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    Another call for you... You recently recommended a few clubs in Samara. Since I chickened out after the scary posting on Voronezh, recenty I have been gathering info about the provincial Russian cities. I am getting contradictary comments. Some people say everything should allright, others say that I lost my mind. Can you please tell me your opinion on this? Other people with experience in provincial Russia are more than wellcome to comment. Will I be risking too much going out to clubs in these cities? How is the clientile of clubs in these cities? Will I see just flatheads and hookers, or ordinary people as well? How is life in general and attitude towards foreigners in these cities? If you could enlighten me when you get a chance I would appreciate it. Thanx.

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    thanks for the offer. As you might know, I am a rather active poster in the Thailand section, since I have visited that country repeatedly for the last fifteen years.

    As far as Russia is concerned, I have a very limited past experience, having spent a mid-summer fortnight in Saint-Petersburg. At that time, all I managed to get paid-sex-wise (I was on a family holiday after all) were a few visits to Golden Dolls. It was mostly very good and quite intimate lapdancing and I had to negotiate quite hard to get full service in one of the VIP rooms. A great experience for what it is worth, but rather expensive, with an extremely attractive 19-year old brunette.

    Now to the point, as you say. Basically, my understanding of what Russia has to offer is as follows (and please correct me if I got it wrong): massive numbers of available women selling sex, in the "classic" ways, i.e. streetwalkers and agencies, like most other places in the world. Only difference here is the average beauty of the girls, although looks are not necessarily so hot judging from internet pics, and the lower price (supposed to be well below Western levels).

    What I understand makes Russia a special place are the salons and the saunas. Over there one can get unhurried high quality (ie skilled, wild, uninhibited) sex with one or more attractive girls.

    Pricewise, my understanding of the going rates is that 2000 rubles for 2 hours is a decent rate. Anything below is a bargain, anything above becomes pricy (to reach outrageous levels with 2-500 USD etc...)

    I hope I did my homework well.

    What I would want is basically two different things (or not, as the case may be). First I'd like to sample the "hardcore sex" part of the agenda. I guess that would mean finding hot attractive girls to do the deed repeatedly (classic, oral, anal, ...), probably in a comfortable, clean, safe, relaxed environment, like a sauna (I actually enjoy the sauna experience, even when there is no sex on the menu).

    Second, for the duration of my stay (about one week maybe), I'd like to have the company of a sweet local beauty. Beside the obvious personal services I'd expect from her, it would help if she spoke good English, so that she might double as an interpreter, since the purpose of my upcoming visit to St Petersburg is to do some research in the military and naval archives, where English skills of the staff are limited, and the raw material exclusively in Russian anyway.

    Moneywise, I would prefer to keep a reasonable spending profile, but I appreciate that the kind of quality I want comes at a price. Convenience and enjoyment take precedence on strict value for money, keeping in mind that a non-Russian speaker is bound to pay more than a local in any case.

    Location-wise, it would be St-Petersburg, but I am tempted to throw in a few more days in Moscow. I'd rather avoid the hassle of hotels and would prefer serviced appartments if it contributes to getting me the experience I want.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I tried to be specific. Thanks again in advance for your suggestions.

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    I found Denis's column quite interesting, as even though I am certainly an above-average Westerner in many respects (by my own humble admission), I don't have $300 to blow on an average day and am interested in what goes on in these circles of which I have no access too. I am both fascinated by this info and turned off by it...which is exactly what eXile hopes to achieve. I enjoy reading eXile's mixture of good journalism and trash/shock journalism. And their club guide is perfect for any Moscow newcomer, there is no comparable collection of club reviews available... and they are also full of really good info for guys like us looking to get LAID. Moscow is a fantastic market for guys to get some fantastic women for free... but still the charm of the non-commital pure sex working girl is unabated... the mix is the real fascination of this city for me.

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    Seydlitz, Exile is in the business of shocking its audience, aside from some good investigative journalism. I think that Mr. Salnikov's posts are very apropos, as he exemplifies a controversial force in modern Moscow social life. He is not the creme de la creme, of course. Such people drive around not in some pitiful LandCruisers, but in Ranger Rovers or MBZ G500s and an escort vehicle ... but more to the point:
    let me know what exactly you want and how much money you can spend and I will try to direct you towards the proper source.

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    your post confirms what I thought. Sadly, such a crowd does exist elsewhere than in Moscow, too.

    It is ironic that The Exile, that for years was one of the very few English-language media to report of the corruption, election rigging and wholesale distribution of Russia's richess to Yeltsin's mob, would employ the offspring of that very crowd.

    On the possibility of indulging in massive orgy, I do not doubt that it is possible, or even easy once you know where to go, but to the occasional visitor to Russia, the scene is a bit intimidating, at least if one does not speak Russian.

    In that context, I am planning a trip to Saint-Petersburg, and possibly to Moscow for early next year. I would be grateful for directions/suggestions. I should mention that I have read the content of this forum already.

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    Seydlitz, I am familiar with Mr. Salnikov's work. There is no such thing as "face control" -- if you are a foreigner, you can get into any club you want, as long as you are properly dressed and bribe the security guys. Yeah, ou can have sex with a bunch of beautiful Russian women who go to Zeppelin, Muzei, XIII and other clubs like that, provided that you flash some bling-bling. I can tell you what you need to do to impress the living daylights out of that sort of a crowd: AT LEAST a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8, an Omega watch, everything Versace and about $300 in your pocket, all of which is not a big deal for an average westerner.
    Any normal Russian detests Mr. Salnikov and his robber baron of a father. People like his dad destroyed Russian economy, corrupted the government and made Russia into a 3rd world country, despite its riches. So, fu*k Denis Salnikov, he never worked for this money, he would not have a clue how to make a buck himself, his entertaining musings notwithstanding. Besides, for $300 you can have an orgy of monumental proportions -- we are talking amazing food and alcohol, 2 beautiful, bisexual girls, your own sauna and stuff like that. If Denis wants to be impressive, why not go and get a PhD in economics or math from MIT.
    Bottom line: Denis cannot offer me or anybody on this forum anything that we cannot get ourselves ... in fact, I am sure if he saw Oksana, a girl I was with a few weeks ago, he would cream his pretty pink panties. Oksana was the bomb!

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    there is this new columnist for The Exile, Denis Salnikov, who is so incredibly nouveau riche, or rather the son of a nouveau riche. He explains his views on Moscow's nightlife, what he does with his equally wealthy friends and the places he visits that you and I could never hope to get to see the inside due to what he calls "face control".

    His writings are much fun, outrageous and, if accurate, provide a glimpse of the lifestyle of Russia's "elite" ploutocrats.

    Here is the link to this week's installment:

    Any comment from the resident hobbyists ?

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    TRL, I'm afraid that dinghy has a point -- I am a native speaker of Russian, who is aalso blessed by speaking unaccented American English. Thus, I can preted to be an American, for I have spent most of my life in the States, and yet be fully aware of what the people around me are saying.
    I don't mean to freak you guys out, but once I overheard this one girl say to another girl how she was gonna take me to her place and then call her pimp and his friends, who were gonna rob me. Needless to say, things did not go according to her plans.
    The moral of the story -- don't worry about cases, ending, conjugations and all that stuff. Try to understand the jist of it and if you can't, make sure that there is somebody watching your six. This is true no matter where you are -- Moscow, London, New York or Kuala Lumpur. I think one can fully relax only in Lichtenstein ))

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    TRL - K's Russian is based on his having been a "native speaker" (he learned English AFTER he learned Russian IIRC) But I might be wrong...

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    Strastuyje - Kak dela? About Russian, there's problems when it comes to cases. How did you buff up your Russian?

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    masta -- good info, thanx ... I am a US citizen, so it works for me ... however, if you don't have a multiple-entry visa for Russia, you would have to obtain yet another visa to go back to Russia from Ukraine ... also, to go to Ukraine and not visit Kiev or Yalta -- screw that ... so, that's why I say it's a pain in the azz.

    doktor, Sochi is the best in Russia, everybody there speaks Russian, the sea is warm, it is not too expencive ... the damage done by the weather should be restored by next year, but who cares. if you still want to go to the Ukrain, try Yalta and/or Odessa. I love Yalta a lot -- nice, beautiful city and you can take all kinds of boat and hiking trips from there.

    explorer, I stayed at the Hansa, a 3-star product of a Russo-German joint venture ... sometimes the girls would invite me to their apartments in the city. As I am a big and scary guy and I speak fluent, unaccented Russian, I know what chances to take -- it all worked out great, actually. Hansa was gentle on me and let me bring in whomever I wanted. As to the girl -- great call for a good price. you make me proud ))

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    I only posted that as an FYI in repsonse to Kalifornia mentioning Ukraine black sea coast is a great option, but it is hard to get there because of the visa situation. I wrote that in reply to let him know if he's an American, the situation has changed drastically as of recently. Simferopol and Odessa are near the black sea coast, and close to Sevastopol which is also a great black sea place to meet tons of Ukraine women.

    Was just a little information in reply to him. It's not so hard anymore to get there, if your an American.

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    First off, you should re-post your message under the Ukraine section, not Russia.

    Second, I am not aware of the mongering opportunities in Simferopol or Odessa, please elaborate (in the Ukraine section).

    Originally posted by masta
    Not sure if you guys talking about the black sea Ukraine region are Americans or not. If so:

    Effective July 1, 2002 the Ukrainian Government introduced visa free travel for stays of up to eight days for American citizens arriving at the international airports of Simferopol and Odessa and at the international port of Odessa. Travel must originate abroad and end at these ports of entry without any other initial stop in Ukraine. Travelers must also depart Ukraine from the same port used at the time of arrival.


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    What hotels in Samara let you bring in outside girls to your room?

    Originally posted by Kalifornia

    TRL, if you go to Samara, go to clubs Titanic and Iceberg ... fortunately they are miles apart from each other. You will NOT need salons, if you promise the girls to take them to a nice hotel and buy them dinner (heavy on alcohol).

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    Hi Kalifornia...

    Ukranian Black Sea Coast... sounds cool. Any particular resort area that is good? What about language... I don't speak Ukrainian, but do speak basic Russian. Suppose it is the same as in Russia... younger girls speak some English, nobody above 35 does?

    Thanks for any advice.

    BTW: heard that the Russian Black Sea coast area got hammered by storms this summer... maybe the resort areas are in even worse shape than before? Also, Russian friends of mine reported that Sochi isn't cheap at all... or maybe my friends are just cheap?

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