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    Hmm. Sweet pussycat girls look interesting, but what the hell am I going to do with one for a whole day? Wish I wasn't flying back in two days and didn't have such a busy schedule. Maybe I'll give them a call and see.

    Anyway, last night I tried to hit up Flash and /or 911 VIP and was I think face controlled. The guys at the entrance told me the club was closed, even though I could see the people inside and hear the music playing. I'm a presentable good looking guy, and was wearing nice kind of business casual clothes so that was kind of weird. Maybe they had some private party going or something. Hmm. Certainly not planning to go back there anytime soon, if those bastards don't want my cash.

    NightFlight was dead, and I was kind of bummed out so I just went home and called the good old elite-escortgirls. Even though I haven't called in months, and was at a different address and a phone number, the receptionist somehow recognized me right away. She sent over a girl named 'Yana'. Yana's pictures are actually on the website:
    Except in real life she has kind of a pockmarked face. Other than that, the pictures on the site are accurate. Because of the pockmarks I'd say she's a 6 or so, but she has a nice body and a very sweet personality. She was very friendly and laughed all the time. She speaks very basic English though. She drank half a bottle of my vermouth, gave me a very professional quickie, and flew out of the door to go to the next client - all in a matter of like 30 minutes.

    Can't say it was a very fulfilling experience, but at a 100 bucks at least I didn't get ripped off. I think Yana is their разведчик, she checks you out and makes sure you will pay and won't mistreat a girl. And after she reports back to HQ that you're all right, the HQ will make the other girls available to you.

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    I know the feeling too =( ,, Somebody told me ones,,, "Be careful what you wish for.... It may come true" is hard to accept it but even sex can be more than enough ..
    Is kind of hard the way ElitGirls works but I'm patient (some times) So I will risk to get laid whit a chubby one =( ...

    Ok, now in appreciation for being a good monger partner, I will give you this info...
    I didn't post it before because is an expensive service and whit a lot of luck you ay find them in another places.

    But if you have the money, have no time to wear the explorer gear and go to the adventure,, just pick the phone and call this agency.

    Here there is no lottery,, girls speak good or some English and another languages...
    Pics are accurate. some photoshop but not drastically.

    Prices go from 600 to 1000 Dlls per day... this girls DO NOT work for one hour, dispatcher speak good English...

    The same agency runs another branch whit girls working hourly.. 150 per hour
    In my opinion is expensive, here is the link
    Same quality of girls can be found for 100 dlls and less somewhere else.. I saw all the girls and Janna just drove me CRAZY!! So I ended up paying the 150 She is slender tall and real hot.. lust won the battle I'm so weak =( ,,.. place is real nice..

    For all those guys who don't want to waist time struggling whit the language and blind dates, is an option..

    Good adventures bro.


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    One O Nine, sounds you had quite a luxury problem.

    Ok, I am with you and know the feeling the day after when you can feel your dick being nailed...

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    No, I don't think they have a central locations. It's a very low overhead business everyone just runs out of their apartments, and it appears they do outcalls only. As I understand, when the girls are ready to work they just call the dispatcher and let her know they're on call. Then they sit around at home or wherever and wait. When the dispatcher has somebody for them, she calls the girl on her mobile and sends her on her way. The girls I got didn't even have drivers, they'd just hail a regular taxi.

    So until you get to the point where the dispatcher emails you some photos, I'm afraid it is a bit of a Russian Roulette. However the dispatcher didn't have a problem with my stance that if the girl wasn't as sweet and lovely as I was led to believe, she'd immeditately get от ворот поворот.

    By the way, for those who don't have much experience ordering girls from the internet, this isn't as quick and straightforward as ordering a pizza at home. The dispatcher might waste your time a little bit with the fake photos on the website, then the girl might get lost, or become unavailable, etc. Just be prepared to spend some time on the phone over several phone calls, and don't expect the girl at your place within 20 minutes like they promise on the website. Most of all though, if you do get promised a model and open your door to discover a horrific creature from the depths of hell, lock your door and post a negative comment here. I certainly don't want to be responsible for our fine readers having to endure sex with a goblin.

    Oh, and here's another note of warning. I went to CF on Friday night and picked up this girl, I think her name was either Inna or Irina. Kind of tall, maybe 5'8 or so, not particularly hot but kind of sweet and innocent looking, said she was 19. Her most distinguishing feature is an incredibly long ponytail that goes below her waist. I noticed it too late otherwise I might not have taken her because I think it's a little gross. She quoted me $200 for the night. Anyway, my warning is that the girl is a complete nympho. I said a few days ago that sex is one thing you can never have enough of - well, life has proven me wrong. The girl just wouldn't give up on me for a few frigging HOURS, give me directions - let's do this position, put your hand there, faster, slower, blah blah blah - and when I finally said no more and crawled off of her, she proceeded to masturbate for the next half hour occasionally groping my dick and my chest.

    She begged me to let her sleep until the morning, and in the morning the saga continued. I just couldn't get her to stop, and finally I had to make up some story about having to leave and only that way did I manage to walk her out. She was all huggy and touchy and feely, and as we said goodbye she held me in the embrace of doom for at least two minutes before finally walking away.

    Anyway, I certainly got a great deal for my two hundred bucks in terms of the amount of sex, but if I had a weak heart or something I might not have had survived the night. She's kind of weird too, mostly completely quiet during sex and does not move all that much so it's kind of creepy. If I didn't watch her masturbate herself to a few quiet orgasms, I wouldn't even believe she was enjoying herself. In short, a very weird experience. If you do get her, don't tell me I didn't warn you. She said she only works one night a week, on Fridays.

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    El Swine

    El Swine,

    I just read Dealdo's post. It's a good post! He makes some good points. I to like Russia and the Russian people. I to don't understand why people make ignorant and patronising remarks about Russia. I'm neither European or Americano, but I'd rather be Russian than Americano anyday.

    Russia is OK in my book.


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    Everything is cool 1o9, lest forget it.

    Thanks a LOt for the elitgirls info. A total discovery. Ira Glup sent me a link of this site and As Stravinsky said, they look not trustful at all. I wouldn't even try to call them if weren't for your review.

    Do you know if we can go to the place and check all the girls up? do they have an incall location?

    Now sharing whit people another link.. this girl I though was out of biz...
    she still having her AD online.. now in another web site

    This girl was in an apartment by Suharevskaya metro station. 60 dlls/hour pictures are produced. Breast is not as tide as the pics, but she has a nice round back, and a beautiful face as you can see very petite curvy body (another eseption). The apartment is not nice so may be a good idea to bring her to the hotel. Her service is not kinky. I would say is a sweet type girl. She is from Ukraine and her English is 50%

    I think she works for a small prive but I didn't see anybody around.

    Who answers the phone doesn't speak any English.

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    internet girls


    Thanks for the tip on The site is one more useful instrument.

    I am determined to find a quality and trustworthy agency on the internet. Once I have found some nice girls I will recommend them here for all of you.

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    Yup, that site deals exclusively with foreigners as far as I know. One of the girls I met there was telling me how she liked working for the place since it was discreet, she didn't have to sit around in some club, and never has to sleep with any Russians so she never risks running into them outside of work. That led me to believe that they have no Russian clients at all.

    The dispatcher does speak good English, and is very pleasant on the phone. Sounds like a nice homely lady in her 50s or 60s. By the way, if you use them a few times and prove yourself a good client, she will email you some real photos of the girls she has available.

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    Христос Воскресе!

    Oh, by the way, Happy Easter... again!

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    Don't worry, I don't think it's anything serious. Probably just a case of open-mouth-insert-foot. It's particularly common among Americans travelling abroad. I recognize the symptoms because I've suffered from the disease before myself. ;-) seems to be working now. You're probably right, I doubt if the girls in the pics will actually show up at your door, but if, as you say, they send an acceptable substitute, then it could very well be worthwhile.

    I notice that they prefix their phone number with a 7 and there are no reviews on sextalk from their phone number so they obviously are not catering to the local crowd.

    Are you saying the dispatcher speaks English? That would truly be a find!



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    Damn it, how'd my posts turned into all that crap so quickly? Especially with the whole anti-Russia thing. I love this country, I always loved her art and especially her music, and as I've been working in the field for years I have better knowledge, understanding and respect for her culture and history than many Russians. All the success I have in life is due to me employing engineers from the former Soviet defense industry. They're infinitely capable and incredibly hard working, and I've never encountered such dedicated professionals anywhere in the world. How my fiding the color scheme of Russian currency flamboyant can possibly change all the above, I don't know.

    Anyway, speaking about internet girls, on a couple of lonely nights I've called up The site appears to be down for the moment, but the receptionist is at 768-1222. They advertise all over the place. The photos on the website are mostly of foreign runway and magazine models, but the girls they did send me were all surprisingly good looking and spoke fluent English. Might have been a fluke, but the ones I got were all English students of the Moscow University - might be that they recruit from there.

    The receptionist is very helpful, and if you describe the type of girl you're looking for she'll get you something that fits the profile. After the girl leaves she calls to make sure everything was fine, and in general tries very hard to get repeat business. And the price is only $100 per hour, plus I kept seeing a couple of those girls afterwards without using the main phone, and paid them only $75 (compared to the $50 they get by working through the dispatcher). Just about the best deal in town.

    Your mileage may vary of course, but a site like that with a command center seems like a more attractive option to me than all those individual little ads.

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    Moscow - Bucharest

    Fellow mongers,

    I'm since 2 years an Expat in Bucharest. Now I received a very attractive offer for a job in Moscow.

    Should anybody here have experience for both cities and therefore can compare them - please PM me.

    About our hobby as well as about any other relevant info.

    Thanx for the help.


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    I envy you. The best must have been the first one:

    I would pay the double of $150 to spend a night with her!

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bro AJ
    Well, internet girls are a little hit and run. Some of them use fake or brushed pics. I doubt that if she looks really good that does not mean that she will be real.

    As they mentioned before and are the main sources to get more information from other mongers.

    Here is the list, I met these girls in person, very few of them speak English and their pics are accurate.

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    Well, internet girls are a little hit and run. Some of them use fake or brushed pics. I doubt that if she looks really good that does not mean that she will be real.

    As they mentioned before and are the main sources to get more information from other mongers.

    Here is the list, I met these girls in person, very few of them speak English and their pics are accurate.

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    Internet dyevs


    Internet dyevs are always problematic, kind of like the proverbial box of chocolates. The only way to play them is to read the reviews of guys who have been there and done that.

    They local h@mbres are reporting on internet dyevs everyday. A website like has a lot of valuable info. If you don't read Russian, just scroll down to the bottom of the report and look at the score. They score the girls on a scale of 1 to 5. They also allow you to search for girls that are 5's or better.

    Another possibility is to check out They cross reference the girls with their reports on sextalk and you can sort by the highest rating.

    For what it's worth, the local guys seem to find most of their girls on and, these seem to be 2 of the more reliable sources, although nothing is guaranteed!

    Bottom line is, if she looks too good to be true, she probably is.



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