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Thread: Ciudad Juarez - 2003 Reports

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  1. #686
    Feliz Ano Nuevo!

    Just came back from a very quick trip to CJ.I visited all my usual haunts hoping to find one of my amigas, but no real luck. So, I went to Queens to see Suki there. Found hertalked for an hour or so, and then saw Marilu.

    Mugroso, THAT is one HOT chica.But I got into CJ so late that going anywhere had slipped away.

    On my walk from Queens afer closing, I headed towards the taxis near Martinez, and saw this girl working a driver on the street. They didn't hook up, and so I waved her over.

    To my surprise, she wasn't strung out, nervous, or ugly. In fact, she was stone cold sober,dressed very neatly in a black pant suit, and very pretty! Her name was Terri, and after talking with her for a few minutes, we agreed on a price and went to a little hotel by the gym.

    Once in the room, I got a better look at her, and she was gorgeous. We undressed, she was freshly showered and VERY clean, plus she had one of the tightest bodies I have seen in Juarez.

    Absolutely great sex, no rush, no hurry to leave either. After resting a while we dressed, and following a long kiss and hug , she WALKS ME to a cab 3 blocks away and arranges a ride for nearly nothing. Another series of kisses , and we parted company.

    I have walked around the area a bit at night, and one can see all sorts of SW's, both women and men who look like women, and I NEVER considered picking one up, but I have never seen anyone like her out there. Maybe an office girl who needed money for the holidays? No se.

    Another great memory.

    Each trip has been another adventure in some way

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    Frank Spank,

    You bad boy you. I have no idea where to find what you are looking for. So lets work in reverse. I would exclude any MP as the room walls don't ususally go all the way up. I would also exclude any street girls because they just want to finish and be on their way. I would stick to strip bars and *****houses. Possibly consider taking a chica to a hotel.

  3. #684
    Dear all,

    I'm a first-time poster and relatively new to the game. I've been told that almost anything can be found in Juarez. If you can't tell from my log-in name, my interests tend to be English-oriented. I enjoy providing English lessons, but I also enjoy receiving English lessons from an attractive lady.

    My Spanish is manageable, as I have been able to give and receive English lessons in Cuernavaca a while ago. I'm kind of vanilla, so my interests do not go beyond spanking good times.

    Can nalgadas-fun be found in Juarez? If so, where (MP's? bars?) and what should I expect to spend? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope you have a great New Years.

    Frank Spank

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    Minus, the girls on vacation, the MPs will be back in business the day after Christmas.

  5. #682
    Just a quick note to say Merry Xmas to all fellow mongers throughout the world, irregardless of religion.

    Just wondering whether there is opportunity for the hobby in Juarez between December 26 to January 1. Don't know about the schedules of the MPs but I know that some of the bars in el centro will be closed tonight and tomorrow night, the only time of the year that they do so.

  6. #681
    You are Great, DreamingEagle!

    Best report I ever read from entire WSG forum.

    I hope your cancer is cured in New Year and everything is going well for you.

    "She was a beautiful 21, and I'm a old man of 53 who just happens to remember how to fuck. Out into the daylight once again wondering if all of that really just happened, a feeling I'm sure you know of."

    What a great sentence!

    Yes, Yes, I know the feeling.

    I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I hope all of mongers experience slender, sexy, hot, and pretty woman without getting STD in New Year, and feel it.

    What a wonderful World!

    Isn't it?

  7. #680
    Hey all,

    It's been a while since I've posted here. But this time, it's not quite the same old song and dance. I want to go and check out the scene in Juarez but I'm still a little uneasy. I look hispanic, but my Spanish is barely passable. I don't want to get caught over there and then if I get home alright, come back to an embarassing situation. So I would like to propose this. Would anyone here mind having a tag-along someday? What I mean is this: We meet somewhere, you take me across the bridge to one of the gringo-friendly establishments, do our thing and come back. Nothing too appealing yet huh? Well, what if I gave you 40 bux, enough to cover all if not, most of your visit? If anyone is interested, please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

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    Positive things are happening, which is why the bastard asked me if I had any problems with him. That was money for Christmas presents for my own family, and I was pissed and had to stand there and say no problems with you, because he could still impound my car and turn dust into cocaine from his pocket and charge me with it at the police station.

    And there is no tirial in Mexico. The judge goes by written statements from the cop and the one prepared by your attorney. You can be in prison within 21 days of the night you are arrested.

    You guys have all seen me sit here and defend my friends in Mexico, but I've never defended their system of justice, because there is no system of justice in Mexico.

    But positive things are happening, I agree. But you'd better have some pretty big balls to stand there and take his badge number and threaten him with calling some telephone number to seriously threaten a cop in Juarez. That time ain't come yet.

    Power in Mexico is really a test of who you know. If he thinks the people you know can fuck him, he's going to let you go. If not, if you are a gringo, you might as well be a little mouse at the mercy of a cat. A Mexican person can give him $5, and he'll be happy for a free lunch. He's going to fuck you for every nickel he can get.

    Regarding your other comment, write me at

  9. #678
    DE - two things. One, I read somewhere in the paper that the cops will be having a phone no. on their vehicle or whatever and the Mayor is encouraging people to call if they get harrassed or whatever. I forget all the details. But everyonce in awhile I get a glimpse that some real positive things are going to happen. Shall we hold our breath???? Two, I'm interested in placing an ad possibly on your website. I have a small freight broker business in El paso - I don't really do any work with trans-border freight, but I want to really hit El Paso hard on locating shippers. There are plenty of truckers available in El Paso (and probably 99% visit your website and Juarez). But I want to contract with Shippers.


  10. #677
    Bubba, you just had bad luck, bro. The gorgeous ones are there. Had two definite girlfriend experiences the past two days, one with a girl I have been seeing quite a while and one with a new girl at Genesis---both slender, pretty, and hot. Definitely an "asi....asi....asii" kind of experience. Tipped 'em both $20 since it's Christmas week.

    Sal at Genesis told me that their business is through the roof. The owner told him the license for the place would sell for $100,000. The Papa Smurf drivers have been bringing them as many as 200 clients a month.

    An earlier reference to "N" at Marilyn's. She was about the tallest drink of water I ever saw, standing there in here red mini-skirt and immaculate poise the first time I saw her, the first time I ever met Sergio. He was calling out the other girls for me to see, but I just waved my hand. "Tengo ojos solo para ella," I told him in Spanish so she would understand.

    I saw her every weekend for a year. It became like making love to a sexy wife you can't get enough of---whatever I wanted, whatever she wanted. Then she went on Christmas vacation about this time last year and never came back. She did, in fact, drop by to see Sergio to say goodbye and thank him for all the help he had given her. Sergio and his wife really try to help the girls and care about them. I don't think you will ever meet a girl there who does not respect them a great deal.

    She had, in fact, gotten married, but it didn't last long. She is still in Juarez but not working in an MP. She really disliked being a prostitute, and I suspect she just decided to survive somehow on less money. But you never know. She has called to say hello a couple of times, so don't be surprised to see her back one day.

    Oh, I forget a third girl this past three days at El Encanto. She's also slender and hot en la cama. She wants to go out, but I just can't bring myself to clutter up my life with a "honey do" list that always comes with being involved with a woman. Seems so much easier to have my fun and have my time to myself.

    Dropped by Corpus just to say hello because it's such a short walk from the house, but there were only two girls working. The new MP on Calle Peru (X-2), one block north of V. Guerrero, never seems to be open.

    One of the waiters at the City Market, Gabriel, who speaks great English, has moved in next door to me. It's always entertaining to have a few beers with him after he gets home. He is selling business cards I am making on the computer for $10 a hundred. He keeps offering to pay me for the paper and ink, but who cares? If I spend $2 on a hundred business cards, I'd be surprised. Each one takes about 15 minutes to make, 5 minutes to print. He would make a great native tour guide if I ever decide to offer that service on the internet.

    Home for some computer supplies and to collect some money for a trip to Los Moches on the train which leaves from Chihuahua and travels through the Copper Canyons. Look for a great article on the Juarez Tour Guide web site about the trip in January. Some people are selling this trip on the internet for as much as $3,000, but it only costs about $300 if you just show up and buy your tickets. That one article will probably double my traffic to the site since it's already a popular vacation destination.

    Sergio is translating the site into Spanish, which will probably double the traffic since people in Mexico will be able to read it once I get it into the Spanish language search engines. I'm still holding the #3 position in the main search engines for keywords "Juarez Mexico", and the pay-per-click ads just about paid for the Copper Canyon trip, so please hit on them when you visit the site.

    We have two advertising salesmen who are going to hit the streets in January to sell feature articles on the web site. Unless it's a charity or municipal attraction like a museum, there will be no more free articles on the JTG. These people are already paying the newspaper good money for advertising, and, once the site is in Spanish, they will pay me, too. Bumper stickers are in the works, and by February every location in the guide will have an 8 x 10 framed "Juarez Tour Guide Approved Location" promotion on the wall.

    Someone once told me I would never single-handedly turn the bad reputation Ciudad has around in the eyes of the world, and I won't do it single-handedly. But with the right people in the city helping me, I will eventually do it.

    We will be having a dinner on Christmas Eve to discuss and make further plans and hopefully solidify what I believe will become a fellowship in which we all benefit. Sergio will be paid well for his translation services, and the salesmen will receive 50% commissions. Their Spanish and experience selling advertising will be the key. They deserve it.

    I know this is not all about pussy, but neither are your experiences in Mexico all about pussy either. It's all just one big adventure, isn't it, an adventure we all enjoy?

    Sergio tells me that many of you have asked about me when visiting Marilyn. It's a miracle we have not intersected, as much time as I spend there.

    Got clipped by another bad cop, this time for 100 dollars, and all because I made the mistake of drinking a beer and half while talking to Dougie at the Hotel Villa Manport. He found 18 beers in my trunk I had bought on sale at Hipermart. I gave him the money because I didn't want to go through the hell of getting my car impounded and being in jail for a night. I could have gone and got my landlord to get that little prick fired, but just didn't want to go through it all. When I gave him the money he got scared and asked if I had a problem with him, afraid I would report him, no doubt.

    The only thing I hate about Juarez are the pinches policias. They went too far this time with me, and they are going to be sucking air soon. The car will soon be plastered with "Juarez Tour Guide" emblems, and I won't be making the mistake of driving while drinking again, even one beer. One whiff of alcohol, and you are fucked, even if you are not drunk. If you won't pay and [CodeWord140] 'em off to boot, don't be surprised if you get booked with some pot you never saw before either. That shit's got to stop, or they can be reading a big feature article about police corruption in Ciudad Juarez on my web site, which gets over 50% of all traffic from people looking for information about the city on the internet. Fuck 'em. I've had it this time. That was the last fucking straw. Next time, I mean to have some roasted ass on a stick.

    Well, back to pussy, that last encounter with Ms. "asi....asi...." is making my dick hard just to remember it. The girls and the rest of my life there more than make up for the pinches policias. Gabriel told me it makes a girl really hot to say "como....como...como" every time the girl says "asi...asi...asi..." while you fuck the shit out of her, and it really works. She was a beautiful 21, and I'm a old man of 53 who just happens to remember how to fuck. Out into the daylight once again wondering if all of that really just happened, a feeling I'm sure you know of.

    Only in Latin America or some other destination, never in our own country do such miracles happen.

    Feliz navidad a todos!

  11. #676
    I've been away, living in Asia, for about eight months. This past week, having some free time on my hands, I decided to visit some of the MP's in Juarez. Now I've never liked fat girls, or even chubby ones, but in the past I've always been able to find someone that caught my attantion and made Mr. Happy, happy.

    Loryeds, one of my past favorites was a bust, but on the advice of the owner (or the same guy that's worked there for quite awhile), I picked a big one called Ana, mostly because of her purported oral skills.

    She was a spitter, one of those that has to stop and spit every few minutes, and give you that "are you ready yet?" look.

    Not very exciting, never reached the end of that road, so I checked out a few on the way back to the bridge. Nothing but gorda's, or old and tired looking ones.

    Living in Asia may have changed my idea of what good service is. I would like to find a mp that has some nice, youg, slim girls. I may be asking too much.

  12. #675

    I didn't see your reply to my "I WILL NOT" posting till just now. I guess the caps were a bit strong. That refer wasn't about this forum, more so that was an attempt to keep my little jewel a "secret" (HA!), and a reaction to your "which one of you scumbag mongers...." post of a few weeks ago, which I thought was very funny! (with full sympathies, of course).

    That being said, keep yer hands off my babe!

  13. #674

    Not just a doll, She is a dream!

    I guess I need to get back there pronto, before Mugroso does, to protect her from unholy ravages.

    BTW, if anyone is going to the Pink Lady soon in el centro, could you PM me? I REALLY NEED to get in touch with an amiga there, who's cell phone is not working.

    Thanks in advance, you perverts :-).

  14. #673
    My mission this week is to go to all the MPs in Juarez and fuck only women whose names start with M and C. Sorry I have a small family and a big Christmas bonus. I need something to do.

    Since I am here, let me ask all Marilu from Queens fans a question. How can such a big puta have such a tight pussy. I hear she has 5 kids.

  15. #672
    >Her name does indeed start with one of those letters.

    If the letter is an "M" then she is a real doll, ain't she?? DE is right about Sergio being able to keep a few fine ones around. I am guessing he likes the tall, thin type. There was one there a while back whose name started with an "N" that was also about as fine as they come. Someone must have married her, and the same thing is likely to happen to "M".

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