with fresh reports. I've already begun to RTFF and will post a question or two if I need clarification.

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    Looking to have good times in Franfurt and then Cologne, Bonn area.

    I am currently in Frankfurt on 7/24 and will be here for approximately a week before I head up to the Cologne, Bonn area.

    Hit me up and let's have some fun around town!

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    Will be in Frankfurt next week for work- noob to FKKs but really interested in giving one a try- regular mongering vet though.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I'll be in Frankfurt on Wednesday July 15. Near HBF, Elbestrasse. Would meet for beer or walking the BG.

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    I'm visiting Frankfurt July 18-21 and if anyone wants to hang out let me know. I'm a noob so if you got experience would appreciate help, if your also a noob guess we can figure it out together.

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    Duisburg from 2nd till 5th of July.

    Hi there,

    I am travelling to Duisburg just on time for the reopening of the Vulkanstrasse, and meeting again a few regular SPs. If any one is interested in joining me feel free to send a message. Easy going person.

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    I am planning to visit Duisburg's Vulkanstrasse on 16th of October to meet my favourite SPs who are now back.

    Any fellow mongers interested in meeting there?

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    SG event Rheinbach 11.02

    I will be there from 12:30 on. Any fellow mongers interested in meeting there?

    PM please.

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    I stay I Berlin 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 May.

    If there someone want join for Artemis and flat rate / Gangbang. I am an gentleman 63 years from Norway.

    Just PM.

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    I stay I Berlin 28 29 30 November.

    If there someone want join flat rate. Gangbang.

    Just PM.

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    In Munich Wednesday night 28th November. Sunshine seems like the safest option. Anyone for a few drinks between sessions?

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    SG Party. Mörfelden 26.11.

    I will be there on Monday from around 16:00 and onwards. Any fellow mongers want to meet up there?

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    I'll be in stuttgart on Oct. 7 to 11. If anyone wants to do joint venturing out, send me a PM.

    I have been to regular places like dreigarbenhaus, leonhardstrasse, firma schiller, fkks paradise and sakura. Are there any other interesting places to try?

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    Frankfurt Oct. 6-8 and Berlin Oct. 9-10.

    Howdy fellas,

    I'll be in Frankfurt on Saturday Oct. 6 until Oct. 8. Leaving the morning of the 9th to Berlin for the 9th and 10th.

    If there are any fellow mongers who want to meet for a beer and some RLD touring, let me know via PM!


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