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    Yeah, there were never more than 6-7 customers there on 2 or 3 tables, so the squad of 8-10 dancers really worked trying to get those 100 ruble tips. Remember the blonde twins?

    Or Masha? I have a special story about the tall blonde huge-breasted girl Masha, if you remember her.

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    Calicula919... rec'd notification of PM from you, but I again seem to be shut out of the PM section. Please email me if you want to contact me.

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    First Off, Hat's off to Dr. S & CT for great reporting & everyone else for that matter.

    I'm planning a trip in mid-Feb to Moscow for some R & R(!) and need some advice.

    Do you recommend a specific Tochka, or would you suggest a Tochka "tour?" Dr. S, you suggested Tochka girls "do more". Is this a given after you choose or is it something you negotiate w/the mamasan before hand? Geez, is safe sex optional and if so I guess DATY would not be an option if one were to be safe.

    Once the price is paid, how much time do we have? And do you tip. We Americans have a tendency to...well....tip for good service. And if so, how much?

    Speaking if tips, best way to secure a "friendly" tax for a tour?

    I guess for a newbie to Moscow, NF is a must, but I'm inclined to visit CF first, particularly since I have only four days for hunting. Any thoughts on an itinerary? This will not be my last trip.

    Finally, for currency. Take US$ or use the ATM for Roubles? What's the currency of choice? I travel quite a bit, but it's been 12 years since my last trip to Moscow and I know it's changed.

    Oh, before I forget, best way to secure a visa? Travel agent or by foot? I live in DC.

    Thx in advance,


    Soon to be reporting from Moscow!

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    Tsunami was a great strip club in the beginning with beautiful girls and it was never busy so you could get all the attention.

    However it is gone closed it doors as it was never that popular.

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    (I consider the following to be on topic considering what it is in regards to our favorite hobby)

    A link to an article about a ten minute HIV Test kit:

    Does anyone know if this is available to the public, or just hospitals? If so, how much are they and where can a person get some?

    A kit like this would be a godsend for any monger worldwide.


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    Thanks for the clarification. I've also always understood that the working girls are not the strippers...and are also not in the same "beauty" category as the strippers. Anyway, I haven't been to a strip club in about a year and really prefer to blow my pocket change (or was it my car payment?) elsewhere.

    Nonetheless, a strip club is a must for a newbie and can be a great time, some of the girls are really top and can be remarkably good conversationalists.

    Anybody been to Tsunami recently? Is it defunct? It was a small strip club close to the Marriott Aurora and the News Pub. Really cosy and nice but I haven't heard about it in about 2 years.

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    Thanks Doc, that makes things a lot clearer.


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    doc... just to clarify one comment in your presentation, "And you can do the deed on premises, which isn't common for a strip club".

    From my limited experience, The available girls are walking around in the crowd and the strippers are not readily available, of course that is not to say that enough money couldn't change their mind. There is a dacha in the back with bed/sauna/shower/etc. to take the working girls.
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    Recommendations have been covered here before in detail, Ca_T even put together a whole itinerary for someone a while back, it was pretty hot.

    The below is borrowed from one of my previous posts, adjusted slightly:

    "I think Night Flight on Tverskaya is a must for any newcomer, and if you want to save $20 go there for a LATE dinner to avoid the entrance fee (be sure to tell the security guys you are going to the restaurant and a girl will guide you upstairs). Go down to the bar/disco after dinner at about 10:30-12 p.m. Going earlier really isn't worth it, in fact the best time to go to the bar is around midnight. Every girl aside from the NF waitresses and staff is available.

    Warning: You WILL be tempted to take one of the girls! If $200-300/night is in your budget then this may be a best choice for opening night. Bargain down to $150-200 if possible though. Should be possible unless the place is totally packed. What the girls will do is up to your bargaining skills and how much you pay. Clear it up before deciding. Reading some guys reports, the amount orf service varies wildly from girl to girl. They are freelancers and under no "club obligation" to do anything in particular. The girls are generally very presentable and classy-looking and on most nights you'll find girls in the 6-8 category, maybe a 9 if you are lucky.

    After a night at NF, you should check out Doug and Marty's Boar House (aka Chesterfields or CF) close to the Kursky Metro and Train Station. A different scene entirely and remember, after midnight ALMOST any girl can be had for $100/night. Never pay more at CF. IMHO the girls at CF on a good night reach NF quality at half the price. Maybe you can check out both places and write a report when you get back, I'd be interested to hear your opinion. I've rarely been disappointed here and prefer CF to NF for a variety of reasons, among them PRICE! I'm not cheap and have the cash to spare, but I have not noticed any significant quality difference between a well-selected $100 girl and a $300 NF girl. Others will likely object to this, but that is MHO. Somehow the CF girls seem less spolied and less jaded to me than NF girls. NF caters to businessmen, many of whom are afraid to go anywhere else. CF is a very mixed expat and Russian crowd. What will the girls do? Same story as with NF...up to your bargaining skills. FS, DFK and BBBJ should be in the cards though.

    Another must for a monger is a lineup or tochka. Best tochka? Subjective... The one by CF is good, on zemlyanoi val on one of the neighboring roads. Also good are th tochkas around the Marriott Grand. Read past posts, I gave directions... Tochkas are always hit and miss and pickings get slim after 1-2am, so if this is your intention I wouldn't go much later than that. Otherwise you may be better off at CF. Remember, you can always go to another tochka if you aren't finding what you like. Expect to pay the taxi driver 300-500 rubles depending on how long he drives you around. A tochka tour is more expensive than a normal taxi trip which rarely cost more than 100 rubles. Prices range from $70-200 (although most tochkas only have the 70-100-150 categories) What will the girl do? Same as NF and CF, however the tochka girls will generally do more. Quality ranges from 4-8 with extremely rare 9s.

    I think a newbie should also go to a strip club, maybe even first thing to get a full-blown Russian babe overload. Best strip club? Very subjective question, there are a lot of really good ones but an excellent affordable one is Safari Lodge. And you can do the deed on premises, which isn't common for a strip club. A strip club is also a must for a first timer, although I rarely go anymore as you can easily drop $100 there that would be better spent buying a girl somehwere else, but the the sheer volume of gorgeous babes is overwhelming. If you go to another club like Rasputin, Dolls etc. I don't recommend having a "private dance"'ll cost as much as a whole night with a girl somehwere else and it isn't much more than an extended lap dance. Bring lots of 100 ruble bills to pay the lap dancers, or 50s if you are feeling cheap.

    Massage club: I'm no expert on this since it really isn't my thing, some guys love it and the girls are good. RogerMellie recommended a place in a previous post, try using the forum search to check out his recommendation. Massage places sometimes offer FS, sometimes just HJ/BJ.


    My advice for a tochka? Just try it. I'm not being condescending, but it really isn't that difficult and you won't be able to really know how it works until you try it yourself.
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    Thanks for the info! I should be there from the 12th-18th, looking forward to it!

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    doc... I wanted to let you know that I changed my January schedule. I'll be arriving in Moscow on the 8th and departing on the 21st. Hope you can make it!

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    dinghy... I'm well aware of the situation at Izmailova Park because it is a normal weekend destination to attend the "flea" market. While the hotels that are by the park were originally built for the 1980 Olympics, they do not look especially appealing to me AND I suspect that anytime you take a girl to your room you will have a hassle with security.

    The metro stops running at 0100 and it is 3 or 4 stops outside of the Garden Ring/metro brown line. So, IMHO you must weigh the low cost to the hassle of getting in and out of the center for the restaurants, clubs and lineups.

    The best option is still an apartment in the center near the metro which will save you both time and money.

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    There is lots of good STD and HIV info in that section of the WSG, but specifically to your question I have to say that going down on a pro girl is not the brightest thing to do, I only do it very rarely and each time I do it yields a certain degree of apprehension for me afterwards. Your policy of not giving oral sex to a pro is a good one. I only rarely do it...and then only with particularly delicious-looking, clean and shaved ones, which of course isn't an accurate indicator of the state of their health. So there is risk there, it is there with a normal GF as well, although not as acute.

    Regular sex with pros is always with a condom needless to say.

    The world of p4p sex does carry risks with it, no doubt about that. So be careful...I'll do my best to follow my own advice. I get regular checkups and am clean (knock on wood) me peace of mind. Nonetheless, thanks for the reminder DiT.

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    Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2) and human papilloma virus (HPV) are NOT the same. HPV refers to a "wart" infection of the skin. Like any wart, it can be spread to other parts of the body by contact and also spread to other hosts the same way. The wart can be removed by burning (electrocautery or laser).

    In contrast, HSV penetrates the skin or mucous membrane and infects the nerve. Soap and water may help prevent HSV-2 infection but the virus isn't hardy and dies when outside the body more than ten seconds. However, brief contamination of even a microscopic skin break can result in transfer of the virus. Viral contact of mucous membranes (such as occurs in unprotected sex) is typically the source of genital infection.

    HSV-1 and HSV-2 are different variants of "herpesvirus hominus" which has five subcategories. Type one has a propensity to infect the oral cavity and type two "prefers" genitalia but either virus can infect any location on the body. Someone with HSV-1 on the mouth can be re-infected in a different area of the body by the same type of virus. A person can also be infected with both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Type 2 infections can occur on the mouth, though they tend to have much milder recurrences. If someone already has type 1 on the mouth the person might also acquire a type 2 infection on the mouth.

    Certainly, having one type HSV does not confer immunity to the other. To repeat, an HSV infection is an infection of the nerve. Once the virus enters the nerve cell it's there for life.

    Probably more than you wanted to know.
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    Herpes is all over the map. Up to 80% of Americans carry HPV1 or HPV2(man and women). Catching one increases your resistance to the other one(medically proven). Same stats in Russia, getting HPV from oral sex in almost certain without cover. All in all, herpes is overhyped. You don't stop going to work for fear on getting on the freeway. Wash with soap (common soap kills the HPV virus). Look for sores(blisters and such) in the provider. NEVER attempt it with a street ho.

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