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    Went out last night. Went to Uranus. Alcohol and nude dancing on stage. $5 to get in. Nice looking girl dancing on stage. Looks like eastern european to me. Did not see any table dance. Did not see too many girls going around to talk to customers. Was told that there are private dance upstairs but you have to talk to the dancers. No dancers approach me. I was there for 40 min.

    Went to Penthouse. Close. I dont know if it is close for the day or permanent.

    See 4 street escorts in the old high track. 3 were nice. 1 not.

    Went to the low track, pickings slim. One nice young girl was so high she cant even walk right. Rest very low quality. The quantity not much.

    Went to find a rub house in Richmond, most closed by 12.

    Went home to watchTV instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Gort

    I have a couple of numbers for girls that work at home for street prices. If anyone wants to trade, I will.

    Thank you.
    I've got a couple of Willie Mays cards and an old tire. Ok?

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    Trade contact info for Girls


    I have a couple of numbers for girls that work at home for street prices. If anyone wants to trade, I will.

    Thank you.

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    Great Expecta

    Vancouver sounds like my kind of town. Lot of SW's at reasonable prices.. 1 or 2 years ago there was some SW's you could find for a good deal in San Diego. The prices went up after the a lot fools gave into the girls high prices. Now the price of bj has gone from $20 or $30 to around $50. TJ is near, but the service is sucks.

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    Alex at Covergirl

    I saw Alex at Covergirl ( last week. Her pictures on the web are accurate. They described her as 25 yr old, 5'6", 125 lb. Well, she is more like in her late 20s, and 5'6", 150 - 155 lb. She has a beautiful face, but she could definitely lose some weight.

    Don't take me wrong, though. Overall she is still attractive. She is fun to be with and has a great attitude. She is open minded (like bbbj, daty, dfk, etc), but not totally open minded (no cim, greek, etc). She is very flexible and that makes the session fun.

    I would rate her 8.5/6/8.5 (face/body/service and attitude).

    Always, YMMV.

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    Thurs-Fri in Vancouver

    I drove up from Seattle to escape Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

    I stayed at a very nice hotel on W. Hastings in downtown Vancouver. I was very surprised to see the action further east on Hastings. There were tens of crack *****s on the prowl and people openly selling crack and pipes on the street.

    I walked by a cute WSW named Katie Thursday about 6PM on Hastings. She was a 5'3", 100 lbs, nice face, 34A cup (only felt through shirt). We settled on .2 for a BJ and she took me to a secluded area to do the deed. Vice nice and slow technique.

    I picked up a cute blond on Friday at 2pm in the same area on Hastings. She looked Russian, but said she was from Vancouver. She was 5'7", 110 lbs, long blonde hair, 34B cup and wore a baby blue jacket. She said we could go to a room for .2 and she would be .20 as well for anything I wanted. I asked her about greek and she said yes. We went to the Sunwest hotel on Hastings, paid .2 for the room and started the show. She "forgot" about saying she would do greek, but I insisted and she complied. She insisted on being on her back for the session. I paid her the .20 after I was done and left her in the room.

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    Anyone had white action in north van?


    Has anyone had any escort action in North Van?

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    Low track area

    I just got back from my low to mid-track crawl. I was cruising mid-track and found the evening traffic around the mid-track crazy. After navigating the backstreets, I found that areas of Franklin St. Were closed due to a movie or TV shoot (couldn't tell. But a few dozen trucks/caravans/mobile dressing rooms and a few hundred crew cars blanketing the area gave me the distinct impression that no working girls were gonna be found).

    I cruised back towards low track area from Main and Hastings and down to Heatley and Cordova. Saw a few girls but too many scary looking crack/meth users. I was intent on getting out of my car and asking a girl at Cordova and Heatley to join me when I realized I was blocking a car who wanted out of the nearby parking lot. I cruised down Cordova a block and detoured down the alleyway to the street. Before I got back to the girl I was going to ask.

    I saw a girl I'd seen down towards Dunlevy and Cordova but with a big non-vice related bust happening nearby, the LE were out and about and I didn't want to pick up a girl in plain sight of a cop.

    I always greet the SWs I pick up with eye contact and a smile as I ask their name. I break the ice a bit with a couple questions about her night or the weather and get driving before the subject of activity or money comes up. I make sure she gets her seatbelt done up as there's no way I need to attract any unnecessary attention.

    Zoey has the girl next door from the wrong side of the tracks prettiness you might find when you get a diamond in the rough SW; a tall dark-haired beauty with sexy eyes and great lips. She said she was 23 and admitted to being a drug user, although there weren't any obvious physical signs (bad skin, sores, extreme weight loss, tweaking).

    She agreed to a quick car date and for a blue she agreed to flash while I took care of myself.

    We parked on a backstreet (Railway near Dunlevy) and I paid her. She pulled up her dark blue Puma hoodie to reveal her braless B cups with small pink nipples. I told her she was pretty (she is) and asked if I could touch them and she said okay. I was getting a handful as a passerby came down the sidewalk so she quickly covered up and we got to talking as the passerby was leaving the area.

    Answering a few questions I asked, she said she smoked crack and weed and was needing to score but she wasn't hurrying at the moment. She reclined the seat back and genuinely seemed tired. She said she had been doing drugs for a few years but always thought about getting off them.

    She said she'd been out for a few hours and her jeans and hoodie weren't attracting customers. I told her that I picked up girls based on their appearance, not necessarily what they wore. I complimented her again and she smiled. I asked her if other guys offered compliments and she just shook her head. I find it hard to believe that other guys who pick her up wouldn't tell her she was attractive.

    We talked for a bit and she seemed sad but her eyes were really great and she had this way of looking right back at me that seemed different than many of the other car dates I had previously had.

    In the short time we were together, I felt a real closeness to her than most other women I have picked up. I reclined my seat back and she turned towards me and we looked at each other for the longest time. It felt like a GFE.

    She was caressing my thigh while we talked and I was getting hard just looking at this beauty. I asked if she'd stroke me and she did. I didn't expect her to for the money I was paying but was surprised when she did.

    I told her I'd give her another blue if she'd do more and she agreed. In no time she had me on the edge and I asked her to kiss it. She gave a couple of kisses and then I asked if she'd lick it. She did and soon it was obvious I was going to finish. She sucked and licked while I was in her mouth and didn't let go of me until she had taken my whole load. As she sat up, I reached for a napkin to offer her, but was surprised when she swallowed.

    When she finished she looked at me with amazing eye contact and I found it difficult to want it to end. She asked if I would drive her to Carrall and Hastings and I told her yes.

    As I dropped her off I caressed her cheek and told her to take care; she once again looked at me with those deep dark eyes and thanked me.

    All in all, I'd say the experience was great and I'll be looking for Zoey again on my next trip downtown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hizark21
    Does Canada and Vancouver have simialar "intent to solicit" law.....?? What can they do if you are just crusing...
    Just crusing could still get you harrased if they see you round the block a few times. They have nothing, but it won't stop them from stopping to bother you with lots of questions.

    It doesn't take much for a cop to say you were soliciting. In some cases just saying you want to go off to have coffee with them was enough. The main piece of advice I have heard concerning picking up these girls is. Have the girl get in your car and drive before you discus anything. A cop decoy will never get in a car and drive off with you.

    Be carefull I have never bothered with this scene, because its just not safe when there is no need to take the risks. The girls aren't that healthy, they could be cops, etc...price isn't everything and lawyers are expensive if you are unlucky

    All I can say is be very carefull with picking girls up off the street. It is way!!! safer to get them from the georgia straight, buyandsell, west ender, or some of the websites I posted on here. There are other websites also, google is your friend. Just put in escorts vancouver or something like that.

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    Never heard of that kind of thing happening in Vancouver, or seen it for that matter. The only thing you have to worry about is being to obvious and then the same cop seeing you later with a girl 'all of a sudden' in your car, cause then they might pull you over. The other thing you need to worry about are the citizen groups that occasionally like to watch the strolls for cars that are around a lot and write down they're plates, to either be published or submitted to the John registry. Usually they wait to see an actual pick up though, and not just cruising.

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    Intent to solicit laws in Vancouver and Canada....??

    Does Canada and Vancouver have simialar "intent to solicit" law.....?? What can they do if you are just crusing...

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    Nov 1

    Finally got to Vancouver strolls on Tuesday, last week. Started in the Low track around 7pm to see nothing along Pender or Hastings, but some on Cordova at Dunlevy - an ugly looking group of people there! Propably won't stop to walk that stretch. Some were around Campbell, the big blonde was out on Glen and probably a tranny hanging around the Loomis yard and building.

    There were a couple out on Franklin and McLean, and one out on Triumph. Not looking too promising I went to chek in to hotel.

    I returned to town driving the length of Fraser St, seeing nothing. Nothing on Clarke dr. Low track wasn't too much different from earlier. It was now around 11pm. Saw a blonde with a nice smile, short skirt, and slim build on Campell. checked out the other parts of Low track. Couple of girls aroud Heatly, the gang at Dunlevy, one on Gore, so I went back to Campbell to see the blonde. Approached on foot, asked to touch, and found she was actually wearing a skort, but my fingers were quick to find the target - nice and shaved! She offered half and half at twenty, so I countered for what I wanted, which was fine.

    Off we went to a secluded spot, where the skort came off to reveal a very clean shaved crotch, but I noticed a couple of sores, either healed or about to break open some day soon. Nice firm B cups. Goes by the name of Rainbow. She wanted a tip at the end for food or cigarettes. Picked her up about 11:30.

    Checked out the Mid track where there was no one.

    Went to check out Kingsway way up to about Willingdon. I only saw one out around Rupert area.

    Went back to Mid and Low tracks. Nothing on Mid track except a couple around commercial and Woodland only. Some still out on Low track at Gore, Dunlevy, Heatly, and Campbell--some tranys too.

    By now it was 1:30 so I headed down Fraser. Found a dark haired girl around 47th, nice smle on my two passes. I approached her and we talked, but I couldn't see what she had wrapped up in sweats the way she was, so I passed - maybe later, like Wednesday.

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    Nov 2

    Went out Wednesday night driving through Fraser St area from 49th to 6th, not seeing anything. There was someone out on Boardway a block east of Fraser.
    Carried on to Low track, passing a blonde at Clarke south of Venebles, and one further north near clarke and Georgia - seen her lots in the past, but never talked to her at all. Nothing of note in Low track. The group of people out at Dunlevy and Cordova were still out in force - male and females. I wouldn't approach that area on foot for now. Couple of girls at Cordova and Heatly, more down at Campbell.
    Checked out the Mid track and saw no one around. These tours were between 11 and midnight.

    Went back over to Boardway area, and saw nothing. On my way back up Clarke, the two were still there, briefly considered the blonde, but carried on, only to run into the vice squad car at Clarke and Hastings, so I was going to get out of there.
    Went over to Kingsway. Drove along there to Boundry, seeing a couple around Nanaimo, and around Rupert. Stopped to talk to the blonde near Rupert - Sheena - nice figure, started at 40. I passed. Too bad - nice handshake!!

    Went over to Fraser St, found the dark haired girl around 47th. She wanted to start at 40, lowered it and off we went. decent figure, hairy, but cropped around lips. We had a nice time, but not GFE. Name of Jenifer. met her at about 1 am.

    So that was it for me. Sheena may have been more fun - but.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Wing Low
    Isn't it the whole emotional/physical experience that makes it better than mere mechanical friction?
    Peter Abelard may have said that, but it was only after Heloise's father ripped his nuts off. For the rest of us, it's all about sailing the skin submarine to tuna town, or at the very least tapping the tonsils of our favourite fellatrix.

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    fka Peter Pan 2009
    fka Captain Solo

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    Falling in?

    Hahahaha. This is funny.

    Some white girls are tight. The majority, even the smaller girls, are indeed loose. Some of these girls are so loose, one can really get lost in it without knowing.

    Isn't it the whole emotional/physical experience that makes it better than mere mechanical friction?

    The North American girls are right. Size does matter! I have had to strap a board to my ass enough times to keep from falling in.

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