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    Have you had a chance to make a tochka run yet?

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    Talk about your bad luck. I must be snake bit!

    Struck out last night at Doug and Martys, My day time sweetie called at 1 and said the flu bug had her in it's grips so I spent the after noon getting all rested up for this evenings assult.

    Figured I'd start at the Safari and work my way around to a couple other joints and if nothing materilized, go to niteflight and drag down some expensive company.

    Got to Safari at 8:30 not knowing opening time was 9:00. Rats! I ain't standing around that neighbor hood to be the first into a strip club for 1/2 hour. I figure the others on my list were the same so I fromulated plan B and headed for niteflight straight away. Thought about some dinner and by then start out again.

    The usual parade to the head throughout dinner by the WG's. One particular little sweetie smiled temptingly and caught my eye. After dinner I stopped in an almost deserted bar for 1 toddy before heading out.

    My little sweetie came right up and gathered in my attention. Boy was she nice, and friendly too. No high class hooker snobbish attitude. Long story short; plan C was implemented and we were back in the flat by midnight.

    OH yes! In this case clothes do not make the girl. Very nice! so she does a great back massage flips me and takes charge of the head guy. After all I could stand of that we saddle up for some mighty fine CG and as I dismounted and reversed the flip some one tossed chicken, whose head had just been removed, into bed with us! A volcano of sangre!

    Well it's over, showers all around, new linen and she's away with apologies and my $300. So here it is 1 AM and I'm on the net whining to you guys and too tired to strike out again.

    Look out Discovery channel!

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    Arpartments II

    Below are some of the websites with apartments. Mostly Russian language sites, but can be translated for free at in 10 seconds. Occassionally there is a translation error, if there is just look at the next site. Most of the sites only speak Russian when you ring. Apartments are great, a sense of adventure about them. A sense of the unknown. There pretty safe, i've never had problems. Just be sensible. And always be polite.
    I am always polite with all girls.


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    Apartments are fine to do. I've some are quite good and interesting places.

    Theres various websites. One i did is
    only $100 and i dear you to find better.

    When you ring they mostly only speak Russian.

    Found a great translator site which translates website pages for you and each window that you open

    Just enter in the web address and it will translate it free in 10 seconds.

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    Went to Doug and Marty's joint last night about 10 pm for a bit of food and to see what was available. Not much happining and I got an easy seat at the bar.

    By 11 pm the place began to fill and my seat became a premium spot. By 1 am the place was packed. Just like an old fashion college age bar in the states. Lots of working girls and many civilians. Some of each to die for.

    Talked to a few and they all figured thier pussy was gold plated and didn't get a stike fo less than $300 worked a couple hard but no budge. Given the sheer number of competitors you would think the price resitence would begin to break down but even the bottom feeders were hanging tough. Tough night and I left about 2:30 am, pocket book intact.

    Begining to think the fast and loose days are behind us.

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    Last winter, when the WSG server was out of action, I took to reading the posts on Lots of good info there if you can read Russian. Most of the posts are unremarkable, but occasionally one stands out. This one came across the wire not too long ago and I thought it was worth passing on. This is the report for the link that I posted a while back.

    The local h@mbres score the dyeffki on a scale of 1 to 5.



    Name: Inna
    Telephone: 910-426-6115
    Vital Statistics: Age: 20 years, Height: 165 cm, Bust: 2.5, Weight: 57 Kg, Hair: dark, Anal Sex: nyet
    Price for Classic Sex: 1 hr/ 3000 ruble, 2hr/ 6000 ruble
    Metro Station: Akademichyeskaya, Profsoyuznaya
    Welcome dear Sirs,

    I shall tell all as was, frankly!!! Outside it is Spring… sandals, sunshine, little streams, completely wonderful. Well, spring time, when the organism wakes up and gives us to demand women!!!!

    I ran through the phone numbers on the list… and chose this one. I call… an affable greeting. And in the background laughter.. talking.. noise... completely cheerful!!! "Well, if they are having such a good time, it means they should not offend me”, I thought to myself.

    I eat… easily enough found ... many parking lots.... Came to an entrance, called at the door.... does not open.... I call once more... I think it’s strange the door is not opening so I don’t enter!!! But here the door opens.... and what do I see there... INNA!!! Similarity with photo is 100 %...

    Wash up, coffee, slippers, all gut!!!! I go to the shower, she’s in it too... I am waiting to lounge... she comes... A good body.. all strong and round.. Has not given birth… no stretch marks... A tummy flat (that in particular in women is pleasant to me)... a breast beautiful!!!! First order of business, does she do anal? No. Well, OK…

    Well, it means we started slowly.. we begin.. blowjob – is a song in stone... I’d give it a 3 +.. Plus is for determination... She looks like a pneumatic jackhammer.... Did I say that right???? Well, here this girl is going up and down with exactly the same frequency!!! Clearly, this won’t last for long (it seems to me)... I turn her over on her back and let her have it!!! She cries out for uncle Kunyu... but for her, lying there, it was like she was on some kind of designer drug.

    We continue... my shlong is spoiling for a fight... I say to her, " come on beautiful, let’s get down to business!! " And she, like a smart "crab” also has risen.. and how!!!.. some kind of smartie!!! Well, OK, Cancer is a Cancer... I slip it in and we have at it.... As we’re fucking, it seems her snatch is positioned very interestingly... plunging my shlong deep inside her does not result in the position "cancer", not so that it is comfortable... I think well, OK, in the second go round I will spare her, like God to a turtle!!! And here at once are hands to feed her (!!!)


    Here imagine two volleyballs tightly inflated.... Does that make sense?... How it is possible to probe with your palm such a ball!!! Each of her cheeks was CAST and strong as a tightly inflated volleyball!!! I haven’t felt such an ass in a long time!!!!!! CLASS!!!!... OK, well… the lyrical pause on the occasion of discovering such an ass is finished!!! Well, so.. here goes some measured strokes.. a little more friction and I pop!!!!! GOOD!!!!!

    Pause between hard-ons..... some small talk.... She smokes, I drink coffee... we rest on our side and then the second round.... her blowjob turns into a BLOW JOB!!!!

    I put her on her back with her legs on my shoulders and FULLY buried my shlong... and proceeded to bang away with varying amplitude... even with her breath faltering, she was still able to communicate.... everything’s going great, but what’s wrong I asked, "What???" and she says to me, " my legs are tired " well, then again sideways – she’s "Cancer".. I look, and the rigid rhythm in this position is pleasing to her... Well, this is great, I start to pound her harder.... It all ends so that the girl, almost all in one voice, wailed!!!! So she enjoyed all of it.... when I came.... her eyes were like a purring kitten’s!!!!

    You could hear the pounding of her heart from 100 meters!!

    Well, that’s all you beggars, I’m going home.....

    IMHO, this girl is good.... all she lacks is experience... With time, she will be a complete fairy tale!!!!!

    Classic Sex:
    BJ: 3+
    Relationship with client: 4
    Apartment: 4+
    Overall: 4

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    Very true Doc: Is rare to find a 9 in the tochka parade.. I was amazed, from 30 girls or more only 5 or less may be a real good one (but plenty though).. besides I always tried to go early and pick the better ones..from 5 to 7 is not hard but from 8 and up it is.. That's why I liked to go to Kursky, not to far away and I saw some 7 even 8s those days, But as we commented militia is always kicking the balls and dievs have to move constantly and hide,, and we have to be careful to not be pulled over for the "ticket".

    I was lucky this cutie was just arrived from other town, But as you said,, she may end up in some of those greedy places soon.. =(

    If you guys go out for adventure, you may be robed, you may be scamed, even you could ended up in the smelly Russian jail (I almost did, but that's another story) but something is for sure,,: you will have the blast of your life sooner or later,, make some payments to your debts to have a good credit whit your luck

    Talking now about the girls from prives,, I went to some of them,, I didn't detect any dangerous situation, As long we are polite they don't give you any hard time, You can even walk away if you don't like anyone whit out problem or hassles, but is always recommendable to not carry too much extra money.. I always take a shower before the action and I think is mandatory for their own hygiene.. So you leave your clothes in the room,, just common sense,, do not put big temptation on this girls, they may get less than 50% of the money you pay for the service,,,

    Now a question again,,, Que onda whit the SAUNAs?? what about them?
    How do they work? I didn't have time to explore this field.. I just see in the movies a bunch of fat old guys sweating, drinking vodka and smoking Cuban cigars,, There are some "saunas" whit cute girls to score? any recommendable??

    Thanks again and the best times in your tryings =)

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    109: Moscow during the May holidays... just like in August when many Russians are on holiday, Moscow in the first week of May will be less of a party atmosphere than you might think... at least in the traditional sense. Many Russians use this chance to get out of Moscow. One note... on the 9th of May the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII (den pobedi) is celebrated and Bush will be in Moscow to celebrate the event with Putin.... so there will be a lot of security etc. and I am sure there will be a military parade and whatnot.

    DealDo: Well she looked better in person, I assure you... But yeah bro, mine wasnt the quality one should get for $200 bucks. Getting a true 9 as you reported is rare... you dont see many of these in the tochkas. Usually the $100 category is full of 5-7s, the $150 and $200 categories with 7-8s. I cant recall ever having a 9 from the tochka... some girls had great faces, some great bodies, some great attitude... but a combination of all 3...? Usually one of the pieces was missing or slightly flawed. Numerous 8s, but no 9s for me... but it is subjective of course. The rare 9s I have had from CF, Magrib or whereever certainly did it for me, but may have gotten lower scores from others. And some of my 8s are 9s in other people's book.

    BTW: your 9 will certainly graduate from the tochka soon and may very likely end up at NF or Metellitsa and start charging $300+ soon.

    RM: and she's a freebie. Her face isnt the greatest, but her body is top... and her provocative style turns everybody's head when she enters the room. When I am out with her I do feel a bit like a minigarch... and when I banged her she kept the stockings and boots on... very nice.
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    Now I like that pic

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    Hmm very good points about girls' apts. I did go to a few and my experiences were perfectly fine, but these were all girls I've picked up at CF / NF and the like. I can see how it would be different with somebody who actually runs her business from her apartment.

    I guess to close this subject, if anyone for one reason or another does not want to talk a club girl to their place, most of them do have somewhere that they can take you. At CF, all the girls I've tried used the same apartment, which is literally two minutes walking distance from the club. I haven't done this since last summer so things might have changed. Back then I really liked having this option because I could just get straight to business 2 minutes after walking out of the big wooden doors, and then walk right back to CF and check out the new shift. Was worth the 50 bucks for me or whatever it was that apartment charged.

    Anyway, I'll be in Moscow next week for about 10 days. How are things down there during their May holidays? I know everybody has May 1st to May 9th off. Is it going to be a party-all-the-time atmosphere that week? Any effect on the disposition of forces on our favorite battlefield?

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    Interesting point about going to the girl’s apt. I however feel:

    having a girl in your apartment is safer than being in hers. Its your turf and if you are smart (locking doors, taking care of your valuables etc.) very little can happen.
    That said, visiting her apartment isn’t really dangerous either, but can be a hassle to find
    Beyond that, being in a room that services a dozen guys a day, complete with the waste basket next to the bed full of used condoms and tissues, takes ever ounce of fantasy out of the game for me. If that’s what you want fly into Frankfurt and hit the FKKs.
    I enjoy taking video, photographs, creating atmosphere. Most of that is a no go in an apartment, let alone a sauna.

    Strav’s points about Russian johns having different priorities seems logical… even if they don’t have a gf , family or wife to worry about, they probably don’t want to be seen entering their own apartment with an obvious pro. I however do enjoy seeing the look on the babushka dezhurnaya (door lady)’s face when I bring a new girl up to my apt 4 times a day.
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    Well Doc,, for that quality of tochka in your pics, yes, is TOO much money.. I though you were as lucky as I was.. the girl I met was drop dead gorgeous I could have paid 200 Dlls (stupid me I know, but I was drooling bad),, beautiful body and very cute face as a doll. And nice actitud. She was brand new in the biz, from a little town north Moscow.

    As Simon said, when you find a 9-10 is hard to let her go especially is you compare prices whit other places or the 150 Dlls (per hour, not all night) girls from the internet, but Simon is right every taste is very subjective. My 9s could be the 7s for somebody else.

    Or course, I have been in the same situation, hunting all night long and not finding anything bangable, is a big trauma for the mojo going back home alone

    One o nine: that thing sounds interesting,, can you do it and let us know later how it is? =) I hope to be one of the lucky ones to get the password =)

    Ira: send me by PM Victor's number.. you can't imagine what kind of shows I had to do to communicate whit people there, my English sucks and my Russian is only two words,, was fun and a total adventure, but I missed too much time and some nice girls also =(

    Does he charge anything for translating whit the girls on the internet? Can't be free!

    Thanks a lot amigos


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    I agree with the concern about bringing a girl back to your apartment. I imagine there isn’t anyone reading this forum that hasn’t thought about that at some point. Probably right as we’re opening the door to let her in. ;-)

    I’m not sure your observations about the MO of the local h@mbres is correct, however. The local guys have certain limitations that we don’t when it comes to bringing girls back to their apartments; like wives and girlfriends. For many of them, going to the girl’s apartment may be the only option they have.

    Neither is it correct to say that they stick to the internet girls exclusively. There are many forums on If you only read Клуб Любителей Секса “sex lovers club”, then you might get the impression that they are only interested in internet girls. But there is also a forum for tochkas and streetwalkers, as well as strip clubs. The local guys are taking advantage of everything Moscow has to offer, not just the internet girls. And if it’s any consolation, they get skunked every once in a while just like we do.

    I do think it’s interesting to read their reports and see what are their priorities. Typically they will spend a lot of time describing the amenities of the girl’s apartment. They expect to be served some kind of refreshment, typically tea, or coffee, but also occasionally vodka or cognac. Since it is customary for Russians to take their shoes off before entering someone’s apartment, they also expect to be given slippers. They always take a shower and will go into great detail as to the various kinds of soaps and shampoos that are available in the shower. And of course, whether or not the towels are clean. Many times, the sex seems like almost an afterthought.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they like to go the girl’s apartment as a kind of mini-vacation. An unrenovated Soviet style apartment complex can be a pretty dismal place. It could be that an hour or 2 of being entertained by a beautiful young girl in a comfortable, remodeled apartment is an attraction in and of itself.


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    I've been living in Moscow for a short time (three weeks) and haven't gone out that much yet. Most of my exploration of the field has been on the internet. There are quite a few sites with a variety of girls. Some of them seem too good to be true. I like checking out sextalk and intimcity. The first one is a forum which contains reviews of many girls on intimcity. The second website is one of many listings of agency and freelance girls with a section where people can comment on the accuracy of the photos. I have learned only a few words of Russian so far but have been able to get a general understanding of some of the reviews. The visual aids (star and numbering system at sextalk also help!).

    Anyway, I was all excited about my internet discoveries and tried calling up some of the girls with favourable reviews. I learned that many of them don't speak any English. A fe days ago, one of the girls I called (Irina) had her friend call me back to arrange a meeting. I later found out this guy ("Victor") actually works with them - helps with the internet listing, photo taking, etc. Since I don't know the city that well I meet up with Victor and was taken to Irina's apartment. Victor seems to have many contacts in the business and said he is willing to help me and my friends meet up with the girls, whether through the internet or acting as a guide and translator in clubs , etc. I believe he receives comissions from the internet girls and would expect some sort of payment for the translator services at clubs. I would be glad to give anyone here his contacts if you feel he might be of help. I only meet amd talked to Victor once but liked his conduct. Please don't take this as advertising. I just thought it might be of use to people like me who don't yet know any Russian and need some orientation in Moscow.



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    I've been reading up on lately, and I'm surprised at how different the MOs are for the Russians there, and us here. The Russians, it appears, overwhelmingly prefer the Internet route, and the general concensus there is that you're never bringing a girl to your place.

    Have there actually been a lot of stories of foreign mongers robbed or mistreated when going to the girl's place? Do they outnumber the cases of something bad happening in the monger's apartments / hotels? The last couple of times I've been to Moscow, when my Russian friends found out I've been bringing the girls up to my place, they were all uniformly horrified. Their argument is, if you go up to a girl's place, you leave all your valuables behind and just bring the cash needed to pay her - so that's all you're ever risking. If you bring a girl up to your place, then of course you're risking everything you brought with you.

    So why the consesus here never to go to the girl's place? When it comes to ordering from Internet, I'm beginning to feel that maybe going up to their place is not a bad option, especially considering that many of these places run as mini-bordellos where you can choose from a line up of the girls.

    Second question. Does anyone have any experience with Reports on sextalk are very few, but mostly favorable. Most people there seem to prefer the $50-$100/hr rate though, as opposed to viprest's $300-$500+. It seems like a pretty shady thing to ask for $100 to get access to the catalog of girls, but the favorable reports on sextalk and the fact viprest has been in the business for many years now seem to prove that it's legit? All that $100 gives you is a password to access the site, and it gets credited to the first girl you order. So if no one here has a password at this time or any negative experiences, I'd be willing to take one for the team and try it out, and then share the password with select battle hardened veterans via PM here.

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