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    PLEASE DON'T go paying $300 for 1-1.5 hours for Night Flight girls when you visit Moscow! The Cartel will only lift the price for those of us that live here! At Night Flight, depending on the time of evening when the transaction occurs and the quality of girl, prices will vary from $200 (and around 3-4am some girls will drop to $150) to $300 FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

    (CA traveler, you must be confusing NF girls with VIP escorts which do charge $300+/hr in Moscow.)

    My old broken record: there's little reason to pay more than __$125__ per night for a girl in Moscow unless you are clearly getting something different than the norm (which for Moscow is high as it is).

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    lolitalover>> there are nice girls around 18, so dont go hunting children! make some money sickhead and try a real russian beauty instead of going after the cheap [CodeWord900].

    everyone>> does someone know where the best street scene is in the baltic countries/russia/finland?


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    boofer, I've only been to the Safari Lounge once. The dancers were beautiful, although I'm not a real lapdance junkie. Of course, it's pretty hard to go wrong with a 100 RUB lapdance! The WG in the place were cute, but not nearly up to the standards of the dancers and they were actually a little too professional for my tastes. The food was good, but you don't get a break on the lounge entrance fee like at NF.

    So, overall I think that SF lounge is a definite 'destination' spot if you are really into lap dancing, but 'not worth a detour' if you're only looking for a GFE for the night.

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    CA traveller,

    Great info, yet, what is your experiance with Safari lounge? I found it to be great to have all the food, striptease and chicks in one place. how do you rate this place in comparisson to Chesterfield?

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    Chicago boy... No one seems to want to answer your questions, so I'll try to help you out.

    No experience with hotel girls, but regarding NF... If you don't mind spending $300 or more for 1-1.5 hours, by all means go straight to NF. The girls are very nice, but also very much the pro. If you want a nice girl without travelling all over the city, go to Chesterfields(Boarhouse). The girls are also great, but you'll only pay about $100-$150 for the NIGHT(some people say $50 will do, but I never found one at that price). When I was in Moscow, the guys I was with preferred CF over NF because it was a more realistic experience. OTOH, NF girls are all working. At CF, you'll have working girls and regular girls partying all night.

    About the hotel, my experience is limited to the Marriott, I had no problems with security. I was told that you could bring girls in, but if they left your room alone before a reasonable hour in the morning, you would get a telephone call from security asking if all was well. So, if she doesn't stay all night, you'll have to escort her out past security so they'll know you're not upstairs in your room lying face down in a pool of blood. I've been told that most of the western hotels have this policy, but I don't know for sure.

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    Headed to Moscow in 1 month. Just for the weekend. What is better - head to night flight and bring her back or just hire someone already in the hotel bar.

    Not sure I want to argue with hotel security to get girl in.

    How much should I expect to pay for the night?

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    When we are down to specificity of the individual characteristics of particular girls, I would feel more comfortable talking about that in private email. You can ask me again at:

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    Expat, my two favorites on the site are Nastya and Inga, Nastya is a little doll, have you been with either of those two?

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    It depends on how you measure it. Like timmy21, I also usually measure on a per night basis when it's a home delivery since I find 1-hour is about just enough time to learn the girl's name and what she is about. On the nightly basis, the prices there range from $100-$150 depending on the girl, which I think is ok, but it's their performance which pushes it over the top for me.

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    I think the cost is $150 for the night. The girls are nice looking and all very short.

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    $100 an hour? Caramba!

    Originally posted by Moscow Expat
    I'd like to start a topic on best and worst providers readers have experienced in Moscow. I will start with my personally favorite provider, who consistently delivers even more than expected:, which used to be

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    I'd like to start a topic on best and worst providers readers have experienced in Moscow. I will start with my personally favorite provider, who consistently delivers even more than expected:, which used to be

    Who else wants to make any recommendations?

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