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    Fellows who have tasted Soniya, what's your review on her service? I exchanged a few msgs on WA with an intention to meet, and I found her replies kinda unfriendly. Maybe I caught her at the wrong time. Maybe she rocks in bed.

    Should I engage further?

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    Any body tried Afros available via Locanto.


    Any one tried any Afros from Locanto? I have communicated with a couple but never got the guts to go in their "Lair". If anyone has been to them please share your feedback. Thanks.

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    Pallavi is tough now.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlowJob1  [View Original Post]
    She keeps asking for reference please anyone can help with this.
    Yeah man same thing, I tried a couple of random names and she simply said I could go fuck my self! Any names that Pallavi will accept as valid credentials?

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    Looking for Spa or SP near Wakad / P.S./ H-wadi.

    Could you please share Spa or any SP details near Wakad / P.S./ H-wadi.

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    Mathi HW.

    Quote Originally Posted by VFM16  [View Original Post]
    I got number of Marathi HW thanks to Hritesh. When she gave me the address, I thought I knew the place. I directly went to her building and realized that something is missing. Name of the building given to me does not suit to the actual building. I realized my folly. Without thinking, I went to Miss and's apartment LOL. I asked that HW to send me the location. She stays 7 minutes away from Miss and.

    I went to her place and her husband made me comfortable. They are very good couple, good people at heart. They ensured that whoever reaches their place is well fed.

    First look of P is wow. Such a simple HW you can find on street walking. She removed her chocolate saree (which was fun in itself) by the time I took a bath. She walked in bathroom and gave johnny a good wash. I was simply enjoying the whole procedure. Later we lay nude on the bed, she was gently playing with johnny. I was slowly fingering her and doing unnecessary talking. I could feel her p getting wet by the minute. Suddenly she was turned on. She gave me a deep DFK and asked me to suck her boobs harder. I hope I lived up to expectation as at one point I thought I will harm her. Slowly I went down and did DATY. She simply closed her eyes. Her look said it all. She came and asked me to stop..
    Clear your inbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VFM16  [View Original Post]
    Can't chat with you bro.

    Please clear your inbox.

    Inbox cleared.

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    Yes its true.

    Miss A from V spa, heard the same about her. I remember my experience with her, although I asked her to keep some light on, she literally forced to keep it off, found it fishy, didn't like that though, since then have quitted on her! Hygiene part came later to my knowledge.

    I would recommend be careful, who's hitting on her!

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    Mundhwa girl.

    First of all I really thank Panvel1 for sharing contact of shreya.

    Her looks aren't great, just like a village girl, a little dark in complexion, not much educated, in her 20's.

    Though she really tries to give satisfactory service to her client, very good in BJ.

    I happened to skip buying see on my way to her place, due to communication gap, and ended up with no see during the deed.

    Although her BJ skills were very satisfactory, complete sloppy BJ, ended up with throat fucking, with a promise for double session in the next deed.

    Looks- 2/10.

    Service- 7/10.

    BBBJ- 8/10.

    Damage- 5 k (after having her, felt 3 k is more than enough for her).

    Pussy seemed tight, though didn't penetrate.

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    Pallavi's reference.

    She keeps asking for reference please anyone can help with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pratty69  [View Original Post]
    Hi folks,

    I have been regular with Peehu. Booked her for a ST session day before. Went to Hotel S (Earlier V) . Started with undressing, BBBJ innshower followed by rimming. Came to bed, got a great BJ. She is amazing with her tongue. Started with WOT, Reverse cow girl, anal and then CIM which she swallowed every drop. Afterwards, for around 15-20 minutes of cuddle, she started with BJ and me with fingering, making her wet completely. Started with miss, then tit fucking and exploded in her ass while doing anal.


    Looks: 3/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Body: BBW (I love big women).

    GFE: 11/10.
    Can you give me her number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyCocky  [View Original Post]
    So this guy who pimps the housewife I shared recently calls me and says the people I shared the contact with are negotiating the price and he is not liking it. I told him as long as there is a price there will be negotiating. If he doesn't like people bargaining he can F the bird himself. Brethren, don't be afraid to bargain and help the forum by keeping the prices low.
    Can you send me her number?

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    SP Contact in K.


    Can any one please pm me trusted SP in Ka Area.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is she the same whose number used to end with 44 or something like that? If yes, I met her long time back in Powai, Mumbai. She was worth every penny.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter0077  [View Original Post]

    Just spoke with her. She is not travelling to Pune.

    Play safe.

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    Need SP or indi contact.

    Hi guys,

    Coming to Pune on this month end, please share me some SP or indi contacts, can help you in Chennai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remzrai  [View Original Post]
    I have read a few FR here regarding Miss A hygiene. She is not clean down there fellow mongers have cautioned about her.

    I agree that her boobs are good. Loved sucking on them. I had visited her almost a year back.
    Oh! I missed the hygiene part, although didn't notice anything. But it was too dark. Will avoid then. Thanks for sharing.

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