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    I am of asian (chinese) descent and did not have any problems in Moscow.

    Of course we are talking "paid" company so who really knows.

    She sure seemed to like me.

    Good Luck

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    I have been to Moscow to Hotel Rossija in front of Kremlin. Girls are available on small bars on each floor, but I could not see any pretty Russian girl, prices are 100 USD for 1 hour, later the night (or better morning) I was offered 50 USD. Forget it, I did not try. I followed the hint found in the archives here and bought the newspaper "MK- Moskovskij Komsomolez", under "Doslug" are mentioned a lot of small apartment-brothels which are located in residential houses. I called to one which mentioned "near Centre", I took a taxi and went there. Guys ! That 's it ! Unbelievable ! Very beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls, exciting ! Price for 1 hour excellent service 1200 Rubels (around 40 USD), perfect sex. I went another 2 evenings there trying out to take 2 girls for 1 hour with lesbian show, great, they did everything together , lesbian fucking, never seen this in real before, I enjoyed a lot ! After this we fucked threesome, perfect !!!! That is why I had to go another time, too many fantasies to try. Price was a little expansive (USD 180 USD 1 hour, 2 girls with lesbian fuck), but each dollar was worth to spend it. Of course, they do not speak English , so this might be a disadvantage but maybe you can arrange someone to call for you in order to find out location. Once you 'll be there, you will have a lot of fun.

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    Hi everyone. I know the "race" issue has just been recently discussed, but I'd like to bring it up again for my own purposes.
    To the experts out there: What is the attitude of Russian women towards Chinese people?
    I know there is a significant Chinese population in Russia, but is it a "them and us" attitude? Is there any prejedice in this regard?
    I know here in Australia where I live and grew up, Aussie women are not openly racist, but only the highly educated university graduates tend to be willing to get involved with non-Aussie looking men. Perhaps it is the same in Russia.
    Anyway, I'd be interested to see what the experts out there have to say.

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    nightrep001s is basically someone's apartment turned into a brothel. its about 2 blocks away from a major metro stop, on the street of the same name 'krasnapressniya' or some such name.

    costs for an hour are $31 (1000 rubles). when you walk into the apartment, they have you sit down in the living room, where a handful of girls are sitting around, waiting for you to pick. once you select one, the other girls split, and your girl takes you into an exceedingly bare bedroom - one bed, one light, one chair. you strip, she takes you into the bathroom to hose you down, and then back to the bedroom, where you get a massage and then the fun begins.

    i found that the girl was a little too anxious for me to finish, sometimes 'eager to please' turns into 'hurry up and finish', although i ran things differently, and got my hour's worth.

    you can't go wrong for the money.

    but, they don't speak a word of english!

    sorry, you need to learn some russian to deal with this place.

    originally posted by hedonist

    will i able to schedule a session at the salon "night cat" without speaking any russian? is it safe for a tourist in your opinion? which of the girls do you recommend? how was your experience. did you choose your girl before or after you got there?

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    Sorry to burst your bubble dreams....

    My hot Gwyneth Paltrow look alike's awesome performance was bought and paid for. Well worth it but I am not a big enough stud to seduce a knockout in 48 hours !

    Good luck


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    Will I able to schedule a session at the salon "Night cat" without speaking any Russian? Is it safe for a tourist in your opinion? Which of the girls do you recommend? How was your experience. Did you choose your girl before or after you got there?

    Sorry for the flood of questions. If you could spare some time to post more information about this salon, it would be great. Thanks a lot!

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    This is place I went to in April that cost me $31 an hour.

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    Chicagoboy 23:

    Where did you hook up with that concubine of yours? That's exactly the kind of experience that I'm looking for. Any suggestions/recommendations will be appreciated...

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    Just got back from Moscow.

    Had an awesome time. Hooked up with one hot blonde the whole weekend.

    She was insatiable and a very good tour guide - right up to to dropping me off at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

    Highly recommend Moscow weekend for anybody who wants to have a great time.

    Thanks again guys for all the advice!

    Note: there were also lots of knockout working girls at the Cherry Casino bar!

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    Sauce, in all probability, no matter where you stay in Moscow, you will NOT be allowed to bring a girl from outside of the hotel into your hotel room after 10 (?) pm; i.e. streetwalkers, out-calls, etc. This is because most hotels have their own hookers and they prefer to maintain a monoploly on the hotel's grounds. However, you WILL have a significant selection of prostitutes who work for the hotel. Hotel Moskva and others, particularly in the center, the Red Square, etc. DO have multiple WGs. You may also look into the ads at Moscow Times and eXile -- two of the English language periodicals, when you get there, in case you are interested in in-calls -- most of the ads are in English and, accordingly, the girls speak English.

    Brett, your naivite is refreshing, if misplaced. Worst-case scenario: your Russian "rent-a-wife" will get smart in a god-aweful hurry, sue you, take your house, get pregnant and take custody of your children, etc. -- a very expencive proposition. I recommend frequent trips to E. Europe -- less hastle and, ultimately, cheaper.

    Armorer, read previous posts (including the archives), particularly those by MoscowExpat and it will all be en clear.

    GUYS, we have the most posts of all European countries -- as a Russian, I'm proud. Spasibo, muzhiki! (Thanks, guys).
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    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on moscow and where to go and have a nice time if you do not speak the language. I did manage a nice trip to kiev already, but found this sight afterwerds. So looking for advice. Thanks

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    hey Kalifornia,,,in your post you say 50% of these women would agree to marry a guy, but drop him in just under 4 years when she gets her citezenship.
    I never thought much about wanting to marry a Russian woman, but I might consider it if I knew for sure she would leave me after a few good years of sex.

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    The classic place was the Intourist hotel, but its closed now, thank god.

    For a beginner, I might choose the Cosmos, even though its farther from Red Square. The metro is right across the street from the Cosmos, so you are practically at Red Square, anyway, plus you can't beat the $100 room service at the Cosmos for convenience.

    Originally posted by sauce
    Are there any other hotels in the ***star price range around the Kremlin area that allows you to take women up to your rooms?
    And do any in this area have bars that have a lot of women to pick up? I've read about the Cosmos but that is further away.

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    Are there any other hotels in the ***star price range around the Kremlin area that allows you to take women up to your rooms?
    And do any in this area have bars that have a lot of women to pick up? I've read about the Cosmos but that is further away.

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    Someone wrote about this earlier, stating that you couldn't get anyone from outside the hotel up to your room, and that there were no ladies in the bar. Also, the Moskva seemed closed last time I was in Red Square, it is scheduled for demolition.

    Originally posted by sauce
    I am going to be staying in Moscow near Red Square and I was wondering about the Moskva Hotel. Can you bring women that you have found on the street to your room? Do they have women in the bars for pickup like at the Cosmos?

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