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    Has anyone tried It is a dating site in Russian, but they do have professionals. When you do a search, the professionals have a pink fringe around their picture and when you look at their anket it says "intim za dengi" or "intimate services for money." Anyone?

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    Do they still have that tochka in front of Lubyanka? I know that Luzhkov kicked almost all the tochki downtown out to Leningradski but is it still there? I have not been there for a while looking for service. It was always good from some cheap irony (prostitute stand in front of the old KGB, get it?)

    I don't understand Luzhkov's logic. Before it was dowtown- nice, safe and comfortable for the average mongerer. Now, it is on Leningradski which is a fairly long taxi ride from the center. And also, for people who are just flying in to Moscow get to enjoy the Butt Pirates of the Leningradski theme park ride from the airport. Maybe it gets them ready for what is in store for their stay in Moscow but it does'nt really fit with his bigger, better more pafosny Moscow motif. I guess it is cheap irony agian, prostitute stand in front of MEGA. Whatever

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    Hello fellow mongers,

    Has any of you tried the agency, their prices seems to be a bit on the more expensive side, but check out the VIP-girls, atleast no fake pics and they look really cute, any tip or recommendation on this agency would be highly appr.

    Merry Christmas all of you.

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    Swissotel Details

    To any that were interested. The Swiss is on the southern tip of Kremlin island, in between PCW and Ernst&Young buildings. It really is only a 5 minute walk to Paveletskaya station.

    As for prices, the standards (deluxe they call them) are about 350Euro, the exec corner rooms are about 650E and the exec suite is about 1050E (can remember the exact prices), as someone else said, in line with the likes of the Hyatt. The exec rooms are much better than the Hyatt IMHO with fantastic views to boot.

    Stravinsky, thanks for the info on the salon, I will try again next week..... :P


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    CF closing date

    I have it on reasonably good authority that the last night for CF will be 31 March. The closing party is said to already being planned. This date seems to have more validity than some of the dates thrown around the past year.

    I have also heard that no replacement site for CF has been located so it seems, at least for now, that CF will disappear and the hos will seek other alternatives. Be interesting to see where they drift of to...

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    CF update

    Big Bro:

    I was at CF a couple of days back and found the selection to be average like always, but you never know how things will be there. I was in a really good mood after some successful freebie action in the afternoon, so after a trip to "Krisis Zhanra", a student/alternative club not far from CF, I decided to pop into CF for a drink. I should have known I wouldnt escape so easily...

    Anyway, when there I did see a lot of the usual trolls and some new girls, but mostly the same average type. Besides that, I wanted something new. I decided to go trophy hunting, looking for some type of girl I usually dont get. Well unfortunately there werent any Uzbekis, Kazakhis or Armenians or anything exotic like that to quench my thirst, so I ended up talking to a country girl. She looked remarkably like the type that offer horseback rides along Tverskaya...

    She has really long hair down to her waist and seemed quite friendly, although I'd only give her a 6 on the looks scale. There probably were better girls available, but like I said I was on a mission and a country girl somehow reenergized my loins.

    Anyway I spoke to her, she offered $150, I countered with $100 and we went home. Her lack of bargaining skills suggested to me that she was new at this. She was. She claimed to be a student, what else, and the whole sex act was really fun but odd in some ways. On the one hand she was totally wild and kept demanding more sex. On the other hand she wouldnt do BBBJ, only CBJ. We poked until about 3:30 am and then I kicked her out to go to another club. When she was leaving she repeatedly said she'd meet me for free outside the club and we could fuck for free. I noted her number but doubt I'll give her a call back. Overall though a fun experience.
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    swiss hotel

    Swiss hotel is next to the Dom Muzik and Riverside Towers(office buildings) It was built by the same company which built everything on that island.

    You have to cross the river bridge to find the entrance of the Pavelestkaya metro entrance. There is a huge bus station in front of the exit and entrance is at the other side of the road.

    Any price update news on CF? I heard, new pros have seen around...Less goblins and oldies, more fresh ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor 09
    Has anybody tried these ladies? (Julia) (Polina)

    They are quite a bit expensive for Moscow, but for international Escort Standard they offer a very nice portfolio.

    >>> "Would you like to see me in the beautiful lingerie of which i have a large choice: faciful and simply sexy,silky and lace; wearing stockings, sexy high heels and to watch me dancing erotic striptease inspiring you with desire and passion? You will dip into the ocean of passion or the sea of tenderness looking at me and touching or being touched . I am playful by nature and have a deep imagination, may be you want light roleplay, to be dominated or dominate a bit, I am very fond of erotic toys and have no limits in sex. May be you would like to try wonderful massage with aroma oils,letting you feel my breasts, lips and hands all over your body." <<<

    Wow, if this is a RipOff, at least a High-Quality one. :-)

    So please let me know if you know more about them.

    Stay away from them! The photos are great but the ladies are much less appealing in reality.

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    OK, daylight and champian reveals...

    Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, located on the very southernmost tip of Kremlin island AND just a few blocks from Paveletskaya station.

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    Its actuallyu not far from Paveletsky Voksal, but towards the center.

    Its not a prime location per se, but certainly not the end of the world. Definitely better than the Renaissance location-wise, but not as central as the Marriot Aurora, Metropol or Hyatt Ararat etc.
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    OK, I was confused. BF reported that the Swissotel was just around the corner from Paveletskaya station.

    But then again, I guess I'm a little weird. I like to walk... and ride the Metro!

    BTW, any pix of what you did AFTER you tied her up? ;-)

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    Moscow fun

    Yeah, nice report BF... sounds like Moscow treated you well. Sorry about the problem in the metro. Nothing like that ever happened to me in the metro, however on the street I've had a couple of minor hassles.

    Strav, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy isnt really located outside of the center, its actually located on Kremlin island in the center. OK, its not what we consider the "true center" right around Red Square but it is actually not far all from quite a bit of club action. Some of the bigger clubs and discos are very close, but not within walking distance... but who walks in Moscow anyway.

    Its Moscow's newest 5star hotel, challenging the Hyatt Ararat as Moscow's premier Western chain hotel. Prices are in the same category as the Hyatt or any of the top names.
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    Thanks for the report! Sounds like you did a proper bang-up job of enjoying yourself in Moscow first time around.

    I'm curious about the Swissotel. It's unusual for a Western hotel to be located so far outside the center of the city. Can you tell us what you were paying for a night there?

    As you discovered, the city of Moscow has yet to establish a franchise for taxi's, anyone with a car can pick up fares off the street. No "knowledge" required. They can't rob you unless you agree to it, though. Best strategy is simply to walk, you'll be surprised how quickly they will drop their rate.

    The incident in the subway was very uncharacteristic. I can't help but wonder what it was about you that caught their attention. You didn't happen to be wandering around in your best Turnbull & Asher by chance, with a Nikon slung around your neck? ;-)

    I can help you with the location of the salon at Patriarshi Prudi. It's a little tricky to find, since the entrance is not directly on the street. The best way to find it is to tell the cabbie to take you to No.20 Spiridonovka. This will be the corner of Spiridonovka ul. and Spiridonevski pereulyok. Once you are there, start walking N by NE on Spiridonevski per. (which is the only direction you can walk, since Spiridonevski per. dead ends at Spiridonovka). On your right you will see a large, long building that extends for maybe 100m down Spiridonevski per. At the end of that building is a large arch. Turn right and walk through the arch. You will be in a large courtyard with a lot of different apt. buildings. It's in one of them. I won't post the exact podyezd (entry) and kvarteera (apt.) since I don't think they want the whole world beating a path to their door. If you can make it that far, you shouldn't have any problem.

    BTW, Russians are nowhere near as prudish as Americans or British. You're just a guy looking for a dyevushka to have sex. Nothing strange about that. What could be more natural or normal?

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    Hello fellow mongers, has any of you tried the agency, their prices seems to be a bit on the more expensive side, but check out the VIP-girls, atleast no fake pics and they look really cute, any tip or recommendation on this agency would be highly appr.

    Merry Christmas all of you.

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    doc... unfaithful is as unfaithful does! I'm not sure what that means but it sounds profound!

    Remember... If you have steak every night, at some point a hamburger will taste mighty good!

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