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    MP in KN

    Hi, welcome to Pune. Just read the previous pages and you will have a lot of hints of Them in KP area. Not too far from where you seek.

    Quote Originally Posted by TourGuy  [View Original Post]
    Hello everyone,

    I just got to Pune and am looking for s very good massage center with extras. Please guide me. TIA. Can help with basic info in Chennai.

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    Just forget it. She will send you more pics when you contact her and say meets only after advance payment. LOL.

    Play Safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Praveen2003  [View Original Post]

    I got the attached pic claiming she is inde operating from Shivaji Nagar. Any review? Number end with 110.



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    She reads like a regular girl whom you are trying to bed.

    But then I wonder why the FR. This doesn't look like a mongering experience. Just a very desperate attempt to bed a regular girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by KenTheRockstar  [View Original Post]
    Had been trying to get the D'Mart lady, from my earlier FR, in bed from last 2 months now. But she is interested in a serious relationship and don't want to do hanky panky stuff. Though I did made her topless and sucked her melons but wasn't able to insert in her. So all these efforts of travelling from be'wadi to swargate from last 2 months didn't go in vain completely.

    After meeting her in d'mart I met her very next Sunday morning in city area. Some big hotel on baji road of old Pune. Spent a lot of time chattering about lot of things and eating in different places that day. Then after met her almost every alternate evening and weekend. Went for shopping with her as if we're engaged. LOL. During this time took the opportunity to get physically closer to her gradually. If the lady does not like your physical contact she will immediately react at the very first instance. Which was not the case with this women for sure because un-intentionally I touched her back many times while crossing the roads or in shops or malls. But she didn't object on it. Instead got quite closer. Finally thought to break the glass. So decided to meet her on FC road 1 evening in hotel. Sent her a porn video and pics and made an excuse as sent by mistake. She checked it but didn't react on it. I was confused as nothing was moving further even after 7-8 weeks. So while travelling back in an auto-rickshaw thought to break the glass and make some movement. I had kept my left hand behind her back on rest cushion as she was leaning on it. Took this opportunity and slowly moved my hand under her arm and felt her left boob. She glanced at me and then after started looking outside. Squeezed her breast without any hesitance. She didn't took any objection instead covered my hand on her left boob with her scarf. This was like a winning situation for me and now I was squeezing it rigorously under her scarf. Groped her right breast too. She really had nice medium large boobs I was feeling. Since we were sitting very quiet the rickshaw driver was getting anxious and was trying to peep through the mirror. But I just went on as if I'm not going to meet her again as she was keeping completely mum in the act. After 2-3 minutes all of a sudden she put her hand on my hard johnny. I made a comfortable position for her to access my cock and covering her hand with the bag. I was feeling happy as I was able to break through. When we reached her place as soon as the rickshaw went I grabbed her closer starting kissing vigorously in the buildings' parking. She stopped me and said we'll take it up later.

    Next day we decided to meet again. I was happy. She was not ready to come to any lodge or even 5 star hotel. And the flat of my dearest friend where I had screwed the maid was also not empty. Had been looking for a safe block or rooms for 7-8 days. Had got one near katraj zoo. But the locality was too congested and almost everyone peeping out of their house as if some alien has arrived. So dropped it. Finally got a place from an estate agent. The place was in same area from where Ritu operates. This flat was for rent-out semi-furnished. The agent gave the keys for 12 hours max only. That too I should collect it while going to the place. And charged 2 k for it. So could not make any setup for my hidden camera to capture my secret moments there.

    Took this lady the next day morning with food and drinks. As soon as we went in, we started kissing each other. For long time I was kissing her and exploring her body on her clothes. Took off my clothes and I was on my frenchie. Started removing her T-shirt in bed but she was bit reluctant to it. I asked her if she is fine to go for it. She was not sure. It was turn-off. I said I will just explore your body this time and will not penetrate. But she didn't agree to it. Was just ready to remove t-shirt and bra after lot of convincing. Took her tops off and wow. She had wonderful natural nice melons one would die for. I just pounced on her sucking those nice curvy boobs. Just loved to squeeze and suck them for long time. Tried to put my hand inside her jeans but she removed it immediately. I was annoyed by that and stopped. I said lets dress up and leave. She then apologized. She gave hell lot of reasons for not going into any sexual activity. I was already turned off. Agreed to what she was saying. Had drinks and pizza with very little discussion. All this time I was on my frenchie and she was sitting topless in the bed. So again and again johnny was getting hard looking at her boobs. I don't know why she remained topless after the small argument. Also I wasn't sure if she wanted me to have sex with her forcefully. So didn't wanted to go in any more complicated situations. Spent rest of the day chatting, eating and drinking. Was squeezing and sucking her boobs very often and kissing her as if it was my right to do so for that day. LOL. Finally wind up from the scene in afternoon. Cleaned up and left the place. Dropped her at her place and bid adieu. She did said we'll meet again. I said fine to it and left. Haven't met her in this week. Will meet on weekend maybe. But this lady is too conservative and don't think I can score on her. Lets see.

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    Hello everyone,

    Wanted to know how genuine are profiles of ladies providing service on AH. Has anyone availed services from.

    Sofiyarsayyad1 and manasmeera.

    Pictures of manasmeera are really promising, she looks to have real smooth skin.

    Have anyone met them? And reviews on sofiyasayyad?

    Any other profile genuine over AH that provides service in Pune?

    Any help is welcomed.

    Thank you.

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    Loc independent feed back required.


    I got the attached pic claiming she is inde operating from Shivaji Nagar. Any review? Number end with 110.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180819-WA0019.jpg‎  

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    New to Pune. Need good MP in Kalyani Nagar Area.

    Hello everyone,

    I just got to Pune and am looking for s very good massage center with extras. Please guide me. TIA. Can help with basic info in Chennai.

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    Ritu experience.

    Finally tried Ritu. A big thanks to SmoothLover for sharing her contact.

    She has amazing BJ skills. I had such a good BJ experience after a very long time.

    Damage as 5 k for ST which was totally worth.

    Overall a great experience. Will repeat for sure.

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    Suggestions please.

    Got this pics from Wakad SP. Wanted to try one of them at home? Is it good idea?

    Also, is anybody tried any bird from this pics. Appreciate if details are shared.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180819-WA0015.jpg‎   IMG-20180819-WA0001.jpg‎   IMG-20180819-WA0005.jpg‎   IMG-20180819-WA0011.jpg‎   IMG-20180819-WA0013.jpg‎  

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    What is the name of Kondhwa girl? I am in contact with one girl but not sure if she was same

    Quote Originally Posted by Predateor  [View Original Post]
    I go through the FRs on regukar basis, but unable to contact anyone as my PM is not active.

    So searched and researced on my own and tried two indies.

    It was very difficult to find in this whole fraudster Locanto app.

    First one is from Kondwa, she has her own place. She is a clg going girl. Went there called her and all went accordingly. Johny was so thirsty from many days so the deed didn't last long but it was a good experience. The girl is well built up and is in her 23's.

    Figure boobs all well built up that you fall for.

    Rates were 5 k but I negotiated to 3.5 k..

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    Disha's experience.


    Hey all, hope things are going great there!

    This one is a little old experience that I am sharing here.

    Had this girl named Disha's contact in my phone since sometime, so thought of giving it a try.

    Disha should be in her early 30's, decent boobs and clean.

    Booked in a hotel, waited for her to come. She was an hour late, because of a hotel that I booked was far from her place. Anyways, she was asked to show her ID and took her to the room.

    She was very friendly and good to talk. She said that she wasn't a regular, but somehow she said yes to me.

    After the initial chit chat, went to take shower. Shower sex is best when cooperative.

    Post shower episode, started the deed. Lovely DFK. Followed by lots of positions and fun.

    Amazing experience, would definitely try again sometime.

    Not a looker, but a decent girl.

    Damages- 6 k for 1 shot and 10 k for 2 plus hotel.

    Note: Reach out to me only if you are willing to share.

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    Hi singh.

    Quote Originally Posted by RocketsInSingh  [View Original Post]
    That is way too high! I got response from them on tumblr but no need to follow back up on it I guess.
    Hi Singh,

    Please can you send some good MP or else Massage nu in Kudlu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rommee  [View Original Post]
    Thanks mate.


    Can you share the contact of the Kashmir girl? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajivRaj  [View Original Post]

    Got the attached photos from one of the agent from wakad.

    Charges are 6 K for 1 hour.

    Need your suggestion.

    Not sure genuine or not.
    Is it genuine? If so, can you share the contact of the girl or SP?


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    Good find buddy.

    Good for you buddy.

    May I ask what was the source to find such an Indie?

    App? Sites? I'm trying to figure out how to find indies in India! No luck so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keyans  [View Original Post]
    This happened couple of weeks back in Goa. We were couple of friends traveling to Goa, this time decided to stay in Morgim. We had heard lots of exciting stuff about the place. We stayed their for a night and kept hunting. But nothing materialised. All the reviews did not help we did not get anything there.

    We got an SPs number online and she was among 100 other SPs we had pinged. We found her reply to be legit. So continued with it. Turned out she was a Russian who used to operate in north Goa but then she was in Moscow.

    After confirming that we were genuine. She asked some local girl to call us. Received few pics and all of them were CIS. I thought to be a scam. Pics were too good to be true. But when SP confirmed to meet in open and take the girl to the hotel we thought to give it a shot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by VikrantJayde  [View Original Post]

    I am new to this forum. Can you share her number. Want to experience some good girls. Thanks.

    Even I m new to the forum can you please share Ritu contact.

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