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  1. #249

    October, will visit PP, will live on riverside airbnb

    Is there any good activities in riverside for walking girls hook-ups?

  2. #248

    Cambodian American here in PP till the 16th

    I can speak Khmer but not experienced at all in mongering scene. Looking to have a few buddies for girly bars and maybe some local KTV scene. Of course we're going Dutch in term of bill. State your time and date and I'll try to coordinate. Either we all learning new experiences or some experienced bro can show us the rope.

  3. #247

    Pp 17th to the 20th

    Also there at this time. Keen to join forces, not sure how to get in touch since the forum doesn't allow email addresses.

  4. #246

    Join forces

    In PP from 17-20 August. 37 years old and quite experienced. I live and work in SE Asia. Would be don't to hang out with like minded.

  5. #245

    In PP now, anyone like to meet up

    Am in PP now for a few days, first mongering here, anyone like to meet up.

  6. #244

    Oct 3rd to 8th

    Visiting Oct. 3rd to 5th siem reap and 5th to 8th Phnom Penh. I am from Hyderabad, India 48 yrs Age. Any one interested to meet me. Message directly.

  7. #243

    18-22 September- PNP

    Greetings Cherubs.

    I will be in phnom penh on the 18 Sept.

    If anyone is up for a few beers and hop around a few bars let me know. Also if anyone would like to recommend a few places to meet up freelance or semi pro do drop me a direct message.



  8. #242
    I will be in PP from Dec 20-28.

    I am 40 years old.

  9. #241

    Will be in PP starting tonight November 8 Friday in Riverfront area.

    Anyone in town want to meet up for beers and to trade stories?

  10. #240

    Short time

    In PP from 8th Aug to 12th.

    Anyone up for a few bar hops and nightclubs message me.

    Happy Hunting.

  11. #239
    PP for about a week starting the 17th.

  12. #238

    Siem Reap

    I'm going to visit Siem Reap in the first week of August. Hope to be not alone during the nights there.

  13. #237

    Phnom penh Jul31 - Aug 6

    I will be in PP Jul 31 - Aug6. Recommendations for bar and hostess welcome.

  14. #236
    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely antagonistic. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

  15. #235

    1st visit to Cambodia.

    Will be right in Pnh April 20th to 28 thh anyone is around that week thanks.

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