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    I will be in Kiev from the 24th, been there half a dozen times in the past.

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    I will be in Kiev from April 5th to 10th. Let me know if you would like to hang out.

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    In Kiev. March 14 to 18

    Let me know if anyone wants to meet up for drinks, etc. PM me.

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    Drink together?

    I arrive today in Kiev, anyone who likes to have a drink send me a PM.

    Stay here till Tuesday.

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    I will be in Kiev from March 18 to March 28. It is my 6 trip to Kiev. If you want to grab a beer, meet girls or share info. You can pm me. End 30's. Western European.

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    Will be in Kharkiv starting 24.02. For two weeks. If you like to grab a beer, go for to the clubs or something please pm me. Beginning 30's, Western European.

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    I will be in Kiev Feb 26 to March 25. Its my 10 trip to Ukraine or so over the last 5 years. If you want to meet up for a drink and some clubbing please write me. Mid 40's. USA.

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    Only one day, 7 April

    I only have one free afternoon in Kiev on the 7th of April, I'd like to make the most of it.

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    Jaan. 25. To Feb. 1

    Plan to stay in Kiev last week of January, would like to meet gents for company, wingman, share info.

    Even to share a flat. European, Speak no Russian, been to Kiev several times. Sixties. RB.

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    Trip number 20

    I have been to Kiev 20 times after this trip. And most other big cities in Kiev. This trip I will be from December 26 to January 5. If you like give me a note and we meet up for a beer and maybe hit a bar. I speak some russian.

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    I will be back in Kiev with friends January 8th to 14th. If anyone would like to hang out, meet girls and exchange contacts please let me know.

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    Kiev for about 2 weeks


    I{ll be in Kiev next week for about 2 weeks and Ill also spend a few days in Kharkov. Any suggestion where I can find some girls for quick stuff you know? Ill try to go to clubs and bars or colleges too. If I can't find any 1, I will try to find quick easy stuff like 1200 uah. Where can I find those girls? I read Kiev-x has a lot of reports just like the old or here in US. Is there any more direct websites. I don't speak Russian tho. I can use my google translator fast. Is it good to talk to Turkish guys maybe they can help?

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    Odessa Indefinitely

    I am currently living in Odessa and have been for the last 10 years. I run a business consulting firm here as well as a small tourist agency, so if you like, I can help with just about any aspect of your journey to Odessa or Ukraine (including finding apartments, tours or girls). I am also available to hang out and go skirt chasing pretty much anytime since I work my own hours.

    PM me for questions or contact info.


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    Will be in Kiev November 30th. December 3rd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobSmith1  [View Original Post]
    I I think I will just collect rent money from US for me to live there. I think many of you guys tried this approach. Was it good?
    Plus you could make extra money there now the president of Ukraine wants English to be taught not Russian

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