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Thread: KOS in Costa Rica

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    Where are you dude?

    Quote Originally Posted by KingofSluts  [View Original Post]
    Oasis Oasis Oasis, oh how do I miss banging a little hottie at Oasis for twenty four dollars. Costa Rica is cool, better than Panama, and sometimes I wish that I woul dhave lived in Costa Rica for many years, than Panama. Costa Rica is way more cool.

    It's been years, but I was down there recently. Oasis has definately died. Four chicas all look transgendered. Veronica's is still holding it's own and so is the old ZB. Scores is really the action place now. Beautiful Ticas there. Your reports and wisdom would be nice now.

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    Costa Rica / Panama Trick


    Never count out the KOS, he knows everything. Go to Zona Blue and bang the nicas. The hottest girls in Costa rica are the nicas and colombians, trust me on that.

    Ok, here is a hypothetical lesson to win a car in Costa Rica. A little hypothetical trickery from KOS. Ok, you rent a car (Toyota Prado / Landrunner) in San Jose with insurance, you have a fellow panamanian drive the car to the border of Costa Rica / Panama, you switch license plates from Costa Rica to Panama plates at the border, your friend uses a old rental contract from Budget rent a car in Panama. Your friend drives the car to a safe garage in Panama. Your friend hitchhikes back to the Costa Rica border. When he gets back to San Jose, you go to the police station to report the car stolen, and then take the police report to the rental agency, boom, you have a new car in Panama.

    Remember, in Panama the passport will never be important if you have a panamanian friend, the police will just assume he is in country. Just a little tip from Kos. Please note, I did not do this, just a example. (LOL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Sluts  [View Original Post]
    See my review of Caracas in KOS in Venezuela.

    Thanks KOS
    What is this post doing here? Actually, I'm having a hard time deciphering the reason why this thread is still in existence.

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    See my review of Caracas in KOS in Venezuela.

    Thanks KOS

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    Zona Blue?


    Good stuff!

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    Sorry, I have not been to Costa rica for years, the immigration line is for the Nicas to work in costa rica, it s by the railroad tracks in san jose, close to the del rey hotel.

    I am definitely out of the loop in costa rica, but i am sure it si the same.

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    What is the immigration line.

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    Zona Blue, also, Across the street from Machu Pichu and around the holiday inn are many casas, been awhile, but them nicas are good.

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    Anybody been to immigration line in San Jose for the Nicas?

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    Nicas, well in my opinion are the hidden gem of costa rica.I like them Nicas, they do not speak engish and can really fucck, them nicas are gems, real cool girls.

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    Anybody visit the immigration line, what about blue goose, del rey, and the others around the street fromt he holiday inn. The Nicas are good in costa, I liek them nicas.

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    I would say Costa Rica has one of the slowest threads in the Central America, but the highest pre-paid girls in th Central America, I do not get it, you guys shoudl be all over the place, but it is so slow here, no idea about you costa guys, I guess you guys are all over the hil retired with no energy.

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    Well put it on your list and let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Sluts
    Anybody have an update on the immigration line for the Nicas?

    You guys are quiet here Costa Rica.

    Forgot all about it...I'll put it on my short list of new daytime places to visit

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