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    Is there a big convention or something coming up in Dubai? Getting a spate of PMs from guys visiting Dubai this week.

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    great time in Dubai

    First off I would like to thank the kings of Dubai, MK and JSF for their help on my great weekend I had in Dubai (Friday through Monday). After reading all the reports here on the forum I pretty much was focused on getting some action at Rockafellas.

    Turned up in Dubai on Friday evening at about 9.30, breezed through the airport and checked into the Four points Sheraton. Very good staff and Girl friendly needles to say (as verified by others). Rockafellas is at a walking distance and was there by 11 p.m. Not very happening so stuck around for about an hour and then headed to Cyclone.

    Lots of hot women at cyclone but not too friendly, also the price was in the AED 1,200 to 1,500 range (everybody was quoting this price, even the 6’s and 7’s). Went back to Rockafellas at about 1 am and saw a couple of 9’s and a few 7’s and 8’s. Avg price approx 1,000 LT. Saw this very good looking dark haired girl sitting at a table near the DJ counter, called miss D. Not too friendly initially but gradually warmed up. Started at 1,000 but eventually settled at 700. Off we went. Looked much prettier in proper light.

    Miss D was young (22) slim (actually skinny), very tall (about 5’ 9”, from Romania, and loads of fun (once you get to know her). Spent about 30 min talking to her before the action started. She was a GFE all the way. Was into everything (BBBJ, DFK etc.). All in all a great time.

    Didn’t do anything on Saturday night. Sunday night did the rounds again at cyclone before heading to Rockafellas. Met with another Miss D (she is a blonde about 5’ 6”) and hangs out at the pool tables. Nice to talk to and appeared pretty chilled out. Ended up negotiating LT for 700.

    Great experience again, BBBJ, CIM, DFK and anal rimming but not DATY which was a big disappointment. Stayed till 4 after which she left as I had to get to bed.

    All in all a great weekend with 2 beautiful girls. Thanks again guys.


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    Willing to meet and monger together

    Hi Guys,

    Have been reading the reports in this forum and I must say I am looking forward to my trip to Dub on the 21st of April and hoping to meeting some of you gentlemen.

    Any of you willing to meet up at the regal / York or other hangouts, I would much appreciate it and shall follow the rules from what I have read so far.

    Cheers - BOND

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike De H
    I am unaware of the Metropolitan, I take it its not the Metropolitan in Diera?
    Rattlesnake Club in Metropolitan Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, across from Safa Park (a pleasant traffic-free 5-minute drive from my place). I've popped in a couple of times before, but the selection was sparse and terrible, so I only ever stayed a few minutes. All about good timing - unbelievable selection last night around midnight.

    Around 40-50 girls of all nationalities, only a handful were below 7. The rest were 7+. Only about 15 guys (most in their 50s, not making any moves on the girls - just drinking). So I was a spring rooster by comparison, with many chicks to choose from in the coop. And I was there with a purpose - not to drink. Many of the spring chicks sensed this as I did the inspection rounds, so I was getting pecked and grabbed by many of them.

    I retreated to the safety of the mezzanine floor to get a birds-eye view of the coop, and that's when I spotted Betty Boop standing alone, sipping her glass of wine. When she looked up and noticed me checking her out, she responded with the Betty Boop cutesie eyelash batting and smiles. I went down to have a chat with her for 10 minutes before inviting her to the boudoir. Very nice.

    Interestingly, there were also a few real couples (husbands and wives etc) there as well (at Rattlesnake, not my boudoir), dining and watching the band and the girly circus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper1
    Mike, I never diddle.

    I, so I went to Metropolitan instead
    OK Bo, no problem, sorry.

    If you get to have a good meaningful shag, let me know what its like please?

    I am unaware of the Metropolitan, I take it itsnot the Metropolitan in Diera? Oh, I suppose its RTFF time if I want to know more about that place. Please don't send me via the Israeli embassy

    Did you take any balcony shots? They would be nice to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike De H
    So you diddled her then? I take it not a rip-off?
    Mike, I never diddle.

    I haven't had the pleasure of Lovath's company in a diddly sort of way - yet. I've chatted with her a couple of times at York, and I called her tonight, but I was in two minds, so I went to Metropolitan instead - only a few minutes from my place, and I'll be going back often. Tonight it was heaven!

    So many beauties to choose from (CIS Brunettes and Blondes, African Beyonce-type Honeys, Lovely Chinese). 90% of the girls were good quality. I was amazed - it was very different to last time I popped in there (when I walked straight back out). Tonight I didn't know which girl to choose.

    But wait, there's more! They have a mezzanine billiards room where you can look down into the crowd and check out the selection. I chose well. She looked up at me and batted those Betty Boop eyelashes, and we instantly fell in love. See photo section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper1

    Where did you spot her? Double Shooter reported on her around a week or two ago. He found her at Jockeys of all places.
    She was at Jockeys in late January when Man U played Liverpool (so she had no chance) and she was upstairs in that PRC death trap at the York Hotel last Tuesday.


    So you diddled her then? I take it not a rip-off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike De H
    Last couple of visits I have been interested in this Girl, but since the environment is a bit "one shot" I thought I would ask if she is a well known WG. She has "to die for" eyes and I am an eye man.

    Maybe this is a case for Pipers Pimpng Service ? Ooops sorry, I mean Pipers pretty Women.
    What a coincidence. I was planning on getting to York/Regal tonight to check out the menu, and if she was there, she would have been a choice meal. But I'm too knackered tonight from too much work and not enough sleep, so I'm staying home. But I might just call her in for home delivery if I "perk up" later tonight. She did offer massage, and that's just what poor little Piper's tensed muscles need right now. You're right - she has magic eyes (I'm an eye man also). And a breast man, and a legs man and a ...

    Where did you spot her? Double Shooter reported on her around a week or two ago. He found her at Jockeys of all places.

    PS - Kap - I thought you said your mate was a "good guy" nowadays. It's always the quiet guys who have secrets. I could see a glint in his eye at Regal. Great report - had me laughing.

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    Lovatt from Ghana

    Last couple of visits I have been interested in this Girl, but since the environment is a bit "one shot" I thought I would ask if she is a well known WG.

    She has "to die for" eyes and I am an eye man.

    Maybe this is a case for Pipers Pimpng Service ? Ooops sorry, I mean Pipers pretty Women.

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    My mate is never staying with me again!

    Last nights crawl commenced in President Filli bar, 2 bands both equally appalling, several dog ugly WG’s and mamasan walked in at 1030.

    Moved on to Rockbottoms where most of HMS Bulwark was in and getting ready for a fight, not a good atmosphere.

    Next was the Regal (of course) good crowd. Miss k was installed, of course, at the usual table. She gave me hard looks on arrival, but was happy to talk after a while and reverted to her normal cheerful party girl mode despite last nights freebie. Miss Sv also there and trying to attract my attention, sorry performance not good enough at the party therefore no.

    Fell in lust with a gorgeous brunette with a tattoo of a bear above her right breast – interesting. Also a new blonde with near perfect accent less English with whom I embarrassed my self with my school boy Russian. After my usual introduction she said 'Why are you trying to speak in Russian? I speak excellent English - yes'. Oh fuckity fuck.

    My friend decided to move on to the Imperial Suites. Years since I have been there. Ruff ruff. Mix of black, older CIS and Chinese wouldn’t touch any of them. In all my time in Dubai I have only ever taken 2 from the suites.

    Decided to move on to Seaview however for some reason we ended up passing Jockies (its not enroute) and of course had to try it, very ethnic, 1 beer. Taxi to sea view.

    Not too crowded – its now about 0145. Entertaining band my mate chatted to a black girl for a while. Nothing to my taste so I told him I was returning to the Regal. He joined me.

    Now around 0215. Excellent thinning out nicely. Miss K looking v bored talking to an English guy when he left for the rest room she told me he offered 1200 (twat), I said it would compensate for last night – she was not amused! He came back and they left with a sweet good bye smile from her and a glare from him.

    Had a chat to new accent less blonde – Tatania – opening at 800 dropped to 600 but no further.

    Moved on to beautiful brunette and I mean beautiful. A vaguely Arabic type was hassling her – obviously an ex customer trying to get a lower price, she was having none of it. Lost my mate at some stage (he returned to Seaview it later transpired).

    Her name started with an L but can’t remember what it was as I was now considerably worse for wear despite changing from beer to water. I tried my luck, opened at 1500 – fuckity fuck. Dropped to 1000 quickly but still out of my price range. Chatted bought her a drink. She spoke to the other girls who were all nodding to each other and her and looking in my direction. Last and final offer was 800. I had to be at work at 0800 so 0630 wake up worked out at 230dhms per hour. Sensible head said no, small Kapitan said YES YES. Sensible head won.

    I walked home a happy man having done the right thing. Opened the door to my place to be greeted by the sight of a mans arse doing a missionary on MY sofa. The cheek (excuse the pun).

    No offer of group. Fuckity fuck. I retired to fight another day.

    Off to Europe then my least favourite ME country all next week, so I will be off radar for a while developing MSB for my return.

    Keep your ends up.
    ETA Regal 27/0100……

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    Price Check

    I am headed to DXB in the next couple of weeks. I haven't been there in a couple of years.

    What is the going rate for a CIS all night out of the York?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Gooey happens sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike De H
    She needed to relax and I realised that “professional” did not describe this girl... But somehow, just looking at those beautiful eyes and the teenage body made me want her more and more and more... All of a sudden I was 18 again
    Good for you, you managed to bump into someone who pushes your buttons. It does happen you know. We are programmed for this sort of thing, you just have to find "your type."
    Yes, I even forgot I was paying her... What followed was better than GFE... You connect you know?
    Yes, I know. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy several experiences like that. Enjoy it!
    and in the morning I was besotted. Stupid fucking dolt that I am.
    I suggest the proper term here is normal human being.
    I then did the deal...She was so keen she even refused to collect all her stuff, deliberately leaving her toothbrush and items of clothing and she would not take any money till it was all over. Incredible.
    Why incredible? She gets to enjoy your safe company, and possibly forget or escape from her personal DXB reality.
    I apologise to all the hard-faced punters out there, but what can I say,
    Sounds like you are one lucky guy, enjoying much more than a typical p4p experience. Do be careful though... Keeping everything in context can become a chore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azertyuk
    Alas I am not able to find time to join you but would not want to miss Miss N's birthday. So how about it WR, any plans yet? I will need plenty of advance notice to be able to 'slip' away!!

    Hoo humm.... still can not get the my head the view of Miss K taking WR from behind and MK in her mouth. Then stopping momenterily for that siliouet in the window...
    Miss N's birthday present will be arranged when she returns, you guys know what she was after and Az you will get plenty of advanced notice.

    Nice thought Az that and I was part of it and it was enjoyable

    Email - have to agree with Piper, he likes that sort of person more than me

    MK - once you read your last post, it may make sense to you (and me!) but I detect the word Filipina (well filli) in there and my ears (let alone the pork sword) pricked up. Must introduce me to that bar also when I am back in May. By the way Jessy SMS me before I left overseas, she would be a good lady to cuddle too if Miss K is not available


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    Quote Originally Posted by My Kapitan
    Go on post the pics - often more sexy than naked. ......
    Done, but I am not happy about it. Ah well.fuck it. (Oh yes, I did!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper1

    Now post those pics. Clothed is not boring.

    Go on post the pics - often more sexy than naked. ......

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