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    Minsk Pussy

    i'm living in belrus but outside of minsk, i go to minsk a few times a year, belarus girls are beautiful, at least alot of them are.

    i have been to 3 places (apartments) that have been advertised on, the photos aint always real because often there are a few girls working from 1 apartment (1 photo and number on the internet and maybe 5 or 6 girls working there at different times)

    the last time i was in minsk (last week) i was with 2 girls for an hour, both were 8s about 23ish it cost $60, extras were possible anal $15 only one of the girls offered it, [CodeWord103] $15.

    the girls were very friendly and pleasent, there was another girl there about 30, she was the boss but also working, she was maybe a 6.

    it was my first time there, i called they gave me a street name and told me to wait outside a cinema and then call again, after that they gave me there apartment address, there place was my best experience here in belarus. i was in another place also last week $50 for an hour really beautiful girl, the only problem with her was she was pissed off that i wanted a second time for my $50 and was unfriendly as she waited for me to get it up for a second time.

    there are no problem with police here as regards girls working from apartments (so they have told me) i have asked about mafia controling them and have always been laughed at "the only mafia in belarus is the government" i have been told.

    you will find girls in hotels so they say or in casino's and pay $150 for an hour or for a couple of hours, is a good place to find girls, minsk is safe and cheap and the girls are beautiful, i will always return to that apartment i wrote about, the girl of 30 told me there would be 2 new girls next week and next time i call tell them my name ant there will be no waiting accross the road while they look out there window from the 7th floor and decide if i'm dangerous or not. minsk can be a great place for pussy, the problem is if you don't speak russian or have someone with you who can your fucked, or your paying $150 an hour.

    editor's note: i certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    All kind of information about the scene in Minsk wanted!


    I am probably going to Minsk next month. All kind of information where I can find escort girls, and their prices are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Do you know more?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waster99

    220117, Minsk-117, P.O. Box 29, Belarus.
    Fax: +375-17-2705743 (any time).

    Take care
    I met Voldemar (Vladimir Voitechovsky) 1998 when I was in Belarus. Does anybody know more where he is now and how to reach him? I would be very glad about some more information.

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    Adress to Voldemar Agency


    220117, Minsk-117, P.O. Box 29, Belarus.
    Fax: +375-17-2705743 (any time).

    Take care

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    Needed Info

    Is this all we can know about Minsk and Belarus?

    is there anyone with infos?

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