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    monster, nice post and good info. I'll try Circus on this next trip in November... I must say that you really are a harsh judge of Russian flesh! Or, maybe you are just correct and I'm a horny old fart!!! I would say also that at NF, the dance floor is not the focal point of the place.

    beansed, I think you are correct when you say that most young girls speak English, but in reality, it think it is more correct to say that they understand some English and they may or may not try to speak it. I think that many people are just embrassed to attempt to speak the language because of poor pronunciation and/or lack of practice.

    I've been very lucky earlier this month at Chesterfield's(boarhouse) picking up non-pro girls. However, I did notice that the working girls are beginning to fill the dance floor on some nights, but I'm not sure I agree that two dances with them seals the deal! Everyone seems to just be having a good time and it's a great opportunity to hook up with a non-pro.

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    Originally posted by mohctep

    Hope it helps.
    Thanks for the info, I will be back in Moscow over TG in November.

    I am thinking airfares may take a dip as tourists will be in fear of Russia to an extent.

    Not much has changed regarding what has been said. I will be in TJ the next three weekends though, so i will see if I am tempted.

    I must agree with almost everything noted, except I have found almost all Young Russian women speak some English and more speak near fluent English these days.., it is the Language of capitolism. Even if they speak next to nothing, some sign language is all you need and you will know if she is a working girl.

    The Economist notes it an unspoken rule that two dances or more with a working girls will denote a business deal. (you will pay her to go with you)

    Mostly the ones who say they do not, don't like you. So many Russian Business websites are in only English and Russian for a reason.

    Most Russian Hotels are like a really bad Best Western Hotel. Expect little and you will be dissaappointed less, but if you want western standards, you will pay western prices.

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    I can only suggest ask your friends(if you have some in Russia)where in Moscow your can still get Beautifull girls. I mean 9-10s that were use to available. Yes my friend Moscow now is very different from 1998 inflation crash.
    Last time I was there working girls where not the same quality that city was known for. Mostly 5-6s ocasional 7 in looks.
    If you dont speak russian it would be tough to score with regular chicks(non-pros). Turisty and pricy places are Night Flight and Metelitsa. First dimly light bar with tiny dance floor second is a huge casino with restaurant on a second floor. Both very pricey and have a good selection 50-70,average looking girls some cute some Okey occasional ageing model but overall 5-7 in looks.
    Now,that said, I understand that I am pretty harsh judge of women looks. I have been around the block a couple of times. For very pussy hungry US guy it is still a paradise.
    Turist places like the two I have mentioned would charge you admission around $20-40 but offer drinks for that amount. Girls usually ask for $300 and since money is flowing in Moscow they are getting it. I talk one down to 250 saying that i already have this price locked with another girl but like her better. Worked just fine.
    Girls from agencies will ask anywhere from 50 to 150 depending on a level of an agency. The ones that ask more money usually have a prettyer girls. Times of 50 dollar fucks with 9s are long gone.
    Plenty of girls in hotel bars you will see them they all stay togeather.
    For quality of service it is very high usually. BBBJ are given. Russian women like to shag and know how to do it. I would rate them on the same level with Latin women. They swallow and do anal but second should be discussed before and requires extra payment.
    Any night club would have great number of willing women semi-pros or amatures. Go to Circus (old Circus building in Moscow) for best faces around. The owners pay girls with free drinks to come and party at that place.
    One bit of advice while you there dont smile to man when you entering rooms buildings elevators etc. And smile to women only when you hitting on them. Russians dont smile to each other unless one says something funny.
    Hope it helps.

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    I am scheduled to arrive in Moscow this Sunday, my business associates are telling me that things in Moscow are not that difficult.

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    I am also scheduled a trip to Moscow maybe with a side trip to Voronezh. But, I am worry about the current unrest in Moscow. My interpretor is telling me not to worry about the situation and to follow through with my trip. I suspect that this is because I am paying her per hour to guide/interpret for me. I would like a second opinion from someone in Moscow or Voronezh. I may change my trip to visit the FKK clubs in Germany instead.

    Is there is expat currently in Moscow who can gives some input to the current situation toward expat and the local girls in general?

    CA Traveler and others who are heading to Moscow in November: If everything goes well and both of us decided to visit Moscow, maybe we can hook up for a day or so.

    My trip are from the 13th November through the 18th. I will probably be in an apartment in Moscow and/or a hotel in Voronezh.

    Email me at if you will be in Moscow during the same time.

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    Can someone in Moscow tell me how the current terrorist activity is affecting the city and the availability of girls?

    I am scheduled to arrive in Moscow two weeks from today. A friend there has suggested that I delay my trip. She says the town is very tense and almost "locked down". Of course, as a non-pro she is not looking at the same things that I (we) would look at.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Street girls are a sad proposition in Moscow, they are few, and their male friends are sitting right next to them in their car.

    Originally posted by RogerMellie
    This time of year, where is the best place and time to find the street line ups?

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    Originally posted by mont
    anyway it was 50 for the hour, when i enquired for 2 hours was told it would be 100. so perhaps, this was one of the more expensive ones?
    $50 an hour is midlevel for Moscow these days. I called Welcom, and they told me at the time that they were a sauna, but had no girls at the moment.

    also at hotel russia, there was mention that you could find ladies in the bars on each floor, or people ring you asking if you require company. what are these chicks like and what cost are they for the evening? [/i]
    Its irrelevant, because the hotel is so awful that you can't stay there.

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    well after a funny conversation in half english / half russian, i finally managed to find the address of salon welcum, from where I got the phone number below. got there and waited by the phone box of the prescribed address, while I rang them again 5 minutes later, I man came over from the other side of the road and took me up into the salon. it was quite amazing, I sat down on the bed and then 10 hot chicks were brought in and I was asked to take my choice. choose a nice young fit lassie was a fantastic body. anyway it was 50 for the hour, when i enquired for 2 hours was told it would be 100. so perhaps, this was one of the more expensive ones?

    also at hotel russia, there was mention that you could find ladies in the bars on each floor, or people ring you asking if you require company. what are these chicks like and what cost are they for the evening?

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    I'm going to moscow for business on the start of november.
    Anyone can suggest me some god massage place where i can get good massage and also good BJ and what are the current rates.
    Thank you

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    Originally posted by RogerMellie
    This time of year, where is the best place and time to find the street line ups?
    This is a good question., in the evening on the highway from the airport you will see them. (all over the place) Just look for headlights with people in front.

    I would revert to others who live there for more useful information, but most drivers you flag down that speak English and drive for a living will take you to them.

    With very limited insight on line-ups, I have had better luck just meeting women in shops, malls and restuarants. But clubs are pretty sure much your better bet for quality and return on investment. (also avoiding a spot passport check and bribe scam)

    Problem with winter line-up is the same as other outside mongering. They are wearing heavy cloths and you cannot see their body. Also harder to see track marks and bruises. (like everywhere else in the world) But I have seen little of this in Russia.

    So what you are left with is a cute face, so from there all you need to decide is if you envison that face going up and down for a BBBJ.

    IMHO, I would stay with the clubs, and if I washed out there, probably stay at the Belgrade and order a $50 girl from Security (yes, they are the hookup)

    Although Rossiya sucks for bringing in un-registered guests, you will get calls on the phone offering sex in your hotel room from inside. you will also find some of the bars on some floors with girls to score too.

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    Originally posted by SunriseZone

    I was really asking how the time of year that I was interested in going (early winter) would affect availability and price. Does street action disappear? Do clubs have fewer or more girls?
    Anyone else is invited to add. Winters are brutal in Moscow. (high of 8 F, windy, wet snow) You will freeze your butt off.

    Spring or Autum are better., with girls dressing very hot all the time (most or all young women) Summer gets above 105 F on some days, so if you go then you must ensure you have AC. (most hotels do not)

    In winter you will find girls in the clubs and line-ups.., etc They wil mostly be wearing long skirts, heavy sweaters..., very different than when it is warmer. But the amount of time you will want to spend walking in the slush.., arggg

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    Originally posted by TRL

    Where are you from, and for how long did you live in Russia?

    The theory of relativity... cause and effect...
    Also in the States.

    I by no means have as much experience as someone who lives in Russia, but I have had some unique events. I am only on VISA #3, which is a 1 year expiring the end of December.

    #1 on a board, always many who know more, has more.

    #2., even where i live.., I have no real knowledge of the hobby. So it depends on what someone does with their time.

    I see your point about the last statement, but it reflects the political and Quality of Life issues as anywhere.
    Men fly in for a short run at Target practice and leave.

    If I lived there, it would be different, as I have learned a lot from others there., but mostly the women. at this point. I had to learn the hard way, even though others told me what I have repeated here .

    So it depends on your view. I like Russian women because they tend to appreciate basics, but in other ways it aint easy anyway

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    Where are you from, and for how long did you live in Russia?

    What I like about Russian women is that they are very independent and know how to look after themselves. It's a pity though that no one is really willing to take responsibility for them after bedding them. I guess that this is just the sad reality of everyone's life. The theory of relativity... cause and effect...

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    Sunrise, regarding the weather in Russia in early winter... While there is nothing better than to be in Spb in the summer to watch the girls walk around in their almost see through dresses, other than the coats and boots everything else will be the same. In fact, in the summer, many of the girls head out to the resorts in So. Russia so there may actually be more girls around. For instance, last Feb in Spb Marstalls was packed every single night. Then in July, it was totally dead. In Moscow, I saw little difference between Feb/Mar and July. I just returned from 9 days in Moscow and the weather was like December, the only time activity was down was when it was pouring rain, but if it snowed there didn't seem to be any let down.

    I suspect that just before the holidays may actually increase the activity because the girls will want to earn extra cash before Grandfather Frost comes around!

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