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    Visiting (again) 21st December 2018 onwards.


    I'll be in Bucharest from 21st December 2018 onwards, in case anyone wants to join in. .

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    In Bucharest.

    I am in Bucharest most of the time. If anyone wants to meet for a drink.

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    Once again.

    From 28 Dec. To 1 Jan.

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    Next trip to Bucharest

    28 - 1 Sep.

    Anybody else there?

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    I will be in Constanza from 29 June to 02 July. Anyone around to grab a beer? I will have fun in Mammaia night clubs.

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    Lets go for a Ursus.

    Will be in Bucharest and Brasov 17 July to 24 July.

    Lets go for a beer.

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    Upcoming trip

    I'll be in Bucharest with a side trip to Bulgaria from June 20th until July 20th. Let me know who is around!

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    Bucharest next week

    Dear all,

    I will be in Bucharest next Week for 2 days after a trip to SIBIU.

    I'll some of you are in Bucharest Friday 27 it will be more fun to visit club and pub together and find some nice lady in night club.

    I leave at the Continental hotel.

    Please contact me on MP.



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    For more information, please read:

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    12th June - 30th June 2016

    Hi guys,

    I'll in Bucharest during the above period. Any one wanting to meet up, for joint hunting, can connect with me here.

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    May 24 - 29

    I will be in Bucharest from May 24 - 29.

    Send me PM if anybody wants to meet up.

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    May 26 to June 23!

    Anyone in Romania these dates? If Anyone has been there before, please send me a message. I'd love to chat. Thanks!

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    Travel to Bucharest 1st May to 23nd May 2015

    Advise, recommendations and tips on young and sexy girls in Bucharest are welcome. Kind regards Tom.

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    Meeting In Bucharest

    Hi guys,

    I'll be in Bucharest for a week starting 23/06/2014. If anyone of you is in Bucharest during this period and would like to meet up, then just drop me a line.

    Till then.

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    January 16-19

    I'm going to be in Bucharest for the first time January 16-19 and would love to meet some experienced folks who could show me around.


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    Bucharest 6. 9 December

    Hi all,

    Will be in town for some meetings, but also have time to go out and share some beers and enjoy the night life. Anyone interested feel free to get in touch.

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