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    CAt, Doc - I just missed you guys in Moscow. I got there last Thursday. Like the doc, the trip was 50% freebies and 50% p4p. I went a bit nuts with the camera and will stick some pics up when I get the chance. I couldnt let the Doc's video efforts go unequalled and so I had a ball with the video camera. I have to say it is not easy concentrating on filming and shagging at the same time.

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    CA_t - mate an excellent collection of reports and photos - you are certainly raising the bar in this forum!

    in fact i might just go and book that aeroflot flight now... gee i wish i was back in moscow.


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    Hi Ca Traveler and Doctor

    You guys are realy having fun in Moscow , Looking at the pics you just posted I can tell that you guys have good taste when it comes to P.

    I was in Moscow twice stayed in the Izmalova I met a girl that I have been chating with on ICQ Izmalove is a good hotel cost aprox $50 a night has pleanty of security downstairs they offered me a girl twice I had to send back because of the low quality , Stay away from their offerings, Taxi ride to The center is $5. I do recomend the Hotel. I have stayed in other hotels too. Russian woman are great. Looking on DELTA Airlines site for Specials to Moscow they have the best schedule from the States, and they have a flight every day TO SVO )

    EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the great reports and pics! I especially like the brunette, what a bod! She is worth a call back.

    Thanks for posting!

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    Wonderful reporting and super picks, you're making it very hard for us to wait it out till itinerary time, all that talent and big tatas, lucky you. Come on though, CT, give us some coordinates to your favorite tochka, it seems like a well of goodies, where is it?

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    Here's a better shot of night 8's face...
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    Night 9, Wednesday, met another girl from that I’d been communicating with and later spent the night at CF.

    Night 10, Thursday, I was tired from apartment hunting all day, but decided I’d stop at CF to see what was happening and then on my way home, I decided I’d stop at the Tochka to give the mama a holiday “sto” rublie to let her know that I was leaving. However, after taking a look at a new arrival from the Ukraine, I decided take one for the gang. She turned out to be really into it with perfect skin and she loved it all…

    SUMMARY, this was overall the best collection of girls I’ve been able to assemble in Moscow. The lineup girls all came from ONE Tochka… I personally find that amazing because I didn’t spend any time traveling from one Tochka to another. At the same time, I was not hassled by the militia at any time.

    I found all of the girls to be very loving with perfect smooth skin and each one offered up a genuine GFE for the evening. I could have stayed all night with everyone I had chosen.

    Lastly, my skills as a photographer leave much to be desired… I hope that the innocence and beauty of each of these girls come through… If not… I promise to try harder next month!
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    Night 8, Tuesday, spent all day looking for an apartment and, surprise, decided to hit the Tochka. Picked a cute 18 y.o. from Ukraine, $100. She turned out to be very shy and I came very close to returning her for another, but when I told her we were going back, she became more responsive.

    You know, I also noticed on this trip that most of the girls had larger breasts than I normally see in Russia… I don’t know what this means, but it is an interesting observation!
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    SO, on Night 7, Monday, I went back for more… I know… I know… How can you go to Russia and have the same girl two nights in a row??? I will tell you that her vagina was so addictive that it was all I could do not to go back for her the next night! On the way from the Tochka, I thought my luck had changed as the driver passed THREE Militia cars trolling for customers. I immediately accepted the potential development as part of the game and prepared to negotiate with them, but my luck held and we continued on with no hassles.
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    night 6, sunday, decided that i didn’t want to spend any more time with the spb girl, so i headed back to the tochka early for the best pickin’s… several new candidates at the lineup and i settled on a cute, black-haired 18 y.o., also a “novie”, but sto-peedaset ($150)…

    this girl turned out to be a total surprise. not only was she very cute with perfect skin, she had one of most magnificent vaginas that i have had the pleasure to experience, not only in russia, but anywhere. not only was it so fresh and sweet, but it was the tightest and smallest that i’ve ever experienced. i could go on with adjectives, but i will summarize by saying that i was still thinking about it the next afternoon….
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    Night 4, Friday, Doc Skank and I met at HRC and I was surprised with how many girls were there. I don’t think any were working, and when many left at about 0100, doc and I headed out to Karma Bar. Doc hooked up with an old friend and I decided it was too late to hit the Tochka, so I headed home.

    Day 5, Saturday, I had been communicating with a girl from Spb on and she was scheduled to come down on Saturday evening, so I had scheduled a banya date with my MT friend from above and since she had a friend, I invited one of my friends to join us. Unfortunately, since it was a holiday weekend, we couldn’t find an open banya on short notice. The friend was very cute, which leads me to make the observation that in the USA, it is very unusual for a beautiful girl to have a beautiful girl friend! Only in Russia do you see two or three beautiful girls hanging out together… IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT??? So, we paired off and spend a couple of hours in the sack. Sorry, no pics…

    Since all of the pressure was off, the Spb girl arrived at 2100 and we had a nice dinner before we headed to the sack. Here’s her picture, without full disclosure...
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    (continued from SECOND DAY: ... In the middle of which this old man had to rest for a few minutes… as I caught my breath, I realized that I was not the only one exhausted, as the Natasha was fast asleep.

    Finally, I woke her up and concluded the session with another go at it. I finally cut her loose at about 0400, so I could catch up on my sleep.

    Night 3, Thursday, I headed back to CF for Ladies Night and to finally hook up with Skank, M.D., I had decided that since I’d hooked up twice on Wednesday that I would abstain from the Tochka and hang out at CF with doc. After doc showed up we worked the crowd for a while and doc hooked up with one of the cutest 18 y.o. redheaded girls that I’ve ever seen, but you’ll have to hear that story from him. So at about 0200 I decided that I’d head home to get ready for some meeting the next morning.

    Here's a picture of a well-f**ked tochka girl...
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    SECOND DAY: since I was planning on some regular girl action that evening, to prevent a potential “white-out”, I called in one of my “old” friends, 19 y.o. blonde from my last visit. She only worked for about two weeks with one of the Moscow Times agencies and then quit because she didn’t like the men. Now she only goes to school and is happy to get my $50 for a two+ hour session (this compares to the $30 the agency gave her out of $200!). So, after an afternoon of full contact action, I figured that I was in good shape for an evening investment in stalking regular girls at CF that evening.

    So, as planned, on the second night, I went to CF early, for an evening of dancing and fun with some regular girls, with a meeting later with my friend, Skank, M.D., but there was a big soccer game, Arsenal vs. Moscow Locomotive, and there was no dancing and only football fans in the place. Since I didn’t particularly want to wait for two hours for the conclusion of the game, I broke down and headed back to the lineup… The choices were fantastic again. This time, I decided to go for a cute 21 y.o. with black hair that had tried to get my attention last night.

    So, off we go and as we enter the room, I notice a slight tinge of “funk” entering the room with us. I thought to myself, “Please let this not happen tonight!”. So, off she goes to the shower and as she returns, I notice that her “friend” has not left the building! So, after looking at her body and her beautiful smooth skin, I decided to take matters into my own hands… I grabbed my new bar of Dial soap and off we went to the shower for a CT personally guided tour and scrub down!

    Before I continue, I must tell you that I soon realized that I had fallen into a rut recently, even though it was a fun rut… it was a rut just the same… 1. Massage her 2. Oral sex 3. Sex 4. More oral sex 5. Da svidanaya

    However, as the scrub down began, I realized that I had entered a new dimension with a total paradigm shift, as I was focusing on “exorcising the monster”, a strange thing happened… we both became more than aroused and were soon screwing like bunnies in the shower. After the Dial had worked it’s magic and we both were ready for more, we rushed back out on the sofa, where we continued for round two after an extended oral session that allowed her to understand the “magic” of oral communication!

    As, another, aside, I find that these young Russian/Ukrainian girls have usually not really experienced an extended session of oral sex with the sole intent of giving her pleasure and a couple of serious orgasms. Once they do, you’ve got them and, not only does it open the door for anything you want, but it also opens the door to easily get them back at a 50% discount whenever you want them.

    After the sofa session, off we go to the bedroom for another session... (to be continued)
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    Here's another pic of the first night action...
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    After my last trip, I decided that I was just “snake-bit” after being rousted by Militia and several “duds” from lineups and clubs, including NF, but I decided that it was just an off visit and so with renewed optimism, I headed off for a relatively short 10-night stay in Moscow. In addition to my primary focus of finding a permanent apartment, and as I mentioned in an earlier thread, I decided going in that I would make a concerted effort to take pictures at every opportunity. So the pleasure is all mine to present CT’s Fabulous December ride…

    First night, Tuesday, arrived at the apartment at about 2200 and I just had time to head out for the Metro ride to Kurskaya and knowing that CF was dead, I didn’t even bother stopping for a beer. So, I went for a pizza and an early tochka visit… My favorite lineup was outstanding this trip and I had difficulty making a decision, but I finally decided to go for a cute blond, 18 y.o., “novie”, $100. I think that there were a lot of girls in Moscow this month to earn some cash for the upcoming holidays… anyway, off we went.
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