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    You mentioned Samara in one of your postings. I might end up going to Samara for business reasons. There is whole lot of information on Moscow and Peter but nothing about the provincial Russian cities. Can you please do us/me a favor and share your experiences in Samara and in the other provincial cities? Recommendations of salons, pick-up clubs would be helpful. How dangerous is nightlife in provincial Russia compared to Moscow in your opinion. After reading the posting on Voronezh by student I got scared little bit. Should we stay away from nigtlife all together in these cities? Enlighten us please!

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    I will be travelling to Russia for two months next summer. I will spend my first month in Moscow studying Russian with a tutor about twenty hours a week and enjoying the women with all of the great information from this site and the many web-sites like,, etc. My conversational Russian should hopefully hit the intermediate range by then (I'm using Pimsleur now).
    Where should I spend my second month for an excellent mongering feast? I'm putting ratio of females to males, beauty of the women and sweetness of the women above the sites of a city or area. I read that Novosibirsk has been referred to as the Bangkok of Russia (I think this was Explorer). The ratio of women to men is 7:1? What would some knowledgable players do if they had a month to play anywhere in Russia with a basic conversational level in Russian?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Explore, Global exe, Kalifornia, I got 1/2 the info I asked for but what about the lap dancing? When I was in Australia I got hooked on them! $25 a half-hour! Pretty cheap for a western country. What do the locals pay in the different Russian cities? I ask this because I want something to look forward too! There is nothing like a bunch of girls competing to f*ck you via lap dances! If you don't know, trust me you will have fun finding out! The only requirement is they've got to be cheap otherwise...

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    Hi guys, been reader for ever, time to post. I travel regularly to Shanghai, Brasil, and am at the moment in Moscow. I am staying at the Renaissance Moscow, Monday night the girls were thick in the lower level Bar. They dont waste any time approaching, seems like the initial asking price is always 300, then they will drop to 200, much more expensive than Brasil or China. Any way girls looks 5-7 not any real drop dead georgous pieces on monday night. They are strong negotiators, wont budge off the 200 quote but seems the traffic in the hotel will bear the price. Any guys looking on hobby info on Brasil or china are welcome to ask and I will share what I know.

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    Explorer -- you can get a double, triple or even quadruple occupancy if you want to, but you are gonna have to register all the persons who are staying there (and that includes names and passport info). So, your choices are: go to some $200/night western-style hotel or use the hotel's prostitutes.
    Wait, you could also go to a salon and save yourself a lot of money a hassle -- girls in the salon are usually cheaper and you can refuse services of any of them even after they show you what they look like under their clothes (i.e. not-so-perky breasts).

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    Let me ask this question about Moscow hotels once again:

    Assuming that one registers for double occupancy prior to staying at the hotel, what are the best *reasonably* priced hotels in Moscow for bringing outside girls back to your room without having to duel with hotel security?

    I know that the $800 a night rooms in Hotel National are OK, as are most American style hotels, but what other hotels are OK, too?

    BTW, Iris Congress is OK with bringing girls back. If you register for double occupancy, they can have a free breakfast in the AM, too.

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    Explorer, Chechens like Russian girls just fine ... so, that sorta narrows it down for him ... hehehe ))

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    Back in the USA. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of free time this trip for mongering, I didn't stay in Moscow long enough, too many side trips to Samara, Dnieprpetrovsk, etc. But, I plan to return in a week.

    This time, I may take a week or two off business, and either hangout in Moscow, take a monger trip to Novosibirsk, or maybe even take Aeroflot to Bangkok.

    If my vacation is in Moscow, I still may take a side trip to Vladimir or Voronezh.

    As for the guy who was ranting about ugly slavic girls, either he's gay or a Chechen.

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    mohctep -- granted, it does not pay to fly all the way to Mother Russia just to "git jiggy wid it". As I live in Southern California, Mexico is only 2 short, adrenaline-filled hours away, with that follows ... However, whenever I go to Russia on business, I find Russian women beautiful. I have gotten laid for free countless times, but sometimes I just want to feel "bad" or there is a time constraint that makes me direct my attention to women of ill repute. If you speak Russian, as I do, you can find some obscure salons, where you will get laid for as little as $20/2 hrs with a young, beautiful 17 year old fresh out of the provinces. You can get laid with the most beautiful woman outside of Moscow and St. Peteresburg (my favorite is either Samara or Ivanovo) for $30/2 hrs. And when I say beautiful, I mean really off the hook. There are still millions of eager, beautiful young women in Russia, no matter how many of them migrate to Europe or Turkey. I don;t know if you have ever been to Ivanovo, Samara, Vladimir, Volgograd, Kostroma, etc -- there is a lot of cheap (and very often completely free) "talent" out there. "Ugly Slavic face" is an oxymoron. Oh, and the swing parties in Russia are out of this world -- about 5 girls per one guy ... if you count sober guys, the ratio goes up to 10.
    Doctor -- you will do very well in Moscow and better still in St. Pete -- the girls in St. Pete are more beautiful and about 20%cheaper -- it gives me no pleasure to say that, as I am a native Moskovite. If you can a Russian-speaking friend set you up -- so much the better, but the bottom line is: you go on with your bad self!
    Have a good one.

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    What do locals pay for a lap dance in Moscow? St. Petersburg? Etc. What do they pay for sex for an hour with a hottie in the different cities? Anyone know?

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    Thanks for the info and recommendations... the Jeep Cherokee Express sounds interesting...hope it is up and running soon! As for street girls, it is not really my preference either, just curious where they all went. I'll be in St.P and Mos sometime at the beginning of December and will try a dosug girl while in Moscow...

    Take it easy all... report follows when I am back...

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    I have been going to Russia for hobby regularly but stopped 2 years ago. There are better women and better places in a world than Moscow. I live in NE so Montreal with French girls are 4 hours away. If you have to pay $100-150 for Russian girls then you paying more then they charge in Montreal.
    What is the point of suffering through 12 hour flight to country with terrible climate & terrible crime just to have sex with overpayed hooker? Plus let's just say most of us dont speak Russian,so there is no GFE there. PLus let's be honest all pretty Russian-Ukranian girls work in Europe now. The only thing you can find in Moscow is tired looking broad in her late 20 early 30s that has poor parody of ass no tits no waist and in 90% cases ugly slavic face. Why the hell u still flying there guys???Unless of course it's abusiness trip.

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    we move it, move it ...

    Dr., I have no idea how it is to pick up women from the street -- I recommend going to salons -- much less hassle and if you establish rappor with them, it will be a good, steady place for you to "relax". A bunch of street walkers are by Hotel Moskva and by the Dinamo Metro station, but they are sorta scary.
    But here are some of the girls that I can safely recomend -- they work out of their own place, so you don;t have to spring for the hotel and/or a minibar. With a hotel and a minibar, you should be banging women and they should end up owing you ... this is Russia, after all.
    Ok, try out there beauties:
    1. Lera at <>, lives near Arbat metro station, which is in the center.
    2. Zhanna at <> -- she ain't cheap ($150/hr), but that includes anal, BBBJ and she swallows big time; she is crazy about anal sex, by the way -- her silicon 36DDD don't hurt much either.
    3. Natalie and Sofia (5,000 Rbls/2 hrs for both) -- for the ultimate in menage a trois experince. Money well spent, if you ask me. And here they are, close to metro Park Kulturi at <>
    All of the above-mentioned girlies are as advertised -- when you follow the links, just look at their pictures and see which ones you like.
    Let me know how it worked out.
    Oh, by the way, a college buddy of mine is setting up a litte operation, where he is picking up people from hotels in his Grand Cherokee and delivers them to a secure location with a steam room, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a bar and a bunch of extremely beautiful naked Russian girls. I will let you know once he gets it rolling.
    Have a good one.
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    No problem finding girls at all here, its more a function of my free time and distance from the hotel. doesn't always give the metro stop and price of the girls, so the variables are sometimes difficult to work in real time.

    BTW, affordable hotels that allow guests are a premium in Russia, and discussions about this issue often devolve into three tracks:

    a) just pay Security to let the girl in. This can often cost 100 bucks.

    b) Stay at some $300 American-style hotel.

    c) in theory, it may be possible to ..... etc., etc.

    I am trying the Congress Iris hotel tonight, double occupancy $110 a night, nice hotel but far from metro and center, no visible Security.

    Originally posted by Kalifornia
    Explorer, try calling any of the lovely ladies from <> -- they ain't pulling any punches ... believe that.

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    Hi Kalifornia,

    I WILL try one of the ladies from! Request some advice... How much do they average in cost for 1-2 hours? Any personal recommendations? Also, in your experience, does the girl match the ad?

    Just for the database, I picked up a working girl at D&M's Boarhouse a year ago, really kind of lousy and $80, and once picked up 2 streetwalkers in a line up on Tverskaya 3 years ago for $50 each and it was a great time... took both back to the Marriott and banged away all night after they emptied the minibar ... no hassle with hotel security, but my minibar bill cost more than the girls! Haven't seen those typical prostitute line-ups with 10-15 girls in a long time...just on the road leading to the airport. Does that still take place in the center? Or has the market moved? Any advice would be helpful.


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