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    real estate comission


    Thanks for your comments. I realize that Moscow is an expensive city but, from my point of view, I still want to find the best possible deal. I have accessed Evans and Intermark already. There is also beatrix. I think all these agencies charge a month's worth of comission, which I think is way overpriced.

    I read the Mercer study just when it was published, earlier this year. I'm currently living in London, ranked second in study. The real estate market here has been red hot for the past couple years. I'm not a real estate expert but I think very few other countries have a higher RE prices (buying or letting) than London. Notwithstanding, agencies here charge significantly more modest comissions.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a 2-3 bedroom apartment in the city center, preferably around the Arbat our Patriarschy Ponds area (I hope I spelled that correctly)...I would appreciate receiving any PMs with information or opportunities.

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    real estate commission

    Ira Glub.

    I am jealous that you have the opportunity of dealing with russian devs and russian pussies during 36 months in Dreampussyland ( on a free basis ) and that you are paid for !

    About real estate commission one month for a 3 years rental seems to me cheap ! it is 1/36 , a little more than 2,5 % ( 1/40) which less than the average in France or Germany

    Such remark in Russia will catalogue you as " greedy " which for a russian female is almost as bad as to be " weak " !

    My best counsel is that you NEVER talk FIRST about price comparisons with russian women ( acquaintances, friends, wiwes of friends etc ) in order not to build this reputation. Deal hard with the men or the professional women in shops when bargaining but not BEFORE your female escort.

    If SHE talks first about it and find it too expensive , it means she cares about YOUR money and may be about YOU ! It means also your relation with money has the same structure and it is good for your personnal relation !

    It was my 2 (euros) cents ( 2,7 $ cents ! )

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    Real estate agencies charge money on both sides of the transaction in Moscow. Thats typically the way it is. If you are a foreigner, you will surely need the services of a real estate agency that targets foreigners, not locals. You will need to get all your documents in order, get registered etc, and they do it for you as part of their fee.

    If you haggle, or if you are renting an expensive place, you might get their commission down to half a months rent.

    I have used a few in the past for buying apartments purposes and can recommend Evans and Intermark. They both do mostly lettings. I also understand Blackwood caters to foreigners as do a few others advertising in the Moscow Times.

    - - -

    But I stress for about the 50th time, Moscow is not cheap. Comparing to western europe is meaningless (In many cases no european country is more expensive than Moscow). In many areas (such as real estate renting to name one) it is more expensive than London, Paris or Zurich. There are more millionaires and billionaires in Moscow than anywhere else in the world. There are more S class Mercs in Moscow than anywhere else in the world. Moscow IS NOT cheap. Professional people in particular dont do things for free there - Its expensive. Damn expensive.

    Thinking you can just go to another agency to avoid the fees is crazy - no-one will do show you an apartment in Moscow for free. The only way to avoid the fees is to advertise you are looking for a place and hope another expat who happens to own one that is available for rental, reads your advert.

    Moscow is often listed with Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong and London as one of the top 5 most expensive cities in the world. Most of that comes down to the cost of real estate and the cost of professional services. See attachment. Its a study done annually by Mercer for foreign companies to work out how much to pay their expats. New York is a base of 100. In 2004, Moscow came in at 117.4. That implies if your salary was 100k in NYC, then you need to be getting paid 117.4k in Moscow. Thats cause it is more expensive than NYC.
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    Currency of choice

    Jake Sins:

    Dollar, Euro or Ruble will do just fine for any pro transaction. Pounds are not widely accepted as this is not a common exchange currency in Russia.

    I suggest paying in Rubles or Dollars when possible. You'll get the best rate. They still tend to undervalue the Euro (or even try to 1:1 exchange it with the much weaker dollar) and most have no idea about the Pound and are not happy to accept it.

    Pound you can exchange at banks and hotels, but many exchange booths and most pros will not accept it as they only are comfortable with Dollars and Euros. If you've got Pounds, you'd likely be best off either exchanging it at a bank in Russia or using your ATM card to draw Rubles from the many ATMs in Moscow. Your hometown bank in England will give you an atrocious rate if you try buying cash rubles from them, the ruble rate from ATMs however is fine.

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    Renting apartment in Moscow

    Hi all,

    I will be moving to Moscow in a couple months for a 3 year period. I've been doing a little research in real estate agency sites to view the selection of apartments available. I've discovered that most english-speaking agencies charge one month's rent worth of comission. I find this very expensive as even the agencies in the more expensive European countries don't charge as much. Can anyone comment on their experiences with this? Would I be better off looking for an agency directed towards locals? Are there apartment rental listing in the local classifieds? I figure there must be some agencies that would welcome new clients but be willing to charge more modest comissions.

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    Fellow mongers,

    I hope to visit the great "mongering heaven" aka Moscow in the next few months and have therefore started the necessary research, by viewing this board and other sources. Could the old Moscow and Russia hands please clarify something for me. When a price is quoted or arranged between you and your "bride" in a foreign currency, i.e. US Dollars or Euro, is the actual payment made in the said foreign currency, or is it in the local equivalent at the prevelant rate ? If the requirement of non Russian currency is a must, does this have to be US or will Euro and/or UK Pounds suffice ?

    Opus Dog - excellent posts. Very helpfull for a newbie to the city.

    Thanks in advance for your assisstance.


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    Opus Dog,


    Вам срасибо for your excellent posts; detailed, informative, entertaining and action-packed. Apparently, your limited Russian language skills did not deter you. Although, I couldn't help but feel that a little bit of fluency would have thawed some of those shy tochka dyevs and led to a much different experience.

    Is it safe to assume that the apartment in the background of your photos is CAT's. I've seen some "typical" Moscow apartments and this one looks very nice. No wonder the dyefki were impressed.

    Too bad the photo of your tochka girl was washed out by the flash. If you have a zoom lens on the camera, I've found that zooming in for a closer shot will help counteract the effect of the flash.



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    Opus Dog,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your daily briefings are simply a delight, especially for those who know Moscow and its labyrinths. In fact, your “wordy account” was meatier than the meat.

    You know, I really don’t blame the hike in Moscow rates on Muscovites, the person to blame is John Snow at the Treasury. Things didn’t start to go awry for $US holders till the tail spin begun in the second quarter of 04, I don’t see many Europeans complaining, they hold the mighty Euro.

    Wonderful reporting Opus D, you’re a prince amongst mongers. Thanks again.

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    mongering and New Year

    Due to OD’s great reports, a few humble opinions from my previous Moscow tours. Most of the girls at NF, CF and similar places don’t like to pose or their pics taken. In a way all these girls (not sure about NF girls) have decent daytime job. Escort industry is the easiest way to make extra pocket money.

    Unfortunately I could not see the greatest days of Tockhas. I was in Moscow a month ago and experienced one of the Tochka among many other things. As my buddies told me that the quality of girls are going down. Once upon a time (10 years ago) Model type girls spent weekends only for a pantyhose or fresh fruits or cohobates. Anyway today’s Moscow is totally better than those old days. But the quality-service and price ranges are lumpy due to the demands.

    I am working in Istanbul, Turkey. I am able to find better-looking girls from former Russian states almost in half price of Internet girls and NF in Moscow. Even though mongering in Moscow is a special adventure and fun.

    Unfortunately NF girls look like American strippers, they look awesome from outside but over priced and low quality service (of course there are always exceptions).

    Well, we’ll see what’s going on in next 10 days when it is holiday in Russia.

    I wish New Year bring health, more money and time for mongering to all of us.

    I will be in Moscow till January 6, I am open to offers.

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 7

    DAY 7

    So now I woke up on my last day, and tried, as I had every day since I got her number, to get in touch with V. Today the phone picked up and she seemed happy that I called back. Something about being in town today. What the hell ever happened to momma? So after cleaning up the place a bit (I left a mountain of towels for CA T. Sorry, bro) I went out and bought some party favors. V showed up at 4, looking great. First we took a bath, then went on to 2 rounds of BBBJ, 69, cowgirl, mish, doggie. This girl was incredible! A real succubus. By this time, I’m running on empty. We were getting hungry, and she took me to another sushi bar. I tried to show her how to use chopsticks, but it was much cuter to watch her eat everything with a fork. Then we walked around red square for a little while, took some pictures. Then back off to my place for another bath and one of the longest and best blowjobs I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t know how long she sucked my dick for. I was already pretty tired and had run out of my Austin Powers mojo. But thankfully, this girl would not take no for an answer and seriously put some elbow grease into it and sucked my dick until I think my eyeballs rolled back and my brain overloaded and next thing I know there’s little V, sitting on top of me and grinning triumphantly like the little engine that could. I gave her $200 for the 12 hours before I took off, which was probably a lot but who the hell cares?

    I quickly cleaned up and waited for CA T’s driver to take me to the airport. One thing that you want to do in Moscow is have the number of whatever cabbie helps you out – if I hadn’t already paid for it, I would have called one of the cabbies from the other night. Hopped on the plane, went back under the rainbow and back into the dreary black and white hell that I live in outside this magical sexual wonderland of Oz. Moscow and Russia are pricey, but I think that what’s here is pretty unique. Most of the mediocre times I had here were certainly better than the decent p4p services back in the states. So I think that what Moscow has to offer is much better service at much lower (but not cheap) prices. And if you can find a way to work here, you’re probably set. Russia’s got so many beautiful women that all you have to do is smile and talk to any of them. So thanks to all the contributors to this board and all the guys who answered my PMs for their info – hope you enjoy the pictures. As soon as I can glue my dick back on I’ll be back! Maybe then I can find the other half of Tatu…

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 6

    DAY 6

    Slept all day, then got up and did some more sightseeing. Had dinner at the HRC, waiting around because of reports that it’s a new hotspot. But since I was there too early, I got bored and went to Spearmint Rhino. Spearmint sucked, although the girls were amazing looking. I had checked back through the boards, and someone said Spearmint Rhino was a great place. I got a lapdance and they wanted 1000 rubles. So from my perspective, SR is just a ripoff place for tourists to spend too much cash. I’d forgotten the names of the good strip clubs in town. If anyone wants to list the good ones, please do. Oh well, next time. I took the metro to CF on my obligatory 2 beers and a totchka run. CF was pretty empty. On my way out I ran smack into Olga from the other night going into CF. So we stopped and chatted. She wanted to stay all night. Since the night was young (11pm) I figured cool. She wanted $200 this time. I stuck with $150 and we went back to my place. More of the same. Russian Lessons, BBBJ, 69, loud banging, shitty Russian romance music, lots of talking with a dictionary, more BBBJ and banging. Then all of a sudden at 3, she pulls the same leaving act as the other day, only now it’s 3am. I am suddenly very tired of hooker games. By by, baby.

    Out she goes and I whipped into NF just to see if the blond dream girl from last night really was a law student. The place was pretty empty. I was immediately approached by a tan brunette model type with great green eyes who offered $200 to morning. She was about 5’7,120 lbs, from somewhere in northern Russia. NF must have been pretty dead that night, because I always heard about $300 all the time. Must have been a lull, or I just happened to get the girls when they were ready to go home. We went back around the corner and I screwed her twice, once in the bed and once in the shower. Shower was BBBJ, but she was not very good at either. She looked great, but she just screwed like painting by numbers. A lot like the blonde Ukrainian from earlier. So we grabbed some dinner at the all night sushi place across the street and I talked to her for a while. We parted after dinner, since I wasn’t eager to push for her to screw again after it had been only so-so and I was beat. I don’t even remember her name. Just that she was tan and brunette and boring to fuck. Forgot the camera, so I didn’t get a pic. Not that worth it. I really prefer my luck with totchkas – they seemed to offer the few gems. NF is okay, it just seems that you can try to get those same type of girls in the regular clubs here. Okay, fuck it. NF is just expensive. My best reaction from a woman all night was the look on old mamma babushka’s face who guarded the door of the apartment house as I escorted all the women in and out of my place for the last few days. At least she was keeping track of my stamina. I should have invited her over for some tea and watch her have a heart attack right there, thinking she would be next.

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 5

    DAY 5

    Next day I saw more sights and decided to play the totchka crapshoot early. Around 5pm I got in a cab where we went just around the corner to a lineup in some kind of public area. For $150 I immediately picked out Sveta, a shy 5’ 90lb black haired, blue-eyed beauty from Ukraine. She looked like the naughty little girl from Tatu. She seemed shy until we went to get provisions at the corner store, where she immediately started jabbering to the babushka to order up vodka and party favors. It was kind of comical bringing this little18 year old into a store and have her be so loud and aggressive. The babushka kept looking from the girl to me with mounting disapproval, especially when this little tiny girl grabs a bottle of vodka in each hand, a box of juice under each arm, then turns and nods to me like, “come with me, *****”. It was an omen.

    Sveta, as it turns out, was quite a stream of unbroken Russian, most to all of which I understood none of. Nothing could shut this girl up, except for my dick in her mouth. She literally sat down at the table and started pouring shots straight and mixed shots for me. Damn! Then she jumps up and turns up MTV full blast (the neighbors are really loving me now), and chattering to me in rapid fire russian. She keeps this up for about half an hour, with me understanding about one word in 10. I had the camera out, and she suddenly decides to take a picture of me. This game is more fun. We keep this up for a while, pounding shots the whole time.

    Finally I took a picture of her, which she decided was very naughty. She decides now to take off her shirt and direct her own photo shoot. By now I’m pretty tipsy, but this girl is absolutely drunk off her ass. We do the photo shoot before she grabs the camera, puts it down, then pulls me on the bed for BBBJ. Then she flips me over, rips off her clothes, and starts banging me. Had to hold her off before I could get a condom on, she wouldn’t help. She kept trying to screw me without it, but NO WAY would I go there. This girl was amazing, but she was a fucking baby lion in bed. I’ve never screwed a chick that was so fucking ROUGH. It was great, and a little exhausting. She chewed just about every part of my body on the front side. She didn’t kiss – she attacked. She practically drew blood out of my nipples. My dick felt like I’d put it in a pencil sharpener. I’ve still got a mark on my chest she left there. Then as soon as we’re done, she’s off to the bathroom to wash while I feel like I just screwed the terminator. Then back out of the bathroom with a leap and a bound and she’s back on me a second time, alternately jabbering to me in Russian and violently sucking my dick. We screwed a second time, and by now I’m getting downright sore. This is fun, but a little like masturbating with tinfoil. Finally I sent her on her way with 100 rubles for the taxi and her phone number. Really sweet girl. Really passionate, but screwed like a freakin sailor girl. At first, I figured I’d keep her around all night, but once she started getting weepy from the vodka, I figured it was time for my little baby lion to go home. But it was beautiful to finally screw a girl who looked like the little one from Tatu.

    By now it’s one am and I’m still pretty drunk and just want to check out Nightflight, which I’ve seen every day as I’m passing by. So I said fuck it, put on a nice shirt, changed watches, and went around the corner.

    It seems I checked out NF on its 12th anniversary party. The place was a freaking riot. Like some cheesy Hollywood version of what Russian nightlife is all about. I felt pretty out of place, but more amused with the people there. Tragically hip men and women in full party mode. I ended up chatting with a really lovely girl named Olga. Blonde and blue eyed, and probably the most beautiful woman I met in Moscow. I get her to get something to eat with me upstairs, and it turns out she’s a law student, not a working girl. Ok, mozud bweets, I’ve heard that one before. We had a nice dinner and I got her number to meet again, thinking this was one of those “second date” shots, but it seemed like a very far prospect, since I didn’t have much time. Oh well, nice girl. If I can get back there sometime soon I’ll definitely call her again. Just the most strikingly beautiful woman I’ve met in a really long time.

    Saw her off and went back in to NF. Place was just about empty, except for a few stragglers. I was quickly cornered by one woman named Lena, early thirties, who offered $200 after I refused $300. She looked pretty good, so I said fuck it. We went around the corner and did the deed, but I was glad when she left. Just very stripper like, and a little too old for me. Not a bad lay, but not a good one, either. The low point for me was when she started singing “Hotel California” when we were screwing. I seriously wanted to start laughing, but she thought she was being oh so passionate. Wanted to grab a pic of her so I could enter the over 30 contest, but she hissed at the site of the camera. So NF was a bit of a dissapointment, especially with the higher prices (I would have been super pissed if I had payed $300, but I knew $200 was a good price for an NF girl).

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 4

    DAY 4

    Slept and went sightseeing via the metro. I tried calling V, the girl from before, but communicating without hand signs and a dictionary over the phone only yielded me something about “mamma” and “hospital”. Ok, I’ve heard that one before, so I guess I’ll try back later if nothing else pans out. Did my sightseeing, ending back at CF to grab a beer before hitting the totchkas. No sign of Olga from last night. I ended up conversing with a really beautiful deaf girl named Valentina. I seem to remember some post recently about deaf girls in Moscow or St. Petersburg, can’t recall it now. This girl was really pretty, looked a lot like Helen Slater. She was about 5’8, 130 lbs, mid 20s. Anyway, we wrote back and forth in English. She was there with her friend, who looked like Godzilla. They were on vacation traveling through Moscow, she says. They want to come over to my house and party. Sure. I’m waiting for the pitch. She says $200 for both of them for all night. I counter and say $100 for just her. She and her friend go into signing frenzy, the friend pissed off. Maybe Godzilla wanted some, too. Who knows? Finally she says ok, but she wants her friend to come with us to make sure she’s safe. I agree ok, since it makes no difference to me if Godzilla hangs out or not, I’ve wanted to have Helen Slater blow me since I was 12 years old. So off we went again, and BINGO! I win the luck of the draw and the militia pulls us over. I just smile and speak lots of friendly English. The militia guys ignore me, check the passports of the girls, then let us go. They didn’t even check my ID. Weird.

    So we get back and Helen Slater turns into Julia Child, turning my snack food into a meal for her and Godzilla. She showed me pictures of their trip to me – which showed me everything she said to me really wasn’t bullshit. Not to knock any of these p4p girls, but their lives are usually so hard that I wouldn’t believe much of what they tell me. Either way, I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures. I really should have left Godzilla’s face alone, just so you guys can get a laugh. I would not have screwed that girl if she had paid me. Well, depends on how much. So finally Godzilla ate and politely left. I gave her 100 rubles cab fare. Then me and Helen Slater are alone. She poses for a couple of pictures, then goes and takes a shower. One thing that’s also been said about Russian girls that I found to be true is that, even though they’ve only known you for an hour, if they let you take their picture, they turn it into their own little model shoot. But getting nude shots is a whole other matter. Next time.

    Helen comes out and gave me rather dissapointing service. It’s about 4 in the morning. CBJ, not bad, then very gentle CG, mish. I tried communicating requests, but communicating in a foreign language with a deaf girl was difficult. After I came, she curled up, smiled and went to sleep. She stayed like that for 8 hours. Meanwhile, a construction crew goes to work across the street. I seriously can’t sleep. My date, however, did not have this problem. I could not wake her. Every time I tried, she held her hands to her head with a painful expression and went immediately back to sleep. Eventually I got bored with watching Russian MTV, got dressed and cleaned the place up. She finally got up and got her stuff and took off. She left her number, but I wouldn’t bother. Service was a 7 at best. Might give her a call if I come back, but only as a freebie.

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 3

    DAY 3

    I finally got up and went for a breakfast of champions at TGI Friday’s next door. Usually I don’t go to the American restaurants, but breakfast was 2 long island iced teas and 3 Baltikas. Now adequately fueled, I went outside and flagged down the closest taxi I could find (I’ve seen the Russians doing it and figured it was a lot cheaper then the expensive ones with signs). The driver was an older guy who looked at me for about 2 seconds after I slurred in drunk Russian “totchka see-chas, paljausta” (totchka now please), then smiled and nodded. He drove me out near the airport, then we picked up a dumpy younger momma out near some shack-looking communities, and she led us through a bit of a 3rd world tin walled labrynth, before coming across a shed full of girls. If I had any sense about me, I would have noticed that this was the kind of place I would probably not want to go alone at night. The momma kept badgering me to take an attractive, but not hot girl with dyed auburn hair. I kept looking at a shy blonde Ukrainian in the corner. Not listening to momma was a mistake, but I kept thinking that a shy girl was recommended after the bold one from the other day. So I got the blondie for $100 and we rode back to my place. Luba, as I found out, was about 20 years old, 5’4, blonde, thin but not scrawny, and had a real natural beauty. One of those girls that could be a model in the states but ends up raising pigs back here. Tried making conversation, but she spoke no English and was very timid. Finally back at my place, I tried softening her up with tea (she was terribly cold), drinks, food. Finally I gave up on talk and just told her “blowjob – paljausta”. She complied immediately, not even taking off her coat, just unzipped my pants, leaned forward, and went to work. I screwed her once after that, but her constant shyness and quietness was a bit creepy, so sent her off packing with 100 rubles for the taxi. Luckily, my buddy’s camera was working by then, so I grabbed a couple of pics of her before she left. She was a total cutie, and decent in bed, but just really not into her job. Really a shame. I still can’t get over her flawless skin. It’s hard to tell from the pics, but she was really beautiful. I didn’t even need to disguise her, the crappy flash on my buddy’s camera seems to have hidden her face.

    Went out to CF, using the metro for the first time. Was really easy, you just have to read Russian. I looked up some on an online site before going, and picked it up in about a week. I can’t read fast, but getting through the metro is totally cheap and seems pretty safe. You just want to watch yourself in some of the underground passages late at night. CF was finally happening, but there were plenty of older, crusty WG among the jems. I guess how I would approach CF in the future is tell myself I want to be there for at least a couple of hours on the busy nights, since there are so many girls there, it takes a while to discover who’s working, who isn’t, etc. If you’re in a hurry, CF has plenty of girls that are p4p, you just don’t want to take the first offer you get. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours dodging some pretty crusty girls and chatting up a bunch of non pros before coming across Olga. Olga was 25, 5’9 with jet black hair, blue eyes, a great smile, and an even greater body. One of those textbook-beautiful Slavic girls who makes me happy to be a man. Before me, some guy who looked like a pro wrestler was trying to pick her up, but with no luck. We chatted for a while before, perplexed, she finally told me “I am working girl”. I just smiled and said “horasho”. She wanted $200 for the night. I offered $150. I remembered hearing that prices have gone up in Moscow, I guess it’s true. She wouldn’t hear of $100, we finally agreed to $150, and we rode back to my place with the same taxi driver as the first CF night. By now he’s treating me like his nephew since I used his cab twice, and we get back pronto. Got the guy’s number if I wanted a cab later.

    We had some drinks, chatted away. By now it was around 4am. She taught me a little Russian. I thanked her by teaching her a little “French”. We took a nice little shower, then finally off to the bed for some of the longest and best 69 I’ve ever had. This girl just went nuts on me and herself. Finally grabbed a rubber and pounded her. She was noisy and fun and took forever. I hope I didn’t [CodeWord140] off the babushka next door too bad. I’d say she was an 8 or 9 in looks (looked tired but just lovely) and an 8 in service. The 8 was because she stayed much less than I wanted. We dozed off and woke up at 7. I immediately tried for a little morning love, but she began freaking out when she saw the clock. Went automatically into rapid Russian chatter mode, something about work and a daughter. I let her go with some cab fare. Either she’s a really good actress or she didn’t mean to fall asleep or just wanted out. Who cares? I could have tried the whole “captain domination man” but with most providers it seems to make the service go cold. I’ve heard conflicting advice on this board. Maybe next time. Besides, I had her number, and I figured I wanted to hang onto the girls that want to hang out. So off went my beautiful, statuesque raven with the great smile and even better ass. I tried for a picture, but she freaked out at the sight of the camera.

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    Days of Vina and Rozy 2

    DAY 2

    I spent the next couple of hours on the internet (if you get a CA T apartment, it’s probably better to order the internet, if you want to call for daytime girls, it’s a lot easier than finding an internet café and trying to remember what the girls on the sites looked like. Next time I’m getting the internet) looking for daytime girls. I got a lot of helpful websites from other members on the board, and went back to the apartment to call from my list. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again – Moscow doesn’t seem to have many daytime options if you haven’t contacted anyone before or you don’t speak Russian too well. I had a lot of problems finding daytime girls in Moscow. Saying anything on the phone other than “addressa” and “when” was a total disaster, and I was simply hung up on over and over. So I’d recommend doing research early and/or having the internet right next to a phone and shopping online.

    Finally, I tried a phone number for Natasha in the back of Moscow Times. I got a girl on the line who spoke English. She said she’d be over in 30 minutes for and one hour was $100. I figured if it worked out, I’d negotiate for her to stay longer. 20 minutes later, she called back and offered to bring a friend for another hundred and a second hour. Two girls for two hours in the daytime without having to know russian? Sounded great to me, and when they showed up on my doorstep, I was thrilled. My monger karma always hinges on roulette wheel gambling, and the friend she showed up with blew me away. While the girl I had called spoke English, she was a rather emaciated looking blonde, 5’4 in her late 20s or early 30s. Maybe a 6 or 7, depending on how skinny you like them. Her friend, who I’ll call V, was a 19 year old brunette hottie, 5’1 with firm DD breasts and a great smile. I invited them in and instantly CA T’s apartment went to work on them. It was great, like a Budweiser commercial come to life. I gave them tea and next thing I know, me and V were heavy petting on the couch while Natasha was taking a shower. V was totally sweet, just curled up and kissing me like a girlfriend. Not that overly nutty crazy tongue work you get from some providers who are doing it like some kind of electrified feline, but just a gentle, get you know you before I suck your toes through your dick kind of kiss.

    The next two hours were all a blur for me. I remember getting sucked and fucked by both of them, although in no particular order. I do know I was locked to V’s mouth or pussy the whole time. Lots of BBBJ, lots of really good pounding. If I’d had a CD of the lone ranger theme song, it would have been very Clockwork Orange. After two hours, me and V took a smoking break while Natasha was showering. Not to knock Natasha, but she wasn’t really my type, and her dirty talk during sex was a little comical (Where is my see-men? I want my see-men!). I started chatting up V with my horrible Russian. I always wonder what it’s like for these girls to try to have a conversation with someone who just plugged all your holes and is now trying to speak to you like a baby. I asked if she would stay the rest of the evening and she agreed. But business was handled through Natasha. An extra hundred until tomorrow? No, she had to go back to momma before tomorrow, but she would stay until late. I realize some of you could have haggled for much better, but at this point I wanted to hang onto this girl for a while and was a little put off with the totchka from last night. We agreed and after Natasha left, she spent another 9 hours there, taking shifts cuddling and watching TV, making out, 69, BBBJ, and every position I’ve ever done and a few new ones. Anal wasn’t ever explored, since that’s not really my scene. But this girl was what I came to Russia to find: if not a freebie (which are totally achievable with some time), then a p4p girl who didn’t go cold or treat you like you’re in a bad porno. Finally, she had to go, but gave me her phone number and told me to call her the day after next. I fell asleep until the next afternoon.

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