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    Who said, YOu have to be in it. I ment

    a): Film her stripping
    b): You pounding it from the back side with the camera facing her and the camara away from you. Hell, I wouldnt won't my face being recognized.

    Just for fun if she was willing. I wouldn't due it with out her knowing of course!

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    Well, I was wondering why it is that no one has posted anything on the party the 16 at papagayos?

    Did anyone go?

    I know of someone who was for sure to be there but I cant get updated till he either calls or gets back home in the spring to fill me in!

    Someone share?

    El Monger

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    Do what? Put your ass on cam? Not in this life Amigo!

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    Not A Rookie wrote, "You know NOKIA makes a phone that takes VIDEO. what they dont know cant hurt them."

    Yeah, once I was fucking MariLu in the rooms in Queens Place in Juarez and I called a friend on my cell. He now believes me about the way she moans and talks during sex. I'd love to have video of her but I am not willing to have my ass on cam. If anyone is willing to do this, send me a copy.

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    Not a Rookie,
    I love your style. Good luck with the video!

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    Wow, been over a year since the last time I posted on the forum. Yall might wanna do a search to remeber who I was, "Turbofocus" was my name before. Before I went off and got Married, which has already gone down the drain. It was cheaper going to BT then it was to get married. I had it backwards, "oh itll be cheaper, and ill have sex more often". This coming from a 22 yr old marring an older lady. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Need I say it again WRONG. Sex dropped outta the picture after the first 2 month, boy was I kicking myself in the ass. My money- out going doubled for her bills, vs just being single. Well now were living apart from one another so going on a dry spell of 2 months now. I well be heading back down to BT to vist my home away from home. Ahh the memories I had , and now well continue. I see that the room prices have went up $3 ..HUMM how did they come up with that. Oh if I service 10 guys before the nights over I make another $30.. Kinda stupid if you ask me, but im sure I can remember on how my negotiating skills were and, if I can still use my same concept. I well still be getting the rigth price for the right latina. My offical Trip back will be on SUPER BOWL WEEKEND FEB 1st I believe me, and my Brother shall be hitting up Bt like we used to. Yeah he gets married next year. Same age group as my wife is wounder if his sex life well DROP like my did (oh and I know it wasn't me, I've had alot of practice with about $3kin 3 months time to back that up) in my adventures to BT.

    So I y'all welcome me back in the only fashion yall can: STORIES, REVEIWS, AND PLENTY OF STORIES.

    PS. I was wounderging if any has tried taking the new photo cell phones over and letting the girls get shots well giving serivce or anything like that. You know NOKIA makes a phone that takes VIDEO. what they dont know cant hurt them

    EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation and capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid future delays, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Thanks!

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    I haven't been there during Christmas, but based on their religion, I am sure it will be quite dead there. It was extremely dead when I went during Easter last year.

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    Hey guys,

    Is x-mas day good for one to go to Boystown?

    Or will all the Ho's have departed?

    I've never been there before and this would be a good opportunity...

    What do you guys think?

    Please reply ASAP as tonight is xmas eve...

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    HoDoggie my brother.

    I know about your Bare Back Search. I too know better but, it has happened without request from me 3 times in BT. Once a girl on the very back street (left entering gate) around noon -I spent the night in the Star Bar and was just waking up and looking for breakfast- waived me over and showed her pussy to prove she was not a TV. We went to the back room and she mounted me sin condom. Another was Alexandra from the original Hollywood Nights, the third time we were together (over two months)she moved too fast for me to think about protection, and the "strange staring chica" in the Star Bar, written about in one of my earlier posts did not like the condom (Odd for a woman to say that) and asked me to take it off for the second encounter. She asked Tu Infirma? After my honest no she pulled off the condom and away we went. In short bro I think that if you get away from PGs and the other main street clubs it should be no problemo.
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    I-35 south 230 miles. Cross bridge #2 at the end of I-35 (assuming you're driving your own vehicle.) As soon as you cross the border and pass Mexican Customs, continue straight on until you come to Calle Peru. Turn right on Peru and follow that over to Calle Mateo Lopez Lara. Turn left. Follow Lopez Lara about 1 mile passing Paseo Colon on your left (An old Chrysler Dealership will be a marker) to the next stop lite. This is Anahuac. Turn right. follow Anahuac and you will cross under a railroad overpass. At the next lite, (Monterrey) you'll be looking at a PEMEX gas station. Turn right and get into your left lane. The wall you see ruunning to your left is the BT comund. Take the first left about midways down the block into the compound!

    BLHOURGLAS...Expect every club to be dark on Xmas day and probably Xmas eve as that is when people do their Xmas down here. You might, if you're lucky find a third tier room girl available but why risk it!

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    Laredo, Texas, right across boarder to Nuevo Laredo. Follow directions in this forum to B.T. from there. Laredo is about 100-150 south of San Antonio. "map it"!

    El Monger

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    Thanks all for the archives of info I needed to plan my trip. However, there is a piece of critical info that I wasn't able to find on the forum -- directions. How do I get to BT say, from Austin?

    Let me know I appreciate it.

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    Yeah I know Chris also. I've know him for about a year and 1/2. He's a drug addict, so he's a little pushy on the tipping stuff. I feel sorry for him, since he doesn't have a pussy to sell, so I help him out, now and then, with a few bucks.

    I've been going to BT, in NL, off and on for about the past ten years. I mainly fuck the single room girls, since I feel they are the best pussy for the dollar. I live in Dallas, but I travel to NL several time per week, and generally hit BT about one time every nine days. My last visit there was Thursday, Dec. 18th. I can hang out there for about 3 or 4 hours. Wasn't a great time. My regular wasn't there. I'll probably hit BT again on Saturday, Dec. 27th.

    I stay out of Pimp Daddies. I feel it's a rip off bar, and I don't like the owner, Luther or Lupe, the "fat boy" that also works the DJ microphone. Luther doesn't understand the concept of repeat business. He'll try to get as much money out of your wallet, as he can, the night one goes in there. "Fuck the repeat business." That's the way Luther views it, IMO. Gotta go for now.

    Joe Driver

    P.S. Let's hear it for the Blue Pill. It's saved me on many a hot night, in BT.

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    I know that BT slows somewhat signficantly around Christmas, but does anybody know if anything is available on Christmas Eve/Day itself? For example, would something like Club TaBu be open then, or would only very lonely room girls actually be working that night?

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    Posted this on another board, but info is useful for those here as well:

    Let me preface this report by saying that although this is NOT my first time mongering, it is my first time mongering outside the US. I will try to control my enthusiasm as I feel like a kid running amuck in a candy store on this weekend.

    First the logistics......

    0) 1st full tank of gas on an SUV with 21 gal capacity
    1) 11:45am Saturday
    2) Beltway/59 ---> Laredo 318 miles (4.5 hours)
    3) 2nd full tank of gas at Shell next to HEB
    4) 4 miles more to hotel
    5) Rio Grande Plaza
    6) Rest
    7) MONGERING!!!
    8) Sleep
    9) Breakfast
    10) Check out 10:15 am Sunday
    11) 3rd full tank of gas in Houston 2:30pm.
    12) Done

    Met up with G-Fly on Saturday. We took the US-59 route. I was always curious as to why all the online maps recommend I-10 from Houston eventhough 59 was much shorter (~30 miles less). Did 80-95 mph on highway (aggressive, horny, monger-minded driving) and 30-45 mph (compassionate, cop-fearing, monger-minded driving) in Victoria, Goliad, Freer, and George West. Stop for 30 minutes lunch at DQ in Goliad. Cruise into Laredo, somewhere passed the immigration checkpoint, gas light lit. Advice, last noticeable gas stations (Exxon,Shell) are located 105 miles from Laredo at I37 and Us59. Fill up if you don't think you will make it -- flatlands and cactuses from this point forth! We barely made it.

    Check into the Rio Grande Plaza, heard many great things about it, and after staying there, I can say that these things are true; namely, great location, clean rooms, warm water. $59 walkup ($67 total including tax) for 2 full sized beds with coupons from Texas Travel Brochure picked up from DQ. We rest a little, then made our walk to International Bridge 1. Fifty cents each to cross. Made way straight pass all the street peddlers on Vicente Gueroro Ave. About 4-5 blocks down is Senior Frogs (Beldon intersection). Watch out for the many sink holes on the sidewalk! Then about another block down is our first destination:

    Club Herraduras (Horse Shoe):
    Small club with tables around the sides and a dance floor in the middle. Porn was on the TV and jukebox blasting out some familiar Mexican favorites. Being that this was only 5:30pm, the place is relatively dead. About 6 locals and 8 gringos (we included). Girls were scarce -- 2 fat chicks, an older one, and another shapely, short looker in read who seems to be there to make sure that everyone was having a good time. She spent some time with us after G-fly and I got 2 Coronas. G-fly asked if she’d would like to join us at the Hotel. She said can walk across, but doesn’t want to. Gave us her number and told us to call her on Sunday. Had we stayed on the Mexican side, I’m sure things would had been different . Oh well…..Then another chick walked in from the side door. She's about 5'1 girl, long hair, all deck out in a black two piece suite (business like). Looks roughly 8, but seem to be very shy. Wanted to get her to sit with us but she left the club with another girl. So we finished our beers, bid our companion-in-red adieu and walked from the club. At one of the taco stand around the corner I saw my girl in there with her friend. Gave her a really good look and got a stare back from her. She's hot, but it beginning to dawn on me that she might not work at the club...maybe just there to pick up a friend. Oh well, I still have my money

    Since it was still early, G-Fly and I walked back to the hotel after we stop by the duty free store and picked up a bottle of liquor (strictly for G-fly to take home). Rest a little, saw a little of "Pluto Nash" on cable, then made our way back out. It was about 7:00pm now. Took the courtesy van to the bridge this time. Why not, it was free?! Head out to dinner:

    El Dorado (the old Cadillac Bar):
    Want to say that this was a couple of blocks from Herraduras and Sn Frogs. I had the fajitas plate. The meat was very seasoned, but alas, they did not tenderize it enough. Feel like I was chewing on a rubber band at times. G-Fly got chicken-fried steaks (by mistake I think). Overall, nice restaurant, great service, good tea, but I will not recommend the fajitas. Caught a cab to our next destination:


    1) Pappagayos -- Like being at a lobster buffet!! Eventhough it was 8:00pm, we are still early, more chicks then gringos. This is a good thing, right? In no short time after being seated, a dashing young lady sat down and whisked G-fly away. I had the pleasure to stay back and look cool (more like, hold the table til Fly was done). However, during my wait, I got a chance to turn several ladies down. These were okay ladies two were 6's and one was a 5. The fourth one (my first conquest) was a definite 7. Slender, cute face, great smile, 5'3, shoulder-length blonde hair, nice ass, and very perky tits (although somewhat small). She asked if she could order a drink and I said yes. Waiter brought back a tequila/orange juice drink for her. Did her shot and then started to play with me -- ran hands up and down my chest then eventually to the package. I was already rock solid by this time and thinking to myself, 'where the hell is G-fly!!' Although her English as minimal, we got our point across. She wanted $70 no room, I wanted $50 plus room. We agreed on $50, I pay $13 for room, $2 for towels. But, here are the important points-- I insisted on BBBJ, "sucker sin condom" and a massage !! Anyway, since G-Fly has yet to return, I had to buy this chick another drink. No problem since by this time I think it got her little more friendly and she started to really feel me up! Man, if only I knew how to say "you swallow" in Spanish! Fly returned, I quickly introduced Esmeralda, and off we went. Oh, Esmeralda was so hot at this point that I could just bang as soon as we got to the room, but I held back. She took a [CodeWord140] and clean her delicates , I did likewise. We got naked, I lay with on my stomach, and she got to top to me to give me a back message. Her hands were firm but gentle as she worked slowly down towards my butt. She reached between my legs to message my balls. Then she completes the message at my feet. I turned over. She ran her tongue from my leg to my dick, spending some time squishing my balls in her mouth. As she was blowing me, she moved he butt slowly toward my head so I can see her ass. Why stop there, I asked myself, and got her to completely straddle my shoulder. Although I did not feast, I always liked the view from a 69! She had a well-keep snatch and it smell nice too! After about 5 minutes, she put a condom on me, then mound it. Oh my, she was so tight that I could have never believed that she was a worker here. I rode me very seductively (no pounding), just slow back and forth gyrations. Just the way I like. About another 5 minutes, she got off, then on all fours. Man, didn't even have to tell her to do this! Bang her from the back doggie style, then stop to let her do the banging; hey, I like the girls to take control these types of situation. Holding out for just a little longer, I got her to lie on her back, legs spread. Now, for the heavy banging. With each stoke, her little tits vibrates like they were about to explode. Well they didn't, but I did with about 3 minutes of intense banging . She was even classy enough to move her pelvis up and down several times after I stop banging to make sure I was completely drained. For the record, I was! Condom off, we cleaned ourselves. She asked me to lay back down on my stomach for another massage! . Yes, another one but this time, she only worked my shoulders and lower back; no extras. We kissed several times, got dress, kiss some more, and then return to the main area amiss a loud roar from the fellas at the table near the back exit; apparently, they thought I was one of their boys that just got laid! Anyway, no harm done, I gladly accept an ovation even if it was miss-directed. Sat down, share story with G-Fly. Finish Coronas, then head out.

    My Package price -- $65
    My Chicks drinks -- $6.00 ($2.00 each + $1 tip each time)
    G-Fly -- paid for round of beer and his chick's drink.
    * Coronas here are $2.00 a piece but they are the 8oz size (bastards)!!!!!!

    Leaving Pappas, the tacos from Luis Taco Stand hits us hard. Vowed to return later to grub. Down Street #1. Next,

    2) Tamykos:
    Passed the 123 Club and several 3-4 stars door girls. Tamykos' exterior is what I liken to a Japanese temple-style facade with neon Vegas-style lighting. Entered. Placed was packed with clienteles and women. Granted, this was a smaller bar than Pappas, but it was packed. A looker with huge tits caught G-Fly's eyes at the jukebox. Since we just got laid and the place had no seats, we left, but Fly will return to bang Jukebox Sally.

    Passed the Martha's (Steward?) Donkey place. The ******* is alive and well, but unfortunately, so are all of the pimps trying to get us into the place. Sorry, not my cup of tea. Walk further down and about to round the corner where more pushers were selling a new "Monkey Show"!!! Wow, looks like the Donkey Show is getting some competition. But, seeing as how the highly-touted "Monkey Show" was taking place at the tranny-friendly Western Bar, we decided to pass on this one as well. However, images of banana-swallowing trannies subconsciously popped in my head.. ..damn bastard pushers!

    Rounded the corner, head left, and experienced our first (and only) encounter with the shady elements of BT . A drugged-up Mexican girl with shoulder length hair started to follow us. She then came up very closed to G-Fly and started asking him 'What do you want? You want drugs, etc'. We just ignored her but we keep asking. She speak English well and had a Bronx-like accent. She just would not leave. I turned around after a while and notice 3 somewhat short Mexican guys following us for a while now. This was scam in the works, we can feel it. So we stepped it up while 'J-Lo' kept on asking us what we want. Unbeknownst to us at the time, our saving grace was right ahead of us. Believe it or not, J-Lo and the boys back off as we slowly approach 3 policia standing near a taco stand. You know, I heard a lot of negative things about the men in blue down here, but on this night, they were the 'good guys'. We walked right pass 2 more sets of police officers, minded our own business, and nothing came from these encounters .

    After loosing J-Lo, we hanged a Left down Street #2, and started to carefully peruse the quality of some of the door girls were passing up -- all the while trying not to knock over the coal pails in front of their doors. Man, it was cold on Saturday night (~38-40). Drive-by quality of these shivering girls was around 3-5. Please note that most were fully-clad with several jackets on, so ratings might be obscured somewhat. However, we did came across and interesting scenario. Across from Pimp Daddies (pimps were alive and well and in full pimp gear) were these two girls sharing a room. Hum, 2 girls, one room. The thought haven't crossed my mind (since this morning ). Curious, we approach. Both girls couldn't more than 19 years old; curiosity increased. Looks = 5, but situation potentials = 10+!! Each wanted 20 for individual 'suckee/fuckee'. I tried 30 for both, but the girls were not game, ie, not interested in both of them doing me at the same time. After some convincing, 40 was the price for 2-1 action; BUT, the catch was Girl A will suckee, then Girl B will fuckee. Man, these chicks are missing the fundamental points here! Anyway, tired bridging the language barrier to describe 'Debbie Does Her Sister', we walked off checking out the rest of BT.

    Beating off the pimps at Pimp Daddies, we made our way to the end where all the Local Bars are. Did not want to enter these bars eventhough G-Fly offered to take me in. Not in the drinking mood now. Round the corner to the Right to see a pool club with no pool tables, trannies door persons, and some of the oldest geriatrics hookers that I've ever laid my virgin eyes on. Man, these oddities sent more shivers up my spine then the sub 40 degrees weather! Quickly rounded corner to the Right and back up Street #3. Oh yeah, the trannies are in full force tonight and giving us googly eyes ! Although, one questioned how well business is tonight since the product are somewhat 'diminished'. Don't know about you, but cold whether has adverse affect on..... Will definitely avoid Street #3 in the future.

    Anyway, hang a Right and back to regular 'civilization'. Enter our next club:

    3) Tabu:
    Place is set up as a strip bar with a stage in the center where the girls dance. But that a close to stripping as it got on this night. About 20 clients are there, music blasting, but the stage is freaking emptied! Chicks that were supposed to be stripping were busied chatting with each other and the owner. After Fly and I got our bottled water (yes bottled water, we are enjoying our BT responsibly), the first girl (6 stars) made her way onto the stage, unenthusiastically. One song, two song, three song, and she was done!! Only thing that was stripped was her blouse! Panties and bra are still on. Girl #2 (7 stars), just as enthusiastic, got on. One song, two song, three song, and look I can see her g-string. Man, stripping was poor, and choreography was non existence. The girls were waltzing to Eminem! To quote Beavis' signature, 'The sucks worse then anything.....' Out we went with our bottled water.

    Bottled water + tip = $5.00

    By this time, I was starting to get the 'jones' again. Convince Fly to go with me to re-negotiate with 2-1 door girls. They were still there. Again, try to explain what I wanted, and this time I did not go down in price. Still only 'me Suckee, she Fuckee'. I had just about given up on this scenario when two doors down were another 2-1 door girl situation. Oh my, these two were in there black leather getups, not like my two other ones who were all jacketed-up. They were smoking hot (no, not because of the pail of coals at the door)! We approached. Same concept with these two -- I suckee, she fuckee. $20 each, no bbbj. I feel my negotiating skills waning, but some thing else was waking up with thoughts of 2-on-1 actions. I agree, paid, and made arrangements to meet up with Fly at Tamyko (he's going after Jukebox Sally).

    4) Room Girls -- 2-for-1:
    Let's just call them Girl A and Girl B. We all stripped. Girl A looks exceptionally hot while Girl B loss her value somewhat (gut was hanging without the leather support). Given a choice, I wanted Girl A to blow me since beauty prevails in this situation. On came the condom, and as I stood Girl A blew me. With her black makeup and trimmed hair, she blew good. I know you guys are dying to ask this --- 'What was Girl B doing while Girl A was busied?' Take a multiple choice guess:

    I) Sharing my cock
    II) Eating Girl A
    III) Fingering herself and looking at me seductively
    IV) Anal rimming me
    V) Watching TV

    If you guess V, you are correct!!! Let this be a lesson, A-D, although ideal in this type of scenario, were not part of the negotiation. Hence, Girl B was naked, gut shivering, and watching the tube. This was complete turnoff were it not for Girl A blowing me. I'm hard now (after about 10 minutes...did I mentioned it was cold). Girl B, taking a moment off from the tube, gently removed the condom, put another one on, added some K-Y, lay on the bed toward the edge, and spread her legs. Mind you, I was standing the whole time. I enter Girl B and to my disappointment, her hole was as snug as a turtleneck after a sumo wrestler worn it. I got no friction what so ever! Coupled that with the fact that Girl A was now watching TV and did I mention it was cold, my soldier got limb. Seeing the situation, Girl B quickly started yanking at it. Man, no bueno!!! After a few minutes of what can only be described as torture, I requested to lie down. Using a series of hand signals, I wanted Girl B to blow me. Fuck the 'fuckee'. I just wanted to finish. She changed condom again and begin to blow me. Her skills was not anywhere near to that of Girl A. After a couple of more minutes and I'm still not hard, Girl B requested that Girl A help. Ah, the evening just took a turn for the better. There they were, A blowing til she'd tired, then B blowing til she'd tired. Mixed in some hands and I was the King. This was the best twosome blow job I’ve gotten to date (yes, I was fortunate enough to had one before) since both were really, really aggressively trying to get me to unload. But unlike my previous twosome bj, the girls weren't acting like they enjoyed it. After handing off the batton, one could be seen watching the tube. At this point, I too have seen enough of the tube to know that the movie was 'Tornado' dubbed in Spanish, and my two girls were just riveted by the scene where the storm door blew opened and Helen Hunt was....I digress. The girls were tired now, and I've finally conceded (after a good 40 minutes of blowing/handing/attempted fucking) that this was not the situation conducive to blowing my load. I acted pissed and demanded some of my money back, but to no avail. Hey, it was worth a try, but inside, I knew the girls deserve the money after failed their attempts.

    Package Deal: $40

    Met back up with G-Fly at Tamyko. Shared our stories out in the parking lot. Heard a large yelp from the Donkey Show. Looks like the ******* got off tonight! Then we headed across the street to:

    5) Marabu:
    This club seems to be like a complex within the BT compound. Walked through the gate and then down a sidewalk thru a garden before entering a double door. Club is dead -- about 6 girls and 10 clienteles (including us). Sat down, ordered 2 Coronas. Gringos next to us were enjoying their companies. Waiter asked us if we wanted any and we said no; besides didn't seem to be enough girls going around anyway. Girls were older, of the 5-6 stars quality. Overall, nice relaxing ambience away from the cold. Club looks like it had huge potential since it is much bigger than all the others and design is somewhat 70's, disco style with a couple of bar stools missing. No actions to be had here.

    2 (full sized) Coronas + tip ==> $5.00

    Left Marabu for our next destination:

    6) Danash - Exotic View:
    I have to say that this was the best club in BT, in term of styling and decor. This is a quality club that can rival any in Houston! New, lab-danceable chairs, varnished tables, great sound system, well-stocked bar, textured ceiling, figure-8 dance stage, hot tub VIP room, and list goes on. As for the girls. If you into the younger chicks, they are all here. I don't think there are any here over 20! And when it comes to stripping, these girls got it down to the 'T'. We talking about, one song, two song, three song, gone thong!!!, The whole third song was completely dedicated to naked rubbing of the poles. Choreography was superb. Also tossing the occasional bra into the audience was a nice touch. Man, these strippers are HOT and Young!! Except for one pregnant stripper, the 3 we sawed on stage were definite 7-8 stars. Two came down to greet us. Mine was a 7, short, full-bodied brunette, named Frida while, G-Fly had a somewhat plumber one with braces (for that one guy that was looking for braced chicks, one is here). I basically got free dances as Frida was feeling me up and encouraging me to do the same to her. Of course, nothing in BT is for free because after they left (20 minutes), G-Fly told me the drinks he got them were $10 a piece. Yikes! There was one hotty that caught everyone attention when she was one stage. Name was Brandi. Short, with Bo Derek-type braided extensions, and extremely young. Up close you could see some pimples, but I guess they added to her mystique. There was basically a line of guys waiting to get private dances when she left stage. About 40 minutes later she was free and G-Fly and I approached her (waiting for her to come to us was hopeless). Ask what the rate was for one of the private dance and was told $15 by a guy in the suit who for some reason quickly joined the conversation. Seems to be the manager or pimp. Gave him a 20, he gave me change, gave Brandi a sticker for the work she was about to performed , and off I went with Brandi to the back area. These are dressing-room style booths with very nice loveseats. Brandi kissed me for a little bid as the current song was coming to a close. Then at the next song, we took of her g-string (bra was already off) and grind her ass on my dick (I was fully clothed of course). She chew at my dick through my jeans. Grinded some more. Suck on my chest. This went on for 2 songs and then she was done. I asked how much for 'suckee/fuckee', she said $80 and would not budge. Man, if only I have not wasted $40 on the 2-1 earlier, I might have just taken Brandi to task at $80. But from where it stood, I was not about to deal with a non-dealer. You're fine, but I ain't gonna pay $80 straight up; especially when I can't say 'you swallow' in Spanish. If I could speak Spanish, I would have told her to ‘fuck’ the joint and would give her $40 for a fuck without her pimp knowing about it. How much to you think these girls redeem their stickers for at the end of the night, $5, $6 each?

    Overall, nice club, hot girls, but very pricey; whereas others were charging $2.00 for drinks, they charge $3.00. Girl’s price seems to start at $80.

    3 Songs Lap dance -- $15.00
    Water and Coke -- $7.00 + tip
    Girls' Drinks -- $20.00 (bitches had to order the most expensive thing on the menu)

    Feeling somewhat ripped off, but happy by the quality, we headed back to:

    7) Pappagayos:
    Place was much more packed now. We went around looking to see if our friendly Jewish monger was there since it was his birthday, but could not find him. BTW, happy b-day, dude! Sat down a table that just opened up. Ordered bottled water again (hydration for the final act). G-Fly quickly spotted his victim -- man, she gots huge titties!! Off they went, and there I was holding a table in packed place again. Smarter from my previous ordeal, I wasn't gonna sit around and played ***** table holder again! You be amazed as how many girls will talk to you when you passed them by. Several straight out give you the prices as you walked up to them. Seems to be asking price was around $60 before negotiation, but I can't find any that I want to negotiate with. Mostly 5-7’s since the 8-9’s are in the room with clients. There was even an older (white?) woman in a baby blue business suite and short, Caesar-style hair. Maybe she was a gringo dyke checking out the action, don't know, but I thought it was hilarious to see her there. Still got a one-spot in my pocket waiting to spend it on the right girl but I guess my failed attempts with the 2-1 and Brandi set my expectation too high. I ended up not hitting it with any girls this time. G-Fly came out and we left Pappas.

    2 Bottled water -- $5 tip included.
    Girl Drink -- $0 (Fly walked up to one, I never sat long enough to get scammed)

    I hit Luis Taco Stand (still packed at 2:30am), got 2 of the best tacos that I've ever tasted. Should have gotten more, but Fly wasn't hungry and I didn't wanted to make him wait for me to grub. Caught a cab back to the Bridge. Saw the flashing lights of the Villa Real. Will definitely check out this property in the future. Looks very clean and secured. Got back to Rio Grande and crashed. Wake up call at 8:30am for the free breakfast, which was Continental and extremely lacking. Chewed on an English Muffin and made plan to catch some real food on the way back to Houston (namely, DQ in Goliad).

    Price Checklist (combined for both mongers):
    Gas – $70
    Cab – 2 @ $10 ($20)
    Shuttle tips – ($2)
    Bridge – ($4)
    Lunch – DQ ($22)
    Dinner – El Dorado ($32)
    Rio Grande Plaza ($67)

    Herreduras – ($5)
    Pappagyo -- $160
    Tamykos -- $60
    Tabu -- $5
    Room Girl 2-1 -- $40
    Marabu -- $5
    Danash -- $42
    Luis Taco -- $2

    Grand total == $ 536
    Each == $268

    For a measly $268 ea, look at all that we got!! Try something like that in the States. That's my story. Sorry for being so verbose, but thought I be detailed enough help out future mongers going to BT for the first time. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

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