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    RM - your night 2 gal is no much of a face? Sheesh - unless your camera makes her look much better in pix than she does in person... (looks just fine to me...) ;-) what qualifies as a stunner??? <envy mode/ off>

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    rm... I think the redhead has also posted on looking for a man for material support. In fact, a friend hooked up with her and even went away for the weekend. He said that she was great, but also a very nice girl. Actually, I think he was in looooove!

    Here's her picture... Is this the same girl with better makeup and photography?
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    The blonde at the massage place is hot. Congratulations. Hope you picked her for the finale.

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    Night 4

    pic 4

    Considereing these girls were both working in a "salon" they were pretty at ease with the camera. Mind you, I did show them each pic after I took it. I even encouraged them to take a few pics of me - which I deleted as soon as I walked out the door - but it made it feel like a party atmosphere with the camera.
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    Night 4

    pic 3
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    Night 4

    pic 2
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    Night 4 was the massage place. (

    The two girls I picked out were nice and smiley happy types. The blond was 22 and the redhead 18. They gave good service. I do recommend these 2 places.

    Pic 1
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    Night 3

    pic 2
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    Night 2

    pic 5
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    Night 2

    pic 4
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    Night 2:

    pic 3
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    Night 2:

    Pic 2
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    Night 2: The $100 tochka dyev. She wasnt pretty, but she was not bad value in the sack. She was happy with the camera. She of course did BBBJ. She took it upon herself to perform various acts of pleasure including rimming me and was very vigorous and enthusiastic.

    Pic 1
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    Some more results from a recent trip to Moscow. Like Dr Skank I tend to do half my evenings with freebies and half with working girls, but I have to confess I am tending more to the freebie scene as time goes on.

    One one recent trip to Moscow:
    Night 1: I began working on a new freebie, who I hope to post pics of one day. She is simply stunning. So that evening was out entertaining and wooing.
    Night 2: I went a-tochka-ing. I was a bit lazy and went to the "5 mins from CF tochka" and couldnt be bother tochka shopping, so I picked a girl there who had an OK body, and a crap face; but her smile was excellent and she seemed very friendly and keen to get taken in out of the cold. In her case (as you will see in the pics to follow) attitude was everything.
    Night 3: I did one of a few regular freebies I have. She is "OK-cute" and always seems up for a poke. We had dinner in the apartment and ppoked, watched a movie and poked some more.
    Night 4: I went for a massage and titjob at one of my two favourite massage joints. Two naked oily girls of your choice for 45 mins of massage and then 15 mins to have a tit shag with one of them all for the princely sum of 1200 rubles.

    Pictures to follow

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    Oh yes, you must be talking about the Ora Sure or Ora Quick test. Which by the way I learned about on the world's greatest info resource, HERE ON WSG!

    It could be a problem to try to call them from home and just order up your kits. Unless you happen to be a physician and you work out of your house, which I am not. I can't really divulge how I got my supply, but it took a bit of creativity. They will also require that you sign and complete a W-9 form with your Soc. Sec. #, though I doubt that they have time or concern to check it, its really for their own bookkeeping requirements. Remember, they are in business to make $, so they are happy to get customers. Especially at the minimum order price of $360. I think that was for 20 test kits.

    I think there are 2 available tests, one uses a drop of blood from your finger, and the newer one uses a drop of saliva. I trust the blood test more, but they say the other is just as good. Also remember, even if you are a medical technologist who does this test every day as part of your profession , that if you're doing it at home, or in your flat in Moscow with your tochka girl, and you don't go exactly by the book with all the quality control and testing guidelines etc., then the accuracy of your results is zero. That's why you can't buy it at Walgreens. On the other hand, with a little practice, and if you're careful to always use good technique, its pretty hard to screw it up! My lab professor would probably shoot me for saying that, but fuck him. I've had girls absolutely cry tears of gratitude for offerring to, and testing them, because they had been wondering and worrying if their boyfriends were ok to trust, they don't like russian guys very much!

    You have to be honest and tell them they still better go get tested by a doctor or a clinic. I never had a girl test positive, that would definitely be an interesting situation, which again is why you can't but it at Walgreens, you and I aren't prepared or qualified for that conversation. The best advice is protection for everyone. Stay away from needle marks, usually they're easy to see if you look closely. Don't want to have to change your name to Deep in Shit, right?

    If I ever get to Madagascar or Cambodia for some $10-15 fun, I couldn't even think of NOT using these things, even if they were virgins!

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