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    Safari lodge

    The best strip club IMHO ANYWHERE in the world is Safari lodge 300rb to get in and the girls give you a 1 song lap dance for only 100 RUBLES each all night!! I almost missed my train to SPG after my 20th lap dance including two brunettes that look a little like twins touching me and touching each other!! I gave them each 500rb and was an incredibly happy man for 20-30 minutes (I have no idea how long ) The "twins" offered me a private lesbian show for 1/2 hour ($100) and hinted that I would be VERY close to the action
    I spent only 90 minutes there and spent only about $60! I was seriously considering missing my train and going back to SPG the next day.

    There were about 30 girls there with the lowest being about a 7!

    I actually felt sorry that I made my train by 15 minutes because I could have had 2-3 more dances
    32 Pokrovka Ul
    Metro: Chistye Prudy (like Chesty Prudå get it) but it is a 10 minute walk east of the station better to take a cab

    Thank you to CA traveler!

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    Here's an even more basic ? for Russia after looking at the state dept web site about visa's and such how does a single person get there without going on a tour ? Just book a hotel? What is the deal about having papers from a sponsor? Keeping copies of passports and other legal docs. should be the norm for anybody traveling to foriegn ports of call. I will not be going on business just for catcall time and sight seeing and rather do it with friends or on my own. It just looks like a lot of hassle to get there.

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    How much is admission to night flight ?

    If I go early 7-8 pm to eat dinner then go in will there be many girls there ?


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    HEDONIST, are you there to dance salsa or are you gonna spend all of your free time banging the beejesus out of the gorgeous Russian girls, hehehe ... just wondering. ALWAYS keep the original US passport and Russian visa with you AT ALL TIMES. Register at the US embassy upon arrival -- they will burn a copy off of your US passport and Russian visa and keep it on file, in case you lose it. Also, make an additional copy of your passport and visa and leave it in your hotel room (creatively hide it somewhere). Get yourself one of those wallets that hang from your neck -- you can stash most of your cash and documents there (i.e. passport, visa, plastic hotel key, etc.) -- they are sold in every travel store in every mall in the US. If you go to take a shower with a girl, do NOT leave your money and documents unattended at any time -- I have never had anything stolen, but that doesn't prove anything. Have a good one.

    TRL, unfortinateely, I know next to nothing about IF specifically, but maybe somebody in the Ukrainian forum would know. The url for IF is <>; it's in English ... for the life of me I'm clueless why they even bothered to put it in English and wtf you are gonna do there -- sounds like a provincial little town, but hey -- may turn out to be charming -- let us know how it went, will ya? Have a good one.

    Chicago, hotel room safe from/for what? They probably have bugs there, so don't you go around buying state secrets, but otherwise, IF you are staying in a reputable hotel and leave no valuables there, you should be ok. If you leave a platinum Rolex on your bed, chances are it will be gone. Same goes for money, etc -- and don;t even think about hiding this stuff -- people who work hotels forgot more about all the hiding spaces than you will ever know: leave harmless stuff, such as copies of your documents, etc. there, but no jewels, large sums of cash, etc. They got hotel safes for that. Just common sence should get you through. Have a good one.

    Moscow Expat, is the prohibition against having visitors of any gender, particularly of the opposite one, after 9pm or something like that, still enforced? When I was staying at the Moskva Hotel, right next to Red Square, they wouldn't let my cousine in under any pretences, until I waved my diplomatic passport and promised to make a huge scandal -- the security guys are there to protect the monopoly of hotel prostitutes, who are run, as a joint venture, between the flatheads and the hotel administration. What's the bottom line on that?

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    Take photocopies of passport and visa, keep them with you. Put originals in room safe or hotel safe. Or if you have no room safe and the bed is a typical Russian thing; really heavy, goes right tothe floor then under the bed. Nobody ever moves those things and no girl in your room will be able to do it while you are there!

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    In room hotel safe ?

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    About Ivano-Frankivs,

    Where do you find the girls there? Are they like FL's or students?
    How much do you usually have to pay?

    I understand that it is in the Carpathians. Am I right? Is it a big city, or the countryside of Ukraine?

    Please give any info regarding the scene in IF. Thanks in advance.

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    Passport and papers


    My question might sound very stupid but I have to ask this...

    Where do you keep your passport and papers when you go clubbing or whoring? I know I have to keep them with me at all times. I cannot imagine myself dancing Salsa with all this crap filling my pockets...

    I hope somebody can provide some suggestions on this...

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    Jim, negatory -- there is no confusion between Ivanovo, which is about 4 hours worth of driving from Moscow and Ivano-Frankivsk, which is, as you correctly pointed out, in Ukraine. Well, don't despair, with current economic conditions in the Ukraine, you will be the king of Ivano-Frankivsk with your pocket change. If you are heading towards Ivano-Frankivs, let me assure you -- you will be drowning in beautiful, provincial Ukrainian girls. Provincial Ukraine is the absolute bst place in the whole Former Soviet Union for picking up girls -- they are unusually beautiful and very very cheap. Equally good are places like Ivanovo or Samara -- smaller Russian towns. So, you are good to go anyways.

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    Kalifornia, a question about Ivano you referred to below. Is the city you are talkkng about called Ivano Frankov or something similar. Believe its actually located in the Ukraine. I may have to go there in a month or so.

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    Thanks for the advice guys!

    I am sure I will have an awesome time.


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    Chicago, you are gonna be paying for sex -- you can dress at the minimum standards required by NF -- slacks, shirt, shoes (no jeans of any kind, no t-shirts, no tennis shoes). However, if you want to impress everyone, including yourself, I recommend you pour yourself into some Armani, Versace, Boss, Prada or Dolce and Gabanna -- Russians LOVE designers. Oh, try to get ahold of a nice wristwatch -- doesn't have to be a Patek Philippe Grand Complications Timepiece, but a nice Seiko, Citizen or Tag-Heuer is good enough. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, yet attracts (positive) attention. Once I went to the Camarillo outlet not too far from my modest abode in sunny Southern Cali and they had Versace belts on sale -- from their regular pric of $150 they were issuing them out at $65 plus tax -- I got 5 of them bad boys an d I should convey to you that more than once a girl walked up to me and literally grabbed the belt, wanting to see the buckle ... wait, maybe it was my package ... no, probably the belt ... haha.
    Well, at any rate, best of luck and let us know how it went, anyways. We are there for you ... in spirit.

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    There is no need for jacket at night flight.

    Kakhis and a polo shirt will do. I did not see anyone in Jeans though or No tennis shoes. You can also buy a nightflight polo shirt while you're at it, nice souvenir.

    Oh the memories, can't wait to get back.

    Drop by Metelitza also. It was ok, but not great. I found a girl that deep throated bareback though. Best deep throat I've ever had worldwide. It was expensive though.

    sevo sdarovava!

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    I am pumped - only 2 weeks to go!

    So many choices and only in town for 36 hours.....

    May have to make a return trip!

    Can I get away with black jeans and collared shirt at NF or do I have to dress up?


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    chicagoboy... Safari Lounge is a terrific spot IF you enjoy lap-dancing! The dancers are knockouts and very sexy. But, IMHO, the working girls are nice, but not up to the standards of the dancers(or NF girls). I don't know if the dancers will go home with you, but if they do, I imagine they would be VERY expensive.

    There is a dacha in the back with 3 or 4 rooms with saunas, bed and bath, that costs, $30 or so(I can't remember the exact charge). Then, the working girls charge another $50 or so for about an hour.

    Plus the food's not bad upstairs in the restaurant. However, if you have dinner you don't get a discount on the admission to the club like at NF, which gives you free admission if you have dinner.(The free admission at NF will pay a healthy chunk of your dinner, if you are planning on going to NF anyway!)

    Since you didn't add cost to the equation, I'd say bottom line... Go to Safari Lounge for the lap dancers with a possible option for quick relief out back... Go to NF for knockdown beautiful girls.

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