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    First... for those of you looking for SW action Moscow has been down to 22 below zero and even if you can find one it is almost 100% sure she will not speak any language besides russian.

    Second... In the Rossiya hotel there are actually 4 separate hotels in the same building. At 10pm I asked in the billiard room about a "massage" in the hotel health club and had a girl come and knock on my hotel room door, 20 minutes later. For $100 for 2 hours with a (7 out of 10) 35y/o Ukranian woman gave me a good massage and FS. She was really surprised when I wanted to DATY and came woman juice all over my face like a waterfall.
    The best place to find one of the Rossiya hotel girls is to go to the hooker bar on the second floor of the side of the hotel closest to the Kremlin (by the giant video camera). You can drink with and talk to the girls and most spoke some english. Just don't let them go crazy with their drinks ( one girl ordered $30 worth of Bailey's!)
    For those of you into a show and a taste before you buy the act I HIGHLY recommend going to Safari bar/ strip club where you can get a full song lap dance for 100rb ($3!). I almost got a private 1 hour lesbian show with me VERY close to the action for $100.

    Thirdly... I am a 32 y/o 250lb 5'10" hispanic guy and was picked up 3 times by women in two weeks. It seems Russian women are interested in foreign men. The only problem I had was when 2 policemen searched my pockets and stole $300 from me. (Be careful in SPG with the bridges trapping you from 1-6 am!)

    Finally... If you pick up a non hotel based pro and had a good time with her you can usually get her for the whole night on another occasion for a lot less. (For example, $100 for the whole night on Monday and $50 for a the whole night on wednesday)

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    based on my experience and reading the site here, it is getting harder and harder to find anything decent for 50 bucks. if you aren't into trying for freebies, which are possible with some effort and luck, you maybe could try the internet sites like <> or the higher scale
    this might be the best bet for cheaper action, there you can at least get the mobile numbers of some working girls there, but will need some place to take them.

    if you'd rather go to a bar to check out the selection, which is more fun for me anyway, the pick up bars in st.pete are marstalls and tribunal. in moscow there are several, check out the site. they have a bar and club guide with very useful info, including some price indications...reading between the lines. you might be able to get a girl for $50 in low-season in st.pete at one of the pick up bars there, in moscow it will be much tougher. seems to me that prices are about $80 and up in moscow for this kind of bar girl...quality ranging from very average to very good. really hot babes will want at least $100 and probably considerably more, especially if there are a lot of other johns mongering. but still, it is all possible on a budget with patience, luck and some bargaining skill. i usually pay from $70-100, but have paid as much as $150 in moscow. you can obviously pay a lot more too, of course. i've never paid less than $50 in either city...and didn't feel like trying either.

    you should read through old posts too, most of the info is still pretty current and it'll give you a better idea of where to go. seems to me that in moscow there is no central place really, as the scene is rep001tered at various clubs, bars and discos and the increasingly popular sauna clubs and the like...besides the above-mentioned outcall services.

    in st.pete i'd just try marstalls or tribunal for starters. it is really easy access and unintimidating for the first time russia visitor with little or no russian language skills. in moscow doug and marty's boar house serves the same purpose. maybe won't be as cheap as other options, but shouldn't cost more than $100 either. some girls to look at, some like minded expats will be there too. after an initial round of fun here, you could try something more adventurous like outcall or a sauna/massage place which could be cheaper too.

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    Street Girls in Moscow??? Forget it. There are some, only available if you have a car and a place to take them.

    There are so many other venues for girls that the streets just aren't really used for that purpose, only in rare cases.

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    Street Girl Prices? I dunno, are they?

    Just looking for a little info on the area. It will be my first time Russia. I Have been frequenting Amsterdam and Thailand, so I am used the prices there. But, there has to be something worth while in that price neighborhood. A little gem tucked away somewhere that everyone has been to but forgets to mention. You know the type of place. Give it up gents.

    Can anybody tell what areas are close to some action? Is it concentrated or is it all spread out? Any info would be appreciated.

    Also, any web sites with info on this sort of thing (in English) would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    street girl prices??

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    To Anyone who can help:

    Will be visiting Moscow and St. Pete in early April. Is there such a thing as a red light district in either city? If so, what are the locations?

    If not, are there less expensive places than what is being discussed on this board? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 to $60 for a good solid hour or two.

    Thanks in advance


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    About communicating with salons in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia: please read the earlier messages, virtually no one in those places reads English.

    About racism in Moscow: please read the earlier messages, we get this thread going about every 6 months. Sometimes it deteriorates into general whining about racism in general. Unless you have specific issues or are planning to go to Moscow in the near term, this thread needs to go elsewhere.

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    Will be going to Moscow in late January. I was wondering if the Rossiya and Belgrad hotels still had in-house girls that called and came up to the rooms? What are the prices like now? Are there any decent ones? Do the bars in the hotels still have working women in them?
    I tried calling up a couple of the brothels, Katenka and Nightcat, but the women answering spoke russian only. Will this be hard to get in? How does a person make the call to get in?
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    2003 Moscow Reports

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