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    Komandir Black Satorday Brigades Kombat Wing

    To those about to fight,
    fuck, or die, we salute you.

    Theatre operation HQ mobilize purple
    headed warrior for incoming smegma.

    See you on the battlefield.
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    i know that a lot of mongers are ex-military, myself included. sometimes i even let the girls wear my red headgear...

    the military isn't generally considered too romantic of an occupation in russia though, as the russian military has been beset by scandals regarding the hazing, even to the point of brutal beating, murder or [CodeWord123], of their own troops by their own troops. particularly young soldiers are brutalized by older soldiers. besides that, russian soldiers, even officers, make very very little money. in a money-based society like russia, which is even more money-obsessed than america in many ways, occupation is a key factor in your status and level of relative attractiveness.

    whenever i told girls i used to be in the army, they mostly reacted with "oh, i am so sorry..." rather than the "gee, that's so cool!" i was hoping for...

    still, girls do love a guy in uniform, and after telling a few "war stories" they generally reacted with keen interest and respect. or at least they pretended to.. and that was good enough for me...
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    Moscow next week

    I will be in Moscow from Aug 7 to 11. Anybody interested joining me at a nice expat club for some beers and mongering?


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    moscow visit...

    I will be travelling to Moscow 11-15 September with a two other friends.

    If anyone wants to join us, get a few drinks and have some fun let me know!

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    Moscow next week

    Haven't posted for a long time but will be back in Moscow from Saturday 1st July for a week. If anyone would like to meet up for a beer and some hunting let me know. BTW I am English and forty something butstill believe I am twentysomething.



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    I'm going to be in Rostov in August and would like to know if anybody has any info on the place?

    I always put a report in when i done a visit!

    Take care,


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    A nightlife moscow insider

    For all foreigner coming to Moscow and needs help for nightlife duties, read this link:

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    Going in moscow 2-6 june....

    Smart Italian 30 y. guy going in Moscow to have fun.

    Somebody would like to have a bottle of wine together and going scoring somewhere.

    Let me know.

    Best Regards.

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    Does anybody interested in making porn pix and video? i found some girls for it.

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    April 12 to 16th

    I will be in Moscow April 12th thru the 16th for the Moscow boat show.

    Anyone care to get together for a few drinks and some mongering? PM me, or reply here.

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    Russia Travel Plans

    I will be returning to Russia for a third trip in July 2006. Tentatively plan to go to St Pb, Yaroslavl and Sochi with the possible addition of Perm.

    If anyone will be in Russia in mid-July, please PM me.


    (Atlanta, USA)

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    June travels - Moscow and St. Pete

    Still a while away, but I've just confirmed my travel plans for the next few months ...

    I'll be in Moscow for work June 27-30, and I'm planning on taking an extra week (before or after these dates) for party time. Also heading to St. Pete and a small town just outside (Petrosovodzk) during the non-work days to catch up with a pal who just moved there.

    Anyone planning on being around at that time? Maybe catch up for a quick tour of the Moscow highlights.



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    Travel Announcements Only (No questions or comments please)

    Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

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