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Thread: 2002 Moscow Reports

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    Not sure if you guys talking about the black sea Ukraine region are Americans or not. If so:

    Effective July 1, 2002 the Ukrainian Government introduced visa free travel for stays of up to eight days for American citizens arriving at the international airports of Simferopol and Odessa and at the international port of Odessa. Travel must originate abroad and end at these ports of entry without any other initial stop in Ukraine. Travelers must also depart Ukraine from the same port used at the time of arrival.

    Straight from the US State Departments website. Check it out for yourself!


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    Hedonist, you should go to Sochi -- any hotel will be full of action, all of the beaches are topless and many are nude -- so it is easy to meet women there -- what you see is what you get. Lost of students, bored housewives, etc. go there to get laid -- it's a well-known fact of life. Best time to go is from mid-May to late September. Ukrainian part of the Black Sea is even better -- cheaper and the girls are prettier, but you gotta get the visa, etc -- not worth the hassle.
    TRL, if you go to Samara, go to clubs Titanic and Iceberg ... fortunately they are miles apart from each other. You will NOT need salons, if you promise the girls to take them to a nice hotel and buy them dinner (heavy on alcohol). So, I never got ahold of any salons there -- next time I will bring a baseball bat, as I had to defend myself from hordes or tall, sexy Russian girls ... ah, Samara.

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    Visited the NightCat salon again last night, and had the pleasure of the company of a young girl called "Iliona". Cost was 1200 rubles ($37).

    Here's a nice photo of this girl:

    Anyway, it was money well spent.

    Things are fairly normal in Moscow these days, do not listen to the rumor mongers.

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    Metro station action? Surely, you are kidding.

    BTW, I am back in Moscow (again) and will report shortly on some new attractions.

    Originally posted by beansed

    Please name any Metro stations where day time activities are flourishing.

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    a few things-

    Anyone done a massage at the Marriott ?

    Please name any Metro stations where day time activities are flourishing.

    I will be in Mscow over Thanksgiving., so those interested in yapping, email me at <handle>

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    Oh la la and Safari Lounge. Great chicks, great strips, great BJ's.
    Hotel lobby action was pretty ugly. After all this action, went to Garage (a club) and was very easy to pick up sexy russian chicks for no money what's o ever. Great country. Desperate to go back.

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    Green Card Program


    GreenCard stay to be Permanent is still 3 Years.., not two.

    I am no expert on all this, and have done some very low level Official action in the arena..

    but all you need to do is visist for advice.

    Also for travellers, will give you all the 911 scares and innoculation advice you will ever need.

    Make sure you get a Flu shot before you head out, and definately Malaria if you visit Russia in the warm weather Otherwise, make sure you get Tetanus.., cause there is Rusty metal in the sidewalks and curbs to easily get sick from. Probably a greater risk than some VD.

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    Moscow Hotels

    I am trying out the Arbat Hotel next week.

    Will Let you know, but it is like $100 double per night.

    This is more than i have paid in the past and also more than a Flat. But I prefer a hotel.

    Originally posted by Explorer8939
    Let me ask this question about Moscow hotels once again:

    Assuming that one registers for double occupancy prior to staying at the hotel, what are the best *reasonably* priced hotels in Moscow for bringing outside girls back to your room without having to duel with hotel security?

    I know that the $800 a night rooms in Hotel National are OK, as are most American style hotels, but what other hotels are OK, too?

    BTW, Iris Congress is OK with bringing girls back. If you register for double occupancy, they can have a free breakfast in the AM, too.

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    Please tell more about the fuck-for-all in the Black Sea. Like when's the festival or when is the best time to go....access and how the girls are like.

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    Kalifornia and the rest of the gang:

    I'm into clubbing scene. That's where I pick up women mostly. This is much more fun, of course if you have the time. How is the clubbing scene in provincial cities like Samara, Voronezh etc? As a lonely foreigner what is the risk of running into trouble in clubs in these smaller cities. What should I expect? Moscow was no problem. StP either. For your info, I speak very little Russian, I managed to get the address of NightCat in Moscow over the phone If you can write numbers of salons in Samara that could be helpful too. Spasibo bolshoe!

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    Thanks for the response Kalifornia, I was in Brisbane and the pay for sex scene isn't happening there now. I did f*ck one of the girls that night for free. There was a lot of chemistry between us and she was horny so I got luck. Strippers/lapdancers tend to work you for money and it is rare that guys get lucky with them, it only happens on a blue moon. But I think it might be different in Eastern Europe. I like to go to the places where locals go. $20/2 hrs with a young, a beautiful hottie fresh from the provinces is a local deal and I'm sure they are all over the place if you know where to look. The girls don't speak much English but you but you can spend all day having fun for the price of on hour. When I was in St Petersburg I found a place that charged $25 for two girls for an hour and the girls were as hot as you'd want them. I am going to Russia or the Ukraine for 8 months just to party and site see and I am trying in advance to find good but inexpensive strip clubs. I will probably find some guy at a bar and have them show me around...

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    This is not strictly a question about Moscow, but are there any sanatoriums near Moscow that are affordable and fun?

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    Bigth, unfortunately, I know very little about the strip clubs -- other member have posted reviews of places, such as Safari Lounge, etc., but I recently been only to Spearmint Rhino and it was all handled by my generous hosts. So, I have no clue -- in Russia, I concentrate, mostly, on the actual sex -- there is no time in my life to be teased, but I'm sure that going to an amazing strip club is very rewarding. Conversely, if you are gonna blow $25/30 mins, why not up the ante to $50 and get to have real sex with a cute 18yo?

    jak, I seriosuly doubt that after only 1 month of tutoring, your Russian, somehow, will be in the intermediate range. Also, there is no need to go some place special and have fun -- you can get more sex in Moscow and St. Pete than you can handle, anyways. Much less go all the way to Novisbirsk -- the ratio of 7 girls to 1 guy is evident in many night clubs in Russia. All you need is a good native guide to steer you to the right places -- invest in building a relationship with a Russian guy (or a girl). Still, you MAY want to go to the Black Sea, as a lot of women go there to have sex with strangers ... damn, although Samara, Volgograd and a bunch of other cities are also attractive. Best bet -- stay in Moscow and St. Pete, get to know these cities and its beautiful inhabitants.

    Hedonist, if you are unfamiliar with Russia and don't speak Russian, going to Samara by yourself is a good idea. It is not that's in dangerous, but you can be taken advantage of, as lonely foreigners are seldom seen in Samara. The reason why I love it is because it has a favorable men/women ratio and the girls are particularly goodlooking ... must be the polluted water or the smogged air ... not sure why. If you are going there for a business, your hotel personnel will steer you in the right direction, maybe your Russian partners will get you the contacts. Bottom line -- it's very easy to get laid there and you can do things there for $50 that would cost you $200 in Moscow (all night, 2 bisexual girls). I got my sex in Samara for free just by being nice and speaking fluent Russian ... oh, and due to my ravishingly good looks, of course. if you are in a real jam, let me know and I will kick down some safe Samara digits for you.

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    Sorry to interrupt, but you will find the information you are looking for in the "Other Areas" section here.

    Originally posted by Hedonist

    You mentioned Samara in one of your postings. I might end up going to Samara for business reasons. There is whole lot of information on Moscow and Peter but nothing about the provincial Russian cities. Can you please do us/me a favor and share your experiences in Samara and in the other provincial cities? Recommendations of salons, pick-up clubs would be helpful. How dangerous is nightlife in provincial Russia compared to Moscow in your opinion. After reading the posting on Voronezh by student I got scared little bit. Should we stay away from nigtlife all together in these cities? Enlighten us please!

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    Iris-Congress Hotel is girl friendly, and costs only $89 a night over the Internet. If you register for double, you can feed the girl free breakfast in the AM.

    Down side: its waaaaaaay far away from the metro.


    Originally posted by Kalifornia
    Explorer -- you can get a double, triple or even quadruple occupancy if you want to, but you are gonna have to register all the persons who are staying there (and that includes names and passport info). So, your choices are: go to some $200/night western-style hotel or use the hotel's prostitutes.

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