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    Asking for reference can anybody please give a strong reference.

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    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends,

    Need opinion if tomorrow 23rd would be a safe day to venture out to SPAs kindly advise.


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    Spa Reports.

    Hey all,

    Writing short reports on spa from Pune during past few months.

    1) Ocen KP.

    Counter 1.8 k.

    Girl thin with Loads of attitude.

    Extras: B2 b 3 k (LOL) said fuck off.

    2) Yog Nidra.

    Counter 1. 5 k.

    Girl decent with good attitude with heavily padded bra inside.

    2 k B2B.

    3) Kinnaree.

    Counter 2. 3 k, yeh I know highest may be among all Pune spas.

    Thai girl.

    Excellent massage with no English skills at all.

    1 k HJ.

    4) Jesse aundh.

    Counter 1.5 k.

    Local girl with B2B option at the beginning itself.

    2.5 k, good session.

    There were girl Roshni in Ocean KP earlier, if any one has any idea whereabouts pl update or PM.

    Young spa aundh changed add, ph no not picking up, even visited on Friday, Door was closed.

    Pl update if any one is having more info.


    Play safe.

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    I was free last weekend and was feeling restless and was in need of some good massage and release. Searched for a spa on map in Baner area and contacted the first one appearing on the list. Called up, and counter lady directed me to the location. There were three local options available including counter lady. One was slim and other two were bigger size. One of them had cute face and was in mood to choose. I was assured by the counter lady again and again that service will be good and there will be no problem. I was getting the hint of service availability. I was without condom and excused myself giving some reason to buy from outside. After buying it went into the spa again after 30 minutes. This time there was another lady on the counter and seemed to be owner. She asked me to come after one hour as all the therepists were busy. I was getting late for some work and hence left the place. Considering the current dry situation of spas, this one seems to be the one having possibility of a. Will try next week.

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    Hi Seniors!

    Shout out to fellow seniors from Pune!

    Will be in Pune for a day or two in the coming week and looking for some fun. I Am not a 30 min 1 shot kinda guy. So looking for an experience and not just action.

    If any senior can help out with some good indi leads, will be obliged. I may share my exploits in Delhi. Thanks.

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    I know OYO, but thought its some other abbreviation. Thanks though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Intraspy  [View Original Post]
    Come on, you can read a little of the forum and at least google.

    OYO is a hotel chain.

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    I do have PM thanks.

    Thing is I know what OYO as hotel chain, but I thought it might be some other abbreviation.

    As for kid wadi, I'm from Mumbai here in Pune for 2 weeks. Did google out didn't find any similar name now I get it when you pointed it out: the Marathi for kid.


    Quote Originally Posted by HiThereAloha  [View Original Post]
    Bro get PM. OYO is OYO Rooms a hotel aggregator. And Kids Wadi? Use your brain bro. B Wadi! No do you get it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullsye  [View Original Post]
    I had met this gal named Su in Mumbai for short term, 5 ft 6 inch, good round handful boobs, hour glass figure and an out and out GFE. Beautiful face, nice lips. Silky hair, Loved experience. She is someone who can grab your attention in crowd.

    We were in touch with WA for past 6-7 months after meet in Mumbai. I asked her if she can come to Pune and having known me we agreed for 12 k incl travel charges and deal was she will check in with me at 12 noon and check out with me next day at around 11 am. No limitations on sessions. It was jackpot for me. So as planned she arrived on time at 10:30 am and I received her.

    Then we moved to hotel room, once in room it was total bliss, we tried different things & fantasies. It was quite an experience to remember. Except anal everything was on plate She too enjoyed her stay and experience and wants to come again next month with her equally good friend whose pic she shared. Guys please note 12 k was price she shared cz I had met her before.
    Share details if it's OK with you.



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    Hi friends.

    Hi friends,

    I am here in Pune for a business trip and new to Pune forum though active in Delhi.

    Would be really great if anyone can help me out with genuine indie or SP. I don't have any contacts of Pune to return, but will definitely share once I come across the genuine ones or may share the Delhi contacts. Thanks & Regards!


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    Can you please share Smitha Deepali number.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yandh  [View Original Post]
    I talked to SP who works with her few month back he told me that she is available for 5 hours for 5 k unlimited shot everything was on card other than anal. But I did not like attitude while I was asking what is on table she got mad and disconnected. I thought she had bad attitude problem. I talked to SP he said come and visit her everything can not be talked on phone either way was about to leave home to meet her everything was set from place to timing some urgent work came up hence needed to cancel it. I am also facing same problem with Smita I talked to her when asked about service more than one min she disconnect calls directly. But she was ready to meet 2 k for 2 hrs plus hotel charge may be one k so 3 k in total.
    Hi mate,

    I have tasted Smitha long back many times.

    I had her old contact her digits ending with 440.

    Also does the Deepali Sp end with 314.

    Please confirm.


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    Hi, Amrita FR!

    Wonderful FR! May kindly share her digits after asking her for it when you meet her. I am from Delhi and may visit Pune next week. I may share digits of a dame from Pune without charges!

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    In Pune for few days.

    Hi Pune,

    I'm in Pune for few days, looking for some fun near Pimpri area. Any good SP or indie?

    I only have Ritu's number to share.

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    SP Pratap

    Hello fellow mongers.

    Does any one have the new digits of SP Pratap, who used to operate from KP? He has apparently changed his number. He had some great collections back then. Any inputs will be appreciated.

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    New to this forum.

    Hello everyone,

    New to this forum. Looking for some action tonight. Can any one share good indie contacts.

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    Marathi Housewife.

    Hello guys,

    Hope all are doing well.

    First I would like to thank you PuneMonger69 for providing such wonderful contact details of a HW. Really very very thank you bro.

    Here the FR of that meeting.

    As mentioned PuneMonger69 provided me a contact of this wonderful HW. She's living in East Pune.

    Contacted her and fixed meeting.

    Her charges are fixed and bro already told me about this so didn't negotiate for the charges.

    She's living in a flat with her so called husband. And he knows everything.

    Greeted me in saree. Wow. First time I met a HW for deed and she's was looking nice in saree.

    Went to the room. Had some chat. Very soft spoken lady. Started a deed with long DFK and removed her saree that drove me nuts.

    She undressed me and gave me a wonderful BBJ she got some skills. Her figure was average. Normal size boobs and little bit saggy.

    She put her boobs near my face and asked me to suck and sucked her hard. First session started with wot and ended in miss.

    After some time she started playing with my Johny. Second deed started. We almost tried all positions. The session lasted more than half an hour.

    Amazing service and open for all posts (didn't ask for anal).




    BBJ- 8.

    Ass- 7.


    Att- 7.

    WIR- yes.

    Once again thanks bro.

    Happy Mongering all of you. Keep Pune rocks.

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