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    Quote Originally Posted by VikrantJayde  [View Original Post]

    I am new to this forum. Can you share her number. Want to experience some good girls. Thanks.

    Even I m new to the forum can you please share Ritu contact.

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    Don't contact to Chinchwad lady.

    One of the forum member has shared her number with me.

    Called her and given ref of sameer as he mentioned. But she told she don't know any sameer and she is getting frequently calls from other people and she is not in this business. She is going to file police case for the same. Ask that sameer to call me back. She is totally frustrated with this calls. Please don't share her number with anyone or don't contact to her.

    I think this is scam. Be aware.

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    OK type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rommee  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Got this pic from an SP.

    Anyone tired this bird?

    Reviews please I plan to taste her.
    I've had her 7-8 months ago. There are couple of reviews about her during similar time frame. She is usually in hurry but a bliss if she is drunk. Good with CBJ, WOT, cowgirl. Etc. Pay max 5 k for 2 hrs session (BJ + 1 Shot).

    I had a better experience with her in hotel but other fellow monger had negative experience when he took her to his flat.

    I would rate her 5/10 considering the set of options we have in Pune.

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    Help needed!

    I go through the FRs on regukar basis, but unable to contact anyone as my PM is not active.

    So searched and researced on my own and tried two indies.

    It was very difficult to find in this whole fraudster Locanto app.

    First one is from Kondwa, she has her own place. She is a clg going girl. Went there called her and all went accordingly. Johny was so thirsty from many days so the deed didn't last long but it was a good experience. The girl is well built up and is in her 23's.

    Figure boobs all well built up that you fall for.

    Rates were 5 k but I negotiated to 3.5 k.

    Will definitely try her for night, she is ready to come to my place.

    Second one was a MILF around 35. She operate only in day. Charges 4 k. I was not satisfied because the deed again didn't last long. I seriously need to built up my stamina. It would be an adventure for senior members as she is atypical MILF.

    Happy to share all this but my pm is not active because I am a student and I have no source to activate this service.

    Can anyone help me get through this. I will share my contact with everyone once my om gets activated.

    Please help me get through this. Hope someone can help, I am ready to act according to the person helping me out.

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMongers  [View Original Post]
    I have been member of this forum from long time.

    Tried lots of girls so far Pallavi, Ritu, ruhi all most all mentioned in forum. Helped new comers as well for there better journey.

    I got bored from all old stuffs was looking for something new.

    Got the new gem contact name Riya from one of member.

    Called her up she was asking for reference and not ready to meet without reference. At last she aggred to meet coming Sunday. Book oyo rooms for night called her she said will reached by 9..

    I am new to this forum. Can you share her number. Want to experience some good girls. Thanks.

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    Goa dairies.

    This happened couple of weeks back in Goa. We were couple of friends traveling to Goa, this time decided to stay in Morgim. We had heard lots of exciting stuff about the place. We stayed their for a night and kept hunting. But nothing materialised. All the reviews did not help we did not get anything there.

    We got an SPs number online and she was among 100 other SPs we had pinged. We found her reply to be legit. So continued with it. Turned out she was a Russian who used to operate in north Goa but then she was in Moscow.

    After confirming that we were genuine. She asked some local girl to call us. Received few pics and all of them were CIS. I thought to be a scam. Pics were too good to be true. But when SP confirmed to meet in open and take the girl to the hotel we thought to give it a shot.

    Selected a good looking chick. And decided a place to meet in Calangud. Girl came half an hour late but to my surprise she was exactly the same as selected. Lets call her Z and she is from turkey.

    We went to the hotel in candolim. She is a good looking girl with good clothes so no one bautherd when I took her in.

    And the time we spent was really awesome. She is a smart girl, very good to talk to. We had a lovely chat besides the pool over a beer. Headed for a room. We took a bath and started fondling each other. She is really involved in her act, keeps it sexy and sensual, she kept reminding me to go slow. It was so so elaborate. I think the foreplay lasted for good half an hour I took her in missionary and doggy. I don't want to get in to detailes but probably the best thing I had in loong long time.


    Face 8/10.

    Body 10/10.

    Friendly 10/10.

    Price 7 k for 2-3 hours. I paid 8 k 1 k as tip.

    WIR No doubt.

    I have her SPs as well as direct contact. I'll share her contact. If you guys can reciprocate in Pune or Bombay that will be great. She is in Goa for full season.

    She also has one more Turkish friend who is also trading in goa. You can also try her. She is also a looker. But I did not try her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rohant9  [View Original Post]

    The look wise rating was by mistake. She is far more beautiful from the pic I received from SP.

    Can you please provide Ritu's number please. I am new to mongering. I will definitely return the favour in future.

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    Spa in KP.

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum, new to mongering generally. But I am a fan of this forum.

    I had my 1st mongering experience at a spa in KP. Actually I had severe back pain therefore I called up randomly at the spa and fixed an appointment without having any expectations.

    The girl appointed to me was Miss see very pretty, slim. The moment she entered the room she asked me what do I want and with whose reference I was there?

    I told here I m here for massage and then we can see later what we could do.

    So started with massage, it was amazing. Once I turned over with my face up she climbed on top of me started kissing me. I grabbed her boobs and removed her top, she had small boobs as well as defined abs.

    So long story short had a great time. BTW she did not quote anything, it was a GFE experience. I paid her 1 k for the session.

    Massage: 8 on 10.

    Looks: 8 on 10.

    GFE: 10 on 10.

    Damage: 1. 8 K for massage and 1 K for service. No BJ though.

    WIR: Yes of course.

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    Chinchwad Inde.


    You will need to hold your horses.

    As the inde is behaving little weird.

    Looks like some Indirect guys are calling her with my reference, her number is spreading rapidly along with my reference.

    Let me sort this and then will share the contact.



    Quote Originally Posted by Rinzler  [View Original Post]
    Can you share her number? I stay in that area, too much travel for me if I need to monger, the genuine problem bro!

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    Okay mate.


    Quote Originally Posted by RohanDe  [View Original Post]
    I xchnged few messages but got a sense of not worth trying and not gone ahead.

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    Thanks mate

    Thanks mate.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jiam339  [View Original Post]
    Pl check Pune post 3,4 month back. Member has reported. Negative about grl and sp. You better try to Kashmir girl from post before you.

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    Can anyone please give any contact or leads in Solapur?

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    Suggest to avoid

    Pl check Pune post 3,4 month back. Member has reported. Negative about grl and sp. You better try to Kashmir girl from post before you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rommee  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Got this pic from an SP.

    Anyone tired this bird?

    Reviews please I plan to taste her.

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    PM you details of SP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Appolo13  [View Original Post]
    The girl in specs is worth the money. Awesome body, great boobs, above average service.

    If possible PM the agent number, I will like to try her again. Last time I tried her in Viman Nagar area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajivRaj  [View Original Post]

    Got the attached photos from one of the agent from wakad.

    Charges are 6 K for 1 hour.

    Need your suggestion.

    Not sure genuine or not.
    Bro. Looking at your old posts, most are asking for rate check. I most of your 2013 posts also, rate quoted by sp was 6-7 k ST.

    Don't understand why Pune guys are shouting that rates are sky high these days.

    By any chance do you know these days any 2013 sps Raj, Viraj, rohit rahul?

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