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Thread: 2005 Moscow Reports

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    You have an amazing writing style! I want to learn to write like you. What should I do?

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    Russian society

    I'm kind of curious about the effects of the higher male mortality rate in Russia. Is this phenomenon noticeable and does it affect relationships? Do Russian women complain about the "lack of men"? Is the ratio of men to women pretty even in public places - restaurants, bars, etc - or not?

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    just a little comparison

    It's quite as expected to see the high prices in Moscow as it's one of the most expensive cities in the world.

    What's more, the most decisive factor is the unconscious flow of foreign guys to the city, skyrocketing the prices..

    Just to give a little comparison, it's quite possible to go for an allnighter for 75-100 bucks in locations like Lefkose, Istanbul, Minsk and Tiraspol for best quality if you're conscious enough...

    Besides, the opportunity for freebies is always there as a potential to be initiated.. especially in Minsk, Tiraspol, Kiev, Lugansk, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

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    Just following up on what Vegamars had to say. Here are my two cents. Today, just about $700 will get you anywhere from one place of the world to another on a consolidated airline ticket. Then you want to find a beautiful girl and if she is not a freebie, at least somone that does not cost more than $300 for the whole night. From what I have been reading in these posts, the $300 girls from Nighflight stay generally around 3-4 hours, unless you can speak RUssian and they like you. That comes to about $100 an hour. The only other place in the world I have seen beautiful women for that prices is in Montreal where the exchange rate brings the prices down to $100 Canadian dollar. Another advantage of Montreal is the lower incidence of HIV and the fact that English is spoken.

    Russia wins hands down if I you include beautiful women on and The problem is that it seems you need to learn how to read and speak Russian well and although there are some posts about these sites, there are not that many. And the tochkas seem to be an experience that everyon should have. It reminds me of Doestoevsky's Notes from the Underground when he goes prowling through the streets of St. Petersburg.

    That guy something Ranger that boasted about meeting all these women in the countryside never posted how he met them, unless I missed his posts (I apologize).

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    Map of Mockba

    Can anyone recommend a good street map of Moscow?

    I'm talking about the printed kind, not an online version. I would like to find one that is big enough to show the whole city at a glance, but small enough to fold up and carry around in your pocket.

    I've been searching the internet and can't find anything. There are plenty of websites, but nothing published. I know there are maps in the guidebooks, but they are broken up into 15 or 20 pages and it's difficult to get a sense of the entire city.

    Cyrillic would be preferable, since it's actually easier to read, instead of having to pronounce all those silly phonetic trasliterations.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    best choice..

    If what you're looking for is the optimum combination of best quality and cheapest prices, Lefkose(Northern Cyprus) and Istanbul are the best choices with the enormous variety of all EE girls.

    On the other hand, for a limited variety but still cheapest prices and wide opportunities of freebies, Minsk and Tiraspol seem to be the best options.

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    With the budget you have Kiev might be your best bet. It is about 1/2 the cost of Moscow well at least 1/3 cheaper. Many of the Moscow girls I had came from the Ukraine and I really enjoyed Kiev. If you want more info pm me.


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    Snowman: If for nothing else at all but the sheer number of girls, your answer is without a doubt Russia.

    Doc: Thank you for sharing your experience. It takes courage to come forward with stories like this, but I'm glad at the end of the day you are still alive, you stil have all your 21(!!) fingers including the most important one, and sounds like you ended up having lots of fun anyway.

    If you haven't already read this part of WSG, you may find this story interesting. It happened to a truly veteran monger, who happens to be housemates with Jackson at the time being. It just goes to show how easily all of us may fall victim to similar circumstances.

    Again, Thanks for sharing.

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    Russia, Czech or Germany....what's the best?

    I love the eastern european, russian, czech, and german look, so I am thinking of going to either Russia, Czech or Germany. I truly love blondes or 18 to 21 year olds and love to eat pie.

    From your experiences, which country is easiest to find the hottest and freshest talent? I only have about $2000-$3000 to spend (not including air fare since I have mileage)?

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    Russia, Czech or Germany....what's the best?

    I love the eastern european, russian, czech, and german look, so I am thinking of going to either Russia, Czech or Germany. I truly love blondes or 18 to 21 year olds and love to eat pie.

    Which country is easiest to find the hottest and freshest talent? I only have about $2000-$3000 to spend (not including air fare since I have mileage)?

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    Drink Scam

    Dr. Skank,

    I am relating this scam here even though it took place in Thailand - I am sure though it could happen in anywhere in the world.

    There is a bar next to the classroom a go-go that I spent a fair amount of time at and being the good mannered farang that I am, would buy drinks for myself and the girls.

    One night I just did not feel like finishing my beer and so left it on the bar.One of the girls came and took the beer but did not pour the remains into the sink but took the beer and started pouring the remains of another beer into the bottle that I had not finished and then put a cap on it.

    I thought to myself wtf is this that I might have been drinking someone elses beer.Who knows what other shit may have been put into the drink. To make matters worse the mamsan did not even blink an eyelid, even though this was done in full view. Even after eyeballing her hard she carried on as if there was nothing untoward going on.

    I almost puked to think that I might have been drinking tainted beer.

    Not being the one to make a scene and being in a foreign country, I got up and left.

    Needless to say that I never ever went back, and I had been a very good patron.I spent a good few thousand baht on the girls but I guess as they say shit happens.

    I still think one should watch your drink like a hawk anyway and in some places more than others.

    Doc Skank you are very lucky that nothing worse happened to you.....

    Take care of yourself out there.


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    i have seen it before

    I know of a germn guy that went to prague alone and went to a bar and then woke up on a bench with no wallet or id card. So it does happen but i also know lots of people that have been to the easern countries and had no issues so i wont be changeing my habits either. just hope my luck holds out and monger in packs when possiable and when not i will still brave it alone.


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    scams and other joys

    ca_t and ludovico:

    i really can't say if i was being set up or whatever as obviously i was totally out of it. i dont rule out the possibility that somebody drugged me simply for the fun of it or out of spite. maybe somebody doesn't like me at cf... imagine that.

    if i was being set up, certainly nobody made much of an effort to go home with me... i did go home alone on that night. also the girls i spoke to on that night were definitely not interested in me after i went from wanna-be casanova to slurred speech barney gumble in a matter of 20 minutes. they really did look at me like i was some sort of leper patient. so i wasnt being set up by them... maybe there was someone else lurking waiting to move in? or perhaps ca_t's presence prevented them from making their move?

    i suggest i would have still wanted to go home alone even if someone approached me (i felt that fucked up and was absolutely not interested in romance...just sleep) but considering my condition, there is no way i could accurately predict what my reaction would have been. nor anyway to predict what sort of statistic i might have become had i indeed been "taken for a ride". murder, robbery, frozen to death or just [CodeWord123]? (oh no, not again...)

    in any case, another thing to watch out for in moscow.... but even though i drink bottled corona 90% of the time, they still wont stop me from drinking beer from the tap if i choose... i'll continue to do whatever i feel like and am not going to really alter my habits. just be more observant of what's going on.

    have you guys identified any other scams in the clubs?

    please tell me if you have.

    will be in moscow next week and will see if i cant fall victim to another scam. the last one worked out really well for me... 4 freebies in 24 hours and didnt even have to take a single one of them out to dinner...

    seriously though, have you observed or heard of any other scams to watch out for?

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    Sorry to hear about your CF experiences Doctor_Skank. I have had similar a year or so ago.

    This girl had targeted me, once I was drunk she offered to go home with me, drugged me (knocked out in a second) in my drink at home, stole passport, money etc. The next morning woke up with thick phlegm running from my teeth to my stomach - undoubtedly drugged. Like D_S I now hide my key (and sometimes forget where it is when I sober up.. doh!)

    This was from Karma bar however, although I have heard the same of CF from numerous people.

    I won't negate CF here as this could happen in many places in Moscow. Just be careful guys.

    On a more positive note, Paris Life was packed last weekend with plenty of available chicks. They kept hitting on me like the hits just kept on rollin'

    I've been here for a few years now, nothing surprises me anymore.

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    lud... i think you're right... i think doc was being set up and if he had left alone it would not have been a happy experience. my only regret was that i only put him in a taxi and didn't go with him. i can just imagine him sleeping on the ice in the gutter and being a [CodeWord134] pad for the strays... both man and beast... wandering the neighborhood!

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