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    I either travel to Kiew or Bratislava between .4 and .5.

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    Bratislava Thursday, Jan. 20th

    Hi all!

    Will be in Bratislava on Jan. 20th, coming from Vienna with a rented car.

    Am still hesitating between spending the evening in Bratislava (Evita club or other) or going back to Vienna ton an FKK.

    If anyone's interested in meeting in Bratislava or enjoying the car ride and back to Vienna, please pm me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romano V
    Do you have plans there please?
    Very cheap to get there, very hard to get there fun even for me that I speak very fluently slovak language.

    Slovakia miss decent sex scene, that's sad, but it's true.

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    With lowcost skyeurope from Paris 2 ways is maximum 65 sounds interesting to go in Bratislava but after we do not know is cheap sex exists in Bratislava or small cities in Slovakia.

    To my mind 75 for an hour is too much as 300 for 6 it's the price in Prague.

    Do you have plans there please?

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    Ahoj, in couple of days I will be in blava for the weekend and maybe then till Zilina to meet a friend. Who wants to meet, let's PM me.

    Asiafun, what about Zilina scene? Thanks!

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    Zilina fun

    Hi all,

    I will be travelling to Slovakia again soon and would like to know if anybody has knowledge of the scene in Zilina or Banska Bystrica.

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    Slovakia trip Sept


    I am a relative newbie on the Forum and am heading to Slovakia from 10 Sept to 17th and I need some advise for the following cities Nitra, Trnava.

    I will be there on work purposes and won't be able to visit privates or many clubs (I have to be a bit 007 because of work)

    Any info on Hotel girls or outcall escorts would be greatly recieved and I will post a detailed report on return.

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    Urgent advise needed


    I arrived to Bratislava yesterday and will need some very specific advice on the scene at the city center before I leave on Friday. I apologize for the rush, but this trip is work related and did not allow me enough time to prepare. Any info will be appreciated. You can write directly to [Email address deleted by Admin]

    Thank you,


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    bratislava on 30th March 2006

    Will anyone be in Bravislava between 30/3/06 and 5/3/6.

    I would like to meet up for some good mongering fun.

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    Travel Announcements Only (No questions or comments please)

    Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

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