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Thread: 2003 Photo Gallery Archives

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  1. #198

    I have to admit that the freebies I get do not look anywhere near as hot as that. Well done!


  2. #197

    Very nice! Nice and skinny with a fairly decent rack. I'd definitely give her a 8 in my books for looks and body.

    9's and 10's are reserved for print ad models that my friend gets... Hehe. They part-time on the side for extra cash.

  3. #196
    Yes, where? She is a good looking woman.

  4. #195

    Where did you find this one? She is a cutie, and I adore these blue body stockings, really slutty.


  5. #194
    Married woman
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  6. #193

    The girl in Shanghai is a pro and I met her near the Hilton Hotel.

  7. #192
    To Electric Bike:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics. Especially the Nanjing girl is gorgeous! How much did she ask for?

  8. #191
    Black Jack & jman

    I think you are referring about the DDís club. A page with loads of party pics from Shanghai and they also cover many KTVís, many nice girls there :-)


  9. #190
    A Nanjing girl I stumbled accross in Bourbon St in Shanghai.

    What a body.

    But don't you just hate the way those mirrors in the bathroom capture the 'flash'.
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  10. #189
    Another pic of the gorgeous little thing from hard Rock 'munching' on what I had to offer.
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  11. #188
    Another pic of the darling frtom Hard Rock offering me something to 'munch on'.
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  12. #187
    Absolute stunner I picked up in Hard Rock some time ago.

    Fucxk crazy for hours on end at night and in morning.

    26 yo ex-model - floats between Quindao and Beijing.

    800RMB - sensational investment.
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    Black Jack,

    I am refering to the link I posted earlier to some guy's photo album taken in a Shanghai KTV. I got the link from the friend but the site seem to be fleaky. It's on and off from time to time. NYC Expat has pointing out that it doesn't work.

    I downloaded the photo collection while it was on and posted in anotehr message. One of the girls in the KTV is cute and I'd like to see if anyone in the forum recognize her and can tell me which KTV it is.

    Here is another picture.
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  14. #185

    What site are you referring to?

  15. #184
    Picture from the Shanghai KTV I mentioned earlier. Anyone knows where this is?
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Closed Thread
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