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    cap'n... I've been to Prague about a dozen times and I love the city and the girls. However, I will tell you that there is really no comparison between the cities when it comes to sex. Moscow is in a totally different league than Prague, IMHO.

    The girls on the internet in Russia can be great, but what you see is not necessarily what you get... you can't necessarily take the pictures to the bank! However, there are many, many girls on the net that offer all night for $150+ and it just becomes a challenge to find one that you can communicate with to either have her come to you or you to her.

    NF and CF are totally different and at the same time, the same. NF is a classy restaurant with a bar, which is filled ONLY with working girls between 7s and 10s. Prices run between $200 - $500(if you are crazy enough to pay it). Time will typically be 1 hr to 3 hrs, depending on what time you start. (if it's early, they may be anxious to get back to see if they can do a second round with someone else)

    CF is a very casual bar/disco/restaurant that caters to Russians and expats before 0030 and after that you will find working girls, expats, male tourists and a few regular Russian girls. Working girls run from 5+ to a rare 9.5. Prices run between $100 -$150 (although one should not pay more than $100 unless you've got an unbelievable winner) Time will typically be 2 hours to overnight, depending on the girl and time you start, etc.

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    I have been to Amsterdam on many occasions, and will be traveling to Prague in December.

    Also, I have read most of the past reports on this site about Moscow.

    Can I please ask those that have traveled to Prague and Moscow, to simply give me a comparison, or tell me which one is better? I know the prices in Moscow are unbelievable!

    In Moscow, what is the difference between CF & NF? Also, the independent escorts that advertise on "" for $200 - $300 for one night, are these for real? Some of them are really hot!

    You can also send me private messages on WSG.

    Thank you all,


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    I experienced more than once Moscow during novi god and orthodox Xmas. I wrote something about that some weeks ago in this section. In my opinion, the general atmosphere changes a little bit. New year's eve is really important for Russians, probably the biggest celebration.

    Even if you do find a lot of people in clubs (I think you are more interested in freebies than body-lenders) remember that:

    1) the entrance fee in most of the clubs and restourants for ny's eve will be outrageous, and if you go with a gf it will be 2 times outrageous for you

    2) if you don't know a girl or some friends with whom to spend that celebration, you could run the risk to really feel alone

    (moreover, your situation will be clear to everyone: why should you be in Moscow during that big party? don't you have a family/friends somewhere in the world? are you REALLY in Moscow during the holiday JUST to sleep with prostitutes?)

    My suggestion is that you go and experience it by yourself, but do find a gf asap so that you can make plans for new year's eve.

    PS. book immediately a hotel or a flat, otherwise you pay 3 times the price, if you are able to find a place to sleep!

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    Hi guys,

    Can anyone recommend a good brothel in Moscow with good looking girls for no more than $100 US an hour? I did visit one once a year or so back but I have lost the address and forgotten the name. As I am in Moscow with colleagues I don't really want to bring anyone back to the hotel.

    Also can anyone give me any info on buying viagra in Russian chemists? Is it called "viagra" in Russian? Also how much should one take?

    Finally I would like to recommend a driver - It's a guy called Arthur who speaks great English and knows the city. The only downside is that he drives an old Warsaw pact era Lada. The chicks will not be impressed. However he is cheap and reliable and can pick up from the airport etc. He is a bit prudish though and is a bit shocked about visiting line ups.

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    hedonist... I've never been there during that period, but my friends that live there normally leave because it is so slow. I'm sure that things will still be happening but just not on the same level as normal. I do know though that the Russians celebrate New Year's eve in a big way, so that night should be fun.

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    knight... again, a very nice report. Like doc, I think you crammed a lot into your short visit to Moscow. Remember though as you sit at home, that everything you experienced and more is going on at that exact moment in Moscow!

    You also stated, "The russian girls seem really loyal "... This is a very good cover for them, IMHO the FSU girls are always on the lookout to upgrade their current situation, be it mobile phone, shoes, and, especially, men!

    db, et al... I can't speak with authority on any club other than CF, but, unless it is absolutely a "State Secret", the girls, with the exception of the normal entrance fee, do not pay on a daily/weekly basis to be there. If a security guy is caught shaking down the one of the girls, he is immediately fired. I can not be more explicit about my source of this information, but when it comes to DMBH there is no higher authority. In addition, as I said earlier, when it was suspected that one/some of the security staff were shaking down the girls, a former SAS operative was hired to head up security during the weekend to make sure that it isn't happening. Keep in mind that the management of DMBH is smart enough to know that the working girls are the reason that so many Western men are showing up late at night.

    With regards to NF and working girls, it is possible that the girls are obligated to pay something, plus it is so easy to determine who is working at NF because they all are.

    Now with regards to a pimp/mama working girls at CF, anything is possible, but I just haven't seen it other than what I described earlier. However, I will try to be more observant on my next trip. Of course, I also have to admit that lately I haven't been hanging around CF until the wee hours of the morning, because it is just too easy to pickup a tochka girl and head home to the sack!

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    Dear fellow Moscow fans:

    I am considering going to Moscow for my third trip from December 30 until January 6. This period covers the New Year Eve and it ends just before the Russian Orthodox New Year. Has anyone been to Russia around then. Is it business as usual, or things are rather slow? Your feedback about whether it makes sense to be in Moscow around these dates will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have never been to NightFlight, but am entirely unsurprised that there are pimps, male or female working the joint. I only know Saint Petersburg in Russia, but in all the places that ever get mentioned in that fair city, there are guys or girls 'managing' the girls. Somtimes it might be a guy, who at first look is with a girlfriend, until you see him with another girl and you realise that he is just 'displaying' his merchandise. You will see them giving the girls a 'pep talk', from time to time. The women are perhaps a little more discreet, but if you see a girl who is a little older, maybe a little less good looking than the others, but with an air of authority, to whom the girls go by and talk to, then you just saw the mama.

    When your 'bride de nuit' excuses herself to say goodbye to her 'friend', who do you think she is talking to?

    The security in most places are hired by the club, they also manage the girls. Want to know how they keep girls out before midnight? The doorstaff know who the girls are, becasue the girls either work for them, or pay rent to them. In most places the girls pay rent to the doorstaff. I have some figures for Saint Pete: Marstall $100 per week, Tribunal $20 per customer, Magrib $20/39 per customer, The German place on Nevski/Groboedova is just $10. All the girls will be paying in NightFlight, Chesterfields etc. I just don't know the figures.

    BTW, if a girl does not want to pay rent, she will sometimes arrange a 'date' for the following night, or perhaps later the same night. She will not want to leave with you. Sometimes a genuine civilian will get hassled by the doorstaff for rent becasue she is leaving with a foreigner...
    The girls themselves are merciless. If they spot another girl who is working but not paying rent, then they will tell the doorstaff who will then enroll her in the system.

    Sorry for the long post without details of shagging, bu tperhaps interesting nonetheless?

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    You still did very well, even though you felt like you could have had more. Even in a banner week with 3 freebies and 2 p4p lays I'd feel like I could have had more. Moscow will turn you into a greedy glutton...and it's great! Forget ever getting it out of your system. You are hooked.

    I think the Moldavan story is funny in regards to the birthday of her daughter. Sad, but interesting in the sense that I had a Moldavan girl over a year ago on HER birthday. She also showed me her id. Maybe Moldavan girls always have an ID of their own or a relative who has a birthday with them to try to extract more cash from their clients? Worked with me, I gave her my phone. Then again, it could have also been the bottle of soviet champagne that put me in such a generous mood. Her pics are in the photo gallery.

    And you are right, most newbie western businessmen are afraid to leave the safe confines of their hotel, which is just fine for me, it gives us more time to exploit the situation on our own.

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    DT - no thats not her.

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    thankyou for sharing all, excellent reports.

    I would echo the thoughts of others like CA-Trav re Tochcka girls, definitely a good way to go for nice girls and GFE's. I managed to find good pickings even at 2am but as said i wouldnt think wise to leave much later.

    Roger Mellie-

    the Anya you mention - is she the Anya I posted a pic of a while back? If so I know you will have been happy !

    Again, thanks to all and hats off to the regular experts, must start saving to return again !


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    CA-Trav, and everyone else - re my report below, slip of the finger on keyboard. Should have said $200 (not UK pounds) in NF. Re the mamas at CF, definitely spotted one small dark haired slightly plump woman with a shaven headed guy, both about 40, where at least 4 girls headed to discuss things. Now this must have bee price as the one young girl in blue dungarees who quoted me $150 definitely wanted to go with me (my mate agreed), but I laughed at $150 and she couldn't get her mamochka to budge.

    On the first night I availed myself of the half price token for Spearmint Rhino as I had an hour to kill (about 9.30pm) and it was reasonably near my hotel after a nice stroll down Arbat market (lots of street hos here too, but doubt they were beacon girls). Just to let the board members know, it was $15 for topless and $30 for nude private dance. Obviously I steered clear and just enjoyed the floor show with stunning dancers. Most just flashed the beaver for a few seconds before the end of their routine, but some gave a good few minutes gyrating, open legged value! Great number and quality of girls, but I also advise any strip afficionados to search out Oh La La or Safari Club.

    Working girls in the Radisson were apparently only charging $150, and two of the six or seven were quite good-lookers apparently, although I only have second hand word on that. I also suspect that if you book early they will try to finish the job with you within 2 hours and return for more easy pickings - it's amazing how many at my hotel were afraid to set foot outside the confines of the hotel.

    The second tochka I visited was much later at night, about 3.30am, and this really is too late for the best pickings. I didn't see anything I liked, the gypsy cab had already taken me to 4 line-ups and we were both getting fed up. I asked Mamochka for any more girls and she pulled one more cute small lass into the line-up. She was about a 7-7.5 with a very tidy frame, so I handed over the dollarov.

    She was Moldovan, which caused even more problems at the Dokumenti Stasi waiting by the hotel entrance! 10 minutes later we were in my room and I soon got the feeling she was using a few delaying tactics. The delights of the previous night were a rapidly fading memory when I eventually got oral. When I shot my load she started almost crying and ranting on in Russian about her daughter in Moldova. To be fair it really was her birthday (I was shown a picture of her kid, and her daughter's D.O.B. was on her ID card), but her sadness at choosing to be apart from her was non of my business. I opened a bottle of wine to try to get her to open up a bit more, and loosen inhibitions. Think it simply made her more morose. Got another BBBJ and shag, which to be fair weren't bad, but unlike 24 hours earlier it was not overly stimulating. Indeed the last BJ I more or less demanded just to feel I got value, which is probably a bit crappy of me. After that I had no interest and asked her to leave.

    On reflection of my trip I wanted everything, and there weren't enough hours. Maybe I should have bypassed the clubs and gone straight to NF or a tochka one night. $200 for one of the top models in NF seems a fair price if you're leaving at 10.30 or so. The girls in CF aren't as good. However I also met local girls - one from the Omen website mentioned before and another through a friend. This meant negotiating the underground, and we did meet outside a metro station, quite a few stops outside of town (south). It had only one entrance which was sensible of her to pick. Unfortunately we got on great, she was intelligent and warm, but she had a mate along for mutual support and they weren't up for a threesome on first night. Other girl wouldn't leave without her mate either so although I had a good time being shown around the hot ngihtspots of Mockba, it was a barren evening in the sack. We're still emailing and I know that if (When) I return there's a freebie waiting. The russian girls seem really loyal - this lass wanted to see me the next night but was at a friend's birthday party which she'd already emailed me about prior to my visit, and would not let her down. I get the feeling she won't let me down next time!!

    If I think of anything else to report I'll add it. Cheers to all contributors who directly or indirectly helped, especially the language guide, which I printed out before I left!

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    mm/uncle otto... rec'd private messages from you both but I was unable to retrieve them because there was nothing in the inbox. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service with MOSCOW in subject line.

    knight... nice report. sounds like you had a good time. However, I do question one thing... you had the NF girls offer US$300 which is typically the opening price, but you got them down to GBP200. Isn't that actually more than US$300? Plus, at the tochka, if you paid GBP100 weren't you actually paying $160+?

    At the same time, I am surprised by the observation of a mama working girls at CF. There is only one girl, tall blond, that seems to have several girls that routinely hang around her. If you were talking to one of her girls I can understand it.

    rm... I'll investigate this further, but the WG don't pay anything to enter except on the weekends or the night before a holiday just like everyone else. Now it may be possible that the bouncers are shaking some of the girls down for a spif, but I don't know. I do know for a fact that a brit expat, former SAS, has been hired to prevent that from happening. How do they keep the WG out? That's a good question and obviously a few of the new girls are able to sneak by and get in earlier. But, we also have to remember that the bouncers are there every single night and they see everything. They can see who comes in, they look in their purse, and they see who they leave with. We on the other hand, may go several nights a week for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then we leave for a while. A new girl for us may be a regular that we just haven't seen yet.

    I know when I first started going to Moscow, I'd go to CF every night for 7-8 weeks within a 13 week period. It was amazing how you could immediately recognize the WG and a newbie stood out like a beacon in the night!

    One comment about the $100 pricing, I am very surprised that since the USD has dropped from about 34 rubles/1 USD to less than 30/1 that there hasn't been either a universal shift to euros or an escalation in the pricing with USD. I hope that does not happen because the relatively good value that we have experienced in Russia would all of a sudden seem less attractive. That would make the Ukraine or the Russian boondocks very attractive.

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    Great report, glad you had fun. I think you made some wise decisions and sounds like your tochka girl was a top choice.

    Regardng the $150 quoted prices at CF, there was a rash of this about a year ago but then it disappeared. The last several times I was there I almost always got quoted $100 and even those girls who started by quoting $150 or more were very quickly at $100.

    Sounds like there may be some mamachkas and pimps demanding higher prices from their girls on particularly busy nights, but unlike many other places, many if not most of the girls at CF are operating independently and free to determine their own prices.

    We should all keep an eye on this, it would be a shame if the CF scene become dominated by more organized rings. I tend to think that the CF management will minimize this. They should, as if prices standardize at $150 many people like myself will completely foresake CF for other $150 or $100 options available elsewhere.

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    a nice tochka story Knight

    Get any happy snaps?

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