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Thread: 2002 Hatyai Reports

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    Air from BKK to haadyai.......around 3000baht
    Super bus............................around 500baht-900baht (15hours)
    Train....................................around 700baht(sleeper 18-20hours)

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    MD - forget it ... I must be blind! Middle-end girls will be at Wonderful. I thought that was your expression ! Anyway, will try to go for my maiden trip sometime early next year, most likely after Chinese New Year or may be go after my Bangkok trip in March, hehehe ... may be cheaper to fly from Bangkok to Hatyai!

    Happy new year to everyone!

  3. #79
    MD - Great post on the scene for Hatyai. Looking at it, a newbie (in the Hatyai scene) such as me finds it very useful indeed. However, would like to check with you on where you find the middle range type - in See Kim Yong area as well?

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    this is why i dun go on holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just back from Hatyai last weekend, the place was full of people. Most of the girls was taken up so by 11am only left over was there. Very hard to make selection from the left over, had to spend more time searching....

    West Side Salon Pub was jammed pack on Friday, so even to have beer and some good music seems to be hard. Probably next one week could be the same.

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    sorry wrong date. should be on 23-26 january. go on 22 night. ok?

  7. #75

    Cannot confirm the date with you now. 19th is a sunday. I am thinking of somewhere in the middle of the month.

    Latest from H. city

    Booking fees for WG up 300 to 500baht.

  8. #74

    is 20-23th of january ok for u??? 4 day 3 night trip. go on 19th night by bus. any suggestion??

  9. #73
    Good... I will be waiting for your "details" MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  10. #72

    Monsterdoggie is leading. Will message u when everythings is confirmed. Will be in the third week of next month.

  11. #71
    I wanna join in as well... which brother is organizing this trip? Care to email the details to

  12. #70

    maybe 3 night deals. spilt up??? ok. fine but...........

  13. #69

    Message received. By the way, how many days you and frens are planning to stay?

    If I get 2 to 3 frens follow, then we can just spit up during hunting time. maybe see who has better eye-sight!

  14. #68

    yup. there is a plan to betong, but nothing concrete yet. btw i prefer to go in a smaller group not more than 5. 5 is just nice. too many also problem like fighting over some pretty girls.

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    I am planning to go next month as I got 'wind' that is jamed with hamsup luo now and the price had gone skyrocket.
    I will follow MD up this trip if the timing is right. Another bro kekekeke is keen to follow also and I will mail him when everything is confirmed.

    Will give you the latest news as one of the fellow bro here which I known personally is going up tomorrow and be back on sunday.

    You 're going on the 25th or 26th, have you booked your hotel room yet? It is X'mas..........

    well, enjoy your trip/holiday and FR when you 're back


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