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    River spa, plane nagar.

    Started off my Pune stint with this spa, purchased a coupon from NB app reached the place and was assigned a cute 21 yr old NE with name starting with E hints were given right from the beginning so popped the question and only HJ was allowed and she quoted 1 k negotiated for 800 and so the thing started initially she was a bit reluctant but allowed to kiss and touch which was very nice finally released at the end of time.

    WIR: saw a few other therapists who were so, yes.

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    Since I have new to this forum.

    I am uploading my FB for the first time.

    I visited a housewife in Pune.

    The area in which she lived in named after a movie.

    She was a Marathi housewife.

    Welcomed me greeted me.

    Moved to the room.

    Started with DFK.

    She was so good at it.

    She gave me a BBBJ.

    Boy! She was so good at it.

    It was my turn and I gave her an amazing exp with my tongue.

    I put on my cap.

    And we did doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.

    Overall an amazing experience.

    I can exchange the digits if you have an indie contact from Pune.

    Looks: 6/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.


    BJ: 10/10.

    Damage: 4 K - 1 shot.

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    Some contacts here.


    So I am back from Goa, got some contacts here, can anyone please validate if they are genuine.

    1) SP number ending in 873, asking to book hotel room before he sends pics.

    2) SP number ending in 537, possibly from khadi chowk, no reply from him yet.

    3) Afro contact ending in 570, quoting 3.5 k for 1 HR, 5 k for 2. From Sangvi, any thoughts?

    4) Sandhiya SP, contact ending in 992, chatted with him, no charges quoted as of yet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Any reviews?

    Got the contact 275 on loc.

    Asking for 3 k for 1 hour in Baner. Attached is the pic, any reviews?

    Please advise if she is worth.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20190317_131858.jpg‎  

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    New to ISG. My introduction.

    Hello folks,

    I feel glad that there is such a forum where we can share birds info. I have been reading to all your posts since last 3 days and today I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am 34 M from Pune. Looking for great fun. I have some genuine contacts from Hyderabad and Delhi and some really shitty contacts as well. I am very new to this game and got scammed a lot of times online. I started with Mingle 2 and it took me 2 months to realise everyone there is fake. Finally. I landed up here, I hope ISG and all the senior members welcomes me to the pact.

    I would be happy to share my scamming story and the shitty experience I had in Hyderabad. I am looking for some genuine contacts / SP / MP in Pune. I am looking for some companion who is soft and caring. Don't want the next experience to horrifying as my earlier one.

    So, thank you all in advance.

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    Help required. In Balewadi.


    Am staying at The Orchid in Balewadi tonight. Can someone help with any good contact in Pune? Also is The Orchid girl friendly. If not I can take a couple friendly hotel for the need.

    Please oblige.


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    Any one tried indie Madhuri Pune.


    Help needed from fellow members. As any one tried Madhuri indie number ending 788. Please provide details about experience and price and location of her. This will be really helpful for me.

    Happy mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grover86  [View Original Post]
    Was it her?
    She looks nice what's the review.

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    Digit required.

    Quote Originally Posted by RessrRcky  [View Original Post]
    1St and 2nd are active. I don't know about the 3rd one.

    11St HW is living her owned flat alone. If you negotiate she will be ready for 5 k.

    Happy mongering.
    Hi bro,

    Could you please provide digit for the same.

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    From Bangalore in Pune.


    In Pune for a short visit. Any pointers to a good indeed / SP will be of great help. Can reciprocate in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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    K / Kh machine digs


    Just a note.

    Those two L o the g e s. I mentioned in my previous field reports are now closed and deserted.

    Lights out and no activity of any kind.

    LE is really out in force.

    What is a desperate monger suppose to do in such times?

    BP is too shabby for my liking.

    I want price wise. Something in between BP and High end Ritu and Kajal.

    I wish to take time in enjoying the delights.

    BTW. I am really keen in getting some HW contacts. Especially the ones wearing sarees.

    Have you noticed some of the ladies now have really revealing inviting plunging backs on their blouses?

    Need some action this weekend. With Indes or HW.

    Please help.

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    J Spa.

    I don't think they will do this, J spa is also a big Beauty Salon and they won't put their business on risk. I visited once and didn't notice any such things.

    Also it is always better to have a separate number for mongering and use it everywhere. Avoid using your permanent number.

    Quote Originally Posted by Temp420  [View Original Post]
    I am planning to visit J Spa, whether these places have any hidden cameras / spy cam. I am first time visiting MP. So have fear in mind.

    And whether to share right contact details at the time registration.

    Need some help on this topic and current situation of LE activity going on.

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    SHe is soniya

    Yeah. She is soniya.

    Fat but BJ is good.



    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGuyJasson  [View Original Post]

    Is she the same lady Sonia or she is Avani? Your guidance is required? I am looking forward to explore them. Appreciate your help by providing the contacts.



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    Needed Guidance from senior members.

    I am planning to visit J Spa, whether these places have any hidden cameras / spy cam. I am first time visiting MP. So have fear in mind.

    And whether to share right contact details at the time registration.

    Need some help on this topic and current situation of LE activity going on.

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