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    Escort sites and hunting bars

    Can you please recommend a good website for escorts in Antalya?

    And which bars have working girls?


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    Today's Antalya.


    Hope you all are good in these challenging times.

    I would like to know what the situation is today regarding pay 4 play. Is there good talent available? I've heard about Ottoman and Olivia, are these clubs thriving?

    Since I've never been in Turkey. Is there a starting rate for 1 h? And what should I expect is included / extra.

    Hopefully this thread could come "a live" again with new posts, reports and useful information.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Twincam  [View Original Post]
    Lara area, club called Ottoman, its heaving with hookers. Olivia is still too. I preferred Ottoman however. Hotels are cool with guests as long as you booked for 2 people.
    Turkish girls or European? And is the club generally safe for tourists?

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    Lara area, club called Ottoman, its heaving with hookers. Olivia is still too. I preferred Ottoman however. Hotels are cool with guests as long as you booked for 2 people.

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    Anything in Antalya, will be visiting in the very near future but like Ankara not much for reporting. I can share some info for Ankara.

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    Planing to go for 1 week to Antalya.

    On google, I found this site Pics all seems fake, but have anybody tried using any girls services? If yes, please recomend.

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    MPs near Lara.

    This forum seems to be dormant but requesting in case there are mongers who can help.

    Currently in Antalya in one of the resort's off Lara and liking for a good Hammam experience with massage including CBJ / BBJ.

    There seems to be a few hits on Google when searching for erotic massage but looking for any recommendations and views on whether those links would be safe.


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    A business man will landed Antalya Friday 17 August up to 24 August 2018, looking fun

    A business man will landed Antalya Friday 17 August up to 24 August 2018, looking for fun, please share your idea and how we get connect here, I stay in Best Western Khan Hotel which far 15 minutes only from Antalya Airport, free time from 10:00 PM or between 5 pm to 8 pm only. [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

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    Update for Antalya.

    Hi all,

    I am planning a trip to Antalya / Side and I wonder what is going on this year.

    Interested I am in information about clubs and their girls and escorts.

    I love Russian girls and I've heard that there are many Russian tourists. Any infos about in what hotels the girls stay and any experience?



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    Has anyone been to Olivia club in Lara in the past 2 months?

    If you have, can you share some info about the girls.

    10 years ago, you could find lots of CIS girls who were true 9's and 9.5's. Drop dead Gorgeous, But the Ukrainians, Romanians and most Russian beauties are working in western Europe.

    Olivia used to be Paradise for super model type hookers. The current Turkish govt destroyed the red light district in Istanbul, and Ukrainians, Romanians, Georgians no longer need a visa to Western Europe, so most gorgeous hookers now go to Western Europe for work.

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    Olivia night club is really the only legit night club with CIS girls

    I was in Antalya a couple of months ago before returning to Yerevan, I visited Olivia night club, did not go to Imperial due to bad reports and constant police raids.

    First of all the people behind Olivia pay off the cops, that is why they usually do not get raided. Some of the girls that work for Olivia stay at the hotel right across from it.

    You can find all types of CIS girls, do not pay more than 200 dollars for 2 pops and 2 hours. All night many of them will agree to 300 dollars. You must go to the hotel they ask you to go, which will cost you around 150 tl or more. These girls will not come to your apt until you have fucked them in the hotel first. They get a cut from the hotel management.

    The entrance is about 30 bucks.

    This is the only legit night club in Lara (a suburb of Antalya) which has real nice looking call girls and does not get raided by Police oftan. You can take a bus from Antalya to Lara but after 12 at night, not many buses or minivans can be found to take you back to Antalya. So taxi would be the only option. I suggest you get a hotel room in Lara which has an OK beach and walk to Olivia night club each night. Summer time will bring in lots of Ukranians. Russian beauties. Other CIS beauties, wait till end of June, July and August.

    I had been to Olivia several years ago, back then there were many 10's from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc. , now the 10's are not there, but in the summer I was told, 9's and 8's can be found easily. Ukrainians now can go to Europe visa free, so many of them will not come to Antalya and will got to western Europe to make money.

    Happy hunting, I am in Yerevan now, my usual hunting ground!

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayFird  [View Original Post]
    If there is heaven. Hell yeah this is it. 500 lira for 2 girls. One Georgina. Super sexy. One Turkish. Super cute.

    200 lira total for 'Paris " hotel.

    30 TL Entry.

    40 TL each drink (I had 3. FK I wanted to get drunk).

    300 TL for Georgian.

    200 TL for Turkish.

    30 TL cab.

    TOTAL: 770 TL (excluding drinks and considering tips) == 250 EURO == 300 USD.

    Experience == Priceless.

    Very very safe atmosphere. No one cares what you do. Just need to approach the girls right. Best place in Turkey where you get your money worth. One more thing you can call the hotel before to reserve for 100 lira. But again do you have the tenacity to do so?

    Overall 10 on 10. Just that the girls hurry a little. A bit obvious given they are beautiful and here to make money.
    How could I contact you.

    I'll be here only 2 days.



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    Where's a good site to find escorts in Antalya. With reviews?


    I'm looking for a well-reviewed escort in Antalya. Menekşe was mentioned but I cannot find anyone with this name and contact details.

    Are there any reliable agencies (like Escort News or Ela Simsek) that cover this area?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wever  [View Original Post]
    Had a tremendous experience with Menekse who is working at the Konyaaltı side.

    Very slim girl with long black hair and tiny
    Great oral, 150 TL.

    Drives around in a white car.
    Is she turkish?

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