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    Punting 23rd July

    Anyone fancy punting with a Brit and showing me about July 23rd. Most likely globe club.

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    Visiting Globe July.

    Visiting globe July 10th & 11th.

    Anyone would like to join and share impressions and thoughts. PM me (been in Globe almost every year in the last 5 years, but on my own).




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    Friday & Saturday nights, March 9-10: Lucerne (Luzern).

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    Zurich mid March

    Anyone around mid March 17th to 20th for look see?

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    In Zurich two nights: Nov 26 and 27

    Planning to visit Aphrodisia, Globe and Diskret.

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    Travel tip May 31 str

    Coming Sunday May 31st, there will be free public transport in whole of Switzerland. KEep this in mind when travelling, and it also is free on the night trains in the night of 30 to 31 May.

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    June 27/28 Club Globe

    I'll be at CG for a couple days end of June. Flying solo, so if anyone's there, would be good to chat over a drink.



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    Visiting Zurich Jan 30th. Feb 2nd. Will be visiting Globe and maybe more

    Anyone care to tag along? First round of drinks is on me LOL.

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    Back in Zurich Globe

    I will be in Zurich this end of the week probably Friday 19 and Saturday 20 December 😉.

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    Visiting Zurich 25-30 November

    This is my maiden trip to Zurich, Switzerland. I will visit Globe and 1 or 2 other clubs.

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    I will be visiting Zurich Sept 10-15. If any traveller wants to join to monger together, let me know.

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    Visiting Zurich

    September 5-7.

    Will be glad to meet and hunt together.

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    I'm at FKK Globe tomorrow Friday, if you are there let's meet up, cheers Nille.

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    Club Globe on May 20th

    Hi, I will be in Club Globe on 20th of May, PM me if you will be around.

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    Ah, such a pity. I'm in Verbier now, but will be in Zurich Dec 23-25 (& 31). Just missed you.

    I'm also planning on doing Club Globe (first timer). Let us know your thoughts on it. Enjoy!

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