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    I am going to be staying in Moscow near Red Square and I was wondering about the Moskva Hotel. Can you bring women that you have found on the street to your room? Do they have women in the bars for pickup like at the Cosmos? Does the Moskva charge you extra for bringing women up? Or are there better hotels for this in the same vicinty without paying to high prices?

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    It's you!

    Horse faced women - Finland - Ha!

    No chance. I may prefer Estonia or Russia, best of all Moldova, but its for the attitude of the women, not their looks!

    Only problem in Helsinki is picking up a girl taking her home, shagging her and in the morning she wonders who you are!

    If you want to see good looking women, go to clubs like Barfly, System or Tiger. Dress well and confident, you will be very surprised.

    I suggested Helsinki as a stopover because most of the best priced flights, Finnair and Aeroflot stopover in HKI before going on to Spb or Moscow and you can easily ferry to Tallinn in just over an hour.

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    Chicago, yeah, right ... you will think about us in a shower with a couple of Russian beauties only to delay orgasm, hahaha.

    Rasta, Russians, in general, are rather rasist, unfortunately. But not in the same way the KKK was -- they don't wanna lynch black people, they just think of them as dirty, stupid and very "unprestigious". Interestingly, there are very few American blacks out there, mostly African blacks. However, some of the "advanced" Russian girls find hanging out with a black person to be "cool", many Russian (and not only Russian) girls also find black men to be irresistably applealing and mysterious. They also feel like "bad" girls by, for instance, sucking black penis, etc. So, if you manage to avoid the morons (the skinheads and just general white trash), you should do spectacularly well, particularly in night clubs of larger cities (i.e. St. Pete and Moscow). Of course, you would just clean house in any Scandinavian country, where the girls are just nuts about good-looking black dudes. A buddy of mine was stationed in Keflavik NAS, Iceland -- he is a very good-looking, in super shape black Marine, so he was, understandably, up to his ears in pussy ... sometimes literally up to his ears, hehehe. So, just put the idiots on ignore and collect the points that are due to your looks and, hopefully, vivacious personality.

    jimbehr2000, FYI there is a nice, direct flight from LAX to Moscow (about $650RT). I'm from LA, so I like it -- eat like a pig (Aeroflot feeds rally well), get a little drunk with other dawgs on board, go to sleep, wake up in Mother Russia. I know you have to go to London, but just in case, you know.

    dusty_bin, I have been to Tallinn many times -- I used to go out with an Estonian girl, but I find Talliin, as wonderful as it is, to be a relatively "poor" buy as far as the girls go. The best way is to chill in Kiev or St. Pete or Moscow (in that order); Tallinn is a tad more expencive. What you are gonna do in Helsinki is beyound me -- if I wanna see horse-like drunk chicks, I will just roll over to my local Wal-Mart. It is cool to fly to Moscow direct and then catch a midnight train to St. Pete or just fly to St. Pete direct ( I have been to Helsinki twice -- due to my well-tanned skin and Semitic features I was scoring right, left and center, but the girls were, mostly, substandard and they were nothing to write home to momma about in bed either. Was it just me or what's up?

    steve_1000, good luck to you -- you WILL need it, as an opportunistic Russian working girl will drop you on your butt as soon as she gets her US citizenship (less than 4 years from the date of nuptuals), but you should have ZERO problems finding a girl like that -- it is the dream of EVERY working girl and that of many just plain ole Russian woman, to go to the Land of Big PX ... so, it is very much the buyers' market -- be careful, remember who you are dealing with (desperate prostitutes), I wish you the best. I will bet you anything no less than 50% of girls you will proposition will agree to marry you and go to the States; just please be choosy.

    Trader: I know, I'm not supposed to shoot the messenger, but: damn, damn, damn ... $hit, Safari being closed is the absolute worst news I have heard in a while. Thanx for the update, brother ... but damn!

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    Safari update -------

    I've just returned from a week in Moscow and was sad to find that Safari was shut down by the police. It has been a favorite of mine and I never missed it when I was there.

    Some of the Safari girls have gone to Sprut. Lap dances just like Safari and a very friendly atmosphere. Not as busy as Safari used to be, but it is probably just because it is pretty new. If anyone knows where the twins (across69 post) have gone, let us know.

    No sauna type deals there -- just great dancers.

    I'm sorry I don't have an address for Sprut handy, but I'm sure some of the other posters can help with that.

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    To Fotoguy1

    My email address is Please do email me any infomation you have on the subject. Thanks, --Steve

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    If you will give me your e-mail address I will give you some information that you seem to be interested in.


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    To those who know Russia or Eastern Europe:

    I am 55, divorced, living in Montana with good job and home. I plan to come to Eastern Europe and Russia soon. I would like to find a pretty, nice, Russian or Eastern European wife who is 13 to 25 years younger than me. I wonder how I could find a Russian or Eastern European call girl or former call girl for potential marriage?

    I have especially liked many of the working girls that I have known over the years and think many of them would be good wives; their pasts do not bother me--to the contrary--I would look upon that as an asset. Any recommendations on how to go about finding a Russian or Eastern European call girl for marriage or any other comments would me appreciated. --Steve

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    BTW if you are flying to Tallinn or Saint Pete then often the best value flights occur with a stop over in Helsinki.

    Get the best of all worlds!

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    You should have no problems in Saint Petersburg. Pretty safe if you are not drunk or stupid...
    Same as anywhere else.

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    Guys the information here is incredible, thank you. I'm going to London in mid July and now have a 5 night mini-vacation to take from there. Any suggestions on where to go? Was looking at Norway or Helsinki but I see Moscow seems just as cheap and easy to get to as the others (nice flight connections after my LAX-Heathrow flight). Helsinki seems cool because I could also do an overnite or two in Tallin. Is St. P easy to get to from Helsinki and is St. P safe to walk around day and nite? If so thats probably where I'll go. Tallin and St. P seem more interesting to me than Helsinki. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Btw I will be going to Ivano Frankivsk in August and I'll let you know what I find. Its supposed to be a large city with beautiful women. don't know much about "the scene" but I'll share what I find there.

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    rastaman - depending on "things"... there weren't very many "persons of colour" in Moscow when I was there last (end of April).. the one's I met were from Congo and spoke French and Russian. There is a substantial Chinese population but aside from that few other "non-caucasian". There HAVE been reports of Russian skinheads (but there have been reports of those type of incidents in Germany or USA as well) Obviously you would stand out in a crowd the same as I would stand out in Africa (not a criticism, just a commentary). Sorry if this is less than helpful. Any other opinions out there... Expat???

    Scott- after reading my own post I got a bit confused... (and I wrote it) You need to get your invitation letter to get the visa. You need to get the dates on the letter to atleast match what you expect to be there (and I recommend that if you are planning less than the 30 day allowance, you ask for the 30 days) This means that you need to pay for at least 1 night in a hotel (doesn't matter which one) with a request to have a longer stay (my reason was that I wanted to go out on the golden ring and thus wouldn't be staying where their hotels were) anyway "" is the e-mail for the one I used and "" is their website. Easy navigation - point and shoot - all price ranges, but the lower range isn't THAT much different from the higher, and there are differences in the "star" levels - I tend to 3*** (as THEY advertise it) because of the price and location.

    Anyway - YOU CAN'T EXTEND THE VISA IN RUSSIA (or so I was lead to believe at the consulate) so once you reserve the room, (assuming you use hotels-moscow) send an e-mail to the administrator and ask for a longer time frame (your choice of excuse - "additional cities" travel is a good one). Remember, you will be getting there a day after you left - IF you leave Sunday 6PM, you will be getting there MONDAY 6PM (example only - it's that 8 to 11 hour time zone difference from the US) The hotle will register your visa for you as part of the registration process, so unless you just WANT to take a trip the embassy... (DO keep copies of everything somewhere, though, just in case.) Like I said before, the "tourism visa" limit is 30 days. Also, forgot, MONDAY is the day the clubs don't have dancers (no 7 day operation there)
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    Off to Europe including stopoff in Moscow.

    Thanks for the advice. I will think of you guys when I am surrounded by Russian Babes !

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    Thanks so much for the information guys. I do owe you a couple of drinks. Thanks again.

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    Scott - while kalifornicator is correct, if you go out and look under "moscow hotels" on something like google, you will find several places that cater to getting you a hotel and offer "free visa support with prepaid room" (meaning - put up the money up front and they give you a letter to submit with your visa request. The caveat is that YOU CAN'T EXTEND THE VISA BEYOND WHAT YOU ASKED FOR (of course, you could do what I did - pay for 1 night - I got Izmaylova Gamma-Delta in April for $28 US/night and extended for another day when I found it difficult to find somewhere else on short notice. I wrote back the the booking administrator and asked about a different time frame - like extend it out to 4 weeks - and they were willing - so with that I got the consulate to extend the visa to a month (30 day max on "tourism" visas - it HAD been for 1 DAY - not even enough time to get there and go since the flight would leave the next day). IF you are anywhere near a russian Consulate, MAIL them the paperwork and they will MAIL it back to you (IIRC 10 working day service $70, 5 for $80, 3 for $100, same day (need to be there to pick-up and deliver) $200 - ( I would check these rates to make sure, though). Get the AIRLINE reservation (don't pay for it yet) FIRST; the ROOM reservation (meaning the Letter of Invitation) NEXT and apply for the visa and pay for the airline ticket. if you are able to "gavareet pa Rooski" (transliteration - speak Russian) even a little, it will help immensely. IF you take the "visa support option" and you decide NOT to go after fronting the money and getting the letter, you will be out $30 or $35. BTW - the reservation support folks told me there were NO "single rooms" available in the time fram I wanted. Funny thing, after I got there, there just oodles of them available.

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    CHICAGO, here is the url: <>. I don't know how much the admission is, as I went there only once with my Russian hosts and their company paid for everything. Moscow Expat is sure to know -- ask him.
    If I were you, I would hit Safari Lonunge by about 9pm, stay there for a couple of hours, get a real huge hard-on and some serious blue balls and then head over to Night Flight to get all freaky -- as across69 said -- Safari is a must. But as long as you are in Moscow, the number of girls is not gonna be an issue. Have dinner, get a cab, roll around Moscow for a while -- it will be very bright there, as it is close to the North Pole -- even at 11pm is will be pretty bright, so you can enjoy a little bit of Moscow and still show up around 9pm at Safari like a cool person that you are. Night Flight is a zoo after 10pm, better yet -- after 11pm. As always, best of luck.
    SCOTT -- doing all the paperwork is not really that much pain in the ass, but the Russkies do have a weird system -- you MUST either book a hotel prior to your arrival and then appply for a visa or get an invitation from some friends or relatives, but that will take over 30 days for them to process the papers. So, best bet -- get a hotel, apply and get Russian visa, buy tickets and be a happy man; for more info, check out <>. You can also rent an apartment, but that's better done for longer stays. If you are gonna be in Russia for longer than a few days, it is definitely worth it to get an apartment, particularly if you are heading over there with friends -- the people who hook you up with a pad caan do your visa for you as well; one such example, in St. Petersburg, is <>. Have a good one.

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