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Thread: 2003 Medellin Reports

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    If you want to fly between cities in Colombia ... buy your tickets on Avianca in Colombia ... much cheaper. Runs about $50 between cities.

    Oviedo Mall (Centro Commercial) is a great place for checking out the chicas as well as San Diego ... Oviedo and Tesoro are a bit more on the upscale side.
    My favorite is actually Uni-Centro Mall ... around 5-6 pm weekdays or all day Weekends.

    As far as discos ... hit Mangos for the most upscale ... Las Palmas is awesome too and has a great view of the city.


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    Salsero: Great post man, welcome aboard. I read an article in El Pais about your pilot and DO want to go hanggliding over Rionegro. I did it last year in Rio (from Pedra Bonttia and landed on Sao Conrado beach) and it was AWESOME! Be fun to take a flight with el piloto, then a dive (into the muff of a pretty Paisa!).

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    Kdog; For a good stripjoint with CONTINUOUS shows (unlike Flores Frescas), though the show was not as wild as the dildo thing at FF, try Bar San Diego right across the street from the Casino (also near Shopping San Diego). The multa was negotiable down to 50 or 60K; I had not planned to do an allnighter but I clicked with a dancer & we spent 2 full days together.

    The traffic circle out front is also PRIME ground for streetwalkers (at night). Seemed like a reasonably safe area, though less so than Poblado/Las Palmas.

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    Just got back MDE, had a chance to go to Loutron and energy (next to banco de bogor near CC obelisco; estadio atanasio girardot) you can get both address from the phone book. Both has the same quality and quantity only energy is 20 mil peso less - loutron is 80 mil.

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    ... ok, una mas
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    ... una mas
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    ... mas
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    ... what the heck ... a couple more photos
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    ... and a second
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    By the way ... a photo of a chica I just met in Medellin.
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    Kdog ... my favorite place to go to in Medellin that is similar to Flores Frescas, but I think is better, is called Face Dos.

    It's bigger and better lit, the quality is at least as good as Flores with many more chicas.
    I remember my first night ever in Cali ... I did in-house service in Flores Frescas.
    I can tell you, without a doubt, the service at Face Dos is much better. Cleaner and bigger rooms ... actually private cabanas next to the club.
    Price is about $50 for in house service there ... if you speak spanish you can get some phone numbers of chicas there also.

    I don't hit Face Dos much anymore ... here and there ... just because I like to find those little hidden spots where no gringo has explored before. The sweetest and least spoiled chicas are found in these places ... chicas that actually weep when you tip them about $5 US. I'm pretty sure your average Colombiano tips nada.

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    Medellin rocks!

    12 November 2003 Medellin, Colombia

    Medellin rocks. Unfortunately I have arrived during a once in a lifetime horse show and every decent hotel in this city is totally occupied - so I am off to Cali for the duration; I know, itīs a tough life but somebody has to live it. I will be back in 2-3 weeks though.

    Impressions of Medellin - everyone is as nice as is humanly possible and the women are like as friendly as any man could ever imagine. Lots of police and security guards everywhere but little if any real danger if you know what you are doing. I am now sitting in an internet cafe in a shopping mall known as Oviedo and if I did not just come from a session at Loutron I would think I was in Beverly Hills, California.

    Now for the report:

    Loutron, a large large large large large large estate converted into a bordello is located "Cra. 32 (Transv. Inferior) Number 2 Sur - 47". Telephone is 3111179 and 3110072. Open 11 a.m to 9:30 p.m. I just left there after my second visit in 2 days. I probably paid the gringo price of 80,000 pesos or about $31 U.S for one hour. What a rip-off right? As for the two visits, the first one yesterday with Diana was signicantly better than the visit today with Andrea. Be sure to ask for one of the nice large rooms they have or you will get stuck in one of the smaller rooms for the same price. Enough said on this as this happens everywhere in the world. Loutron has 2 different bars in back and you should walk around the place to really understand what a casa should be and this is it. Like I said it is a large estate converted into a *****house.

    As for Casablanca(s?), I tried to find it but never did. I hear it is near Centro Commercial Villanueva and is open from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (these times are what I personally heard and I speak good Spanish) but this may just be misinformation given to a gringo by a local.

    I hear there is a disco called "Mangos" in El Poblado but since I am off to Cali in a couple hours (due to the lack of hotel rooms here), this will have to be investigated later.

    I met 3 really sweet pretty young ladies here just by walking into a store and saying hi. The Colombianas really live up to their reputation as the friendliest women on earth.

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    Ricker-Thanks for the very useful info on Medellin. One more question, are there any strip clubs in Medellin (similar to Frescas in Cali)? If there are, I know they're probably a rip-off, but I enjoy having a beer and watching the women dance before heading to the casas.

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    Kdog ... thanks ... I think I said that after I took a side trip to San Jose a few years ago. It was funny and sad at the same time.

    My favorite place in the world is Colombia. I know it's not for everyone but it sure works for me.

    Costa Rica was special about ten years ago in my opinion ... still nice for the "non-seasoned" traveler, not much spanish speaking, easy to manage chica hunting vacation. (more $$ though). You'll pay $80 to $100 an hour pop in San Jose ... in Colombia from $15 to $50 (most I've ever paid there befor I knew what I was doing) ... AND ... the real Colombianas ... not the traveling pros ... are so SWEEEEEEEETTT!!!

    Really though, for a quick weekend trip to Colombia, Cartegena would be nice ... I know it's not on your list above though.

    Both Cali or Medellin are great places too.
    Cali has more quantity of "casas" to visit for quickies but Medellin also has it's share ... and in my opinion, Medellin is such a nicer city.
    I'm a bit biased since I've pretty much set up shop in Medellin ... just got back as a matter of fact ... will post some pictures very shortly of pros - non pros - and candid shots of girls around the city.


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    AA special is a weekend web-only fare, $319, MIA to Cali or Medellin, depart only Oct/15-17, return only Oct/19-21 (or is that 20-22?).

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