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Thread: 2006 Media Reports

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    Warsaw in your pocket

    In Your Pocket is a tourist guide specialized in eastern Europe. It is distributed freely in hotels and tourist places. There's a Warsaw issue which has a "Vice advice" article since long time (I remember having read it thouroughly during my first time in Warsaw) and now a reference to ISG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warsaw in your pocket
    ...getting in touch with some of the ladies lasts longer than a diet. Pay a visit instead to, where the Polish forums are alive with the latest despatches from the front, as well as pics and maps provided by the more committed posters.
    You can download it here for free: (13 mb) and go to page 78 for the full article.

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    Thank you for fixing the link. Sorry I get caught up in the emotional aspect and forget the technical stuff.

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    Bankok Post

    The link to the article comes up empty. I tried to look it up on the bankok post website but still no luck. Any other ideas?

    I've said it many times you can not have a functional enviorment where men don't fulfill their sexual needs. Its not part of our chemical make up to be deprived of sex or settle for a rewards only situation. Its a breeding ground for mental illness and acts of desperation. Look what happens in prison (the same goes on in women prisons) or the recluse in knowhere america who abducts children. Since when do men have to be viewed as sexual predators or freaks when they act out on natural impulses. I really feel society breeds this crap and others are just bad people. I feel if needs were met alot of these cases would diminish. I love the american women forum. I want someone to write an article quoting some of those brilliant posts and let that be open to public debate. It's all one sided.


    Hi Artisttyp,

    I fixed the link to the news story, and all of your writing mistakes in your report.

    With all due respect to your many contributions to the Forum, where did you learn to write with no space after a period at the end of a sentence?



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    As I had posted on the American Women board, I have an impending sense of Doom. There are forces that will use this to their advantage, facts be damned.

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    Quite telling

    if this journalist had taken as much time to read the first page of the website, maybe she'd have noticed that "****" posts are not allowed and deleted, as are a variety of material. but for this journalist, and far too many in the world, simply hinting that there is a connection between one and the other means that there must be a connection. if he'd been gay, how many gay sites would now be accused of the same thing? we just love to have scapegoats, instead of dealing with the real problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Article prompted by the John Mark Karr arrest. Quotes the ISG and discusses NOG's efforts to reduce child pronography in Thailand.
    Quite telling, yet again, that while mentioning that "there are even rules, asking vaguely for "general politeness" and strictly for grammatical precision" and that ISG is a "permanent archive of travel records", the above article does NOT mention that there are even more strict rules on ISG regarding any discussions of sex with minors and that numerous posters have been banned just for that.

    Why doesn't that even surprise me any more?


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    ISG in the press

    Who's the writer and why single out ISG? Curious all the research done re this board....there are many others around, why this one?

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    Bangkok Post 08-27-06

    Article prompted by the John Mark Karr arrest. Quotes the ISG and discusses NOG's efforts to reduce child pronography in Thailand.

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    2006 Media Reports

    Thread Starter.

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