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    Riga trip

    Anyone in Riga September 4th? I will stay there in day time because of flight transfer. I need advice on girls.

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    Riga in transfer

    I will be in Riga in daytime September 4th.

    Anyone in for a beer and some mongering? I also need advice and links for girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worldbank
    I think I'll be there between 17-30 June (exact date unknown)
    It has become around 14-17 June that I will be in Riga and afterward I am planning to go to other cities.

    If you plan to do some daytime street action (picking up girls during daytime), we should hook up, as I love meeting girls during daytime, it's so relaxing and comfortable as you 'just happen to meet them' .


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    I will be there 12-15 June.

    let's see how is there. Then I will move to tallin and then Helsinki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worldbank
    I think I'll be there between 17-30 June (exact date unknown)
    I ll be there end of June as well, perhaps we can hunt together mate.

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    I'll lbe there last week of june as well Worldbank, let me know if you want to hunt together.

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    I think I'll be there between 17-30 June (exact date unknown)

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    I will be in Riga from September 17th to 20th. I'm a little bit worried about the description of other fellow being there. If any kind soul can give me any suggestion or want simple to drink a beer to exchange experience.

    Answer here or by PM

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    In Riga from August 9-16th (2009)

    Hello guys,

    I will be in Riga this week.

    Any fellow for a beer?


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    I will be in Riga thurs-sun whis week, anything you can recomend?


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    i ll be in Riga 15-17 Nov

    anyone for a beer?

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    Riga 6th-9th November

    Any fellow mongers in Riga, from 6th-November till 9th November?

    Looking forward for extreme situations with girls.

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    Riga ?

    Anyone in Riga in the week 9-16 August ?

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    UK sex trips

    A lot of European mongers the city center is full of bars and sex shops and there are more than 20,000 prostitutes.

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    Going rate was about US$100 per hour or so. Will be less per hour for longer time. Best looking girls in whole wide world are in Riga. Small city. Best way to get a girl is asl hotel bellboy. Be discreet biut they are used to being asked and arrangint it. Some of them pushing their own girlfriends.

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